1. Definitely this. If they could somehow get ol Lucas on board... man... there are no words to describe that.

  2. The problem is that George Lucas, the personality, is dull as fuck. Sure the guy caught lightning in a bottle back in 1977... and sold that bottle for four billion dollars... and by all accounts is a nice guy... But I'm 99% sure I'd have more interesting conversations at the corner bar with an everyday plumber or middle manager.

  3. Wow I hadn’t thought of him but yeah that could actually be achievable and would immediately become the best episode

  4. Random but I'd love Kieran Culkin. Obiously Macaulay has been on before and is buds with them, but Kieran's humour I think might work even better with the guys, he's the definition of sardonic.

  5. Rian Johnson. I actually think he'd get along swell with them, it's the fans that ran the "subverted expectations" joke into the ground.

  6. Julia Roberts, but only if she peered out silently and creepily from behind a shelf (like the ghosts did in The Haunting of Hill House) while the review went on as normal.

  7. Literally anyone from a movie featured on Best of the Worst. If they could find the tree stand safety guy or someone like that, that would be amazing.

  8. Letting YouTube auto play RLM in the background sometimes you get to her episodes and even if you’re not paying attention you know. That Rich Evans + Jessi laugh is impossible to miss

  9. Tommy Wiseau and/or Greg Sestero. The later is likelier to appear at some point, in fact it's sort of wierd it hasn't happened yet.

  10. David F. Sandberg. He’s got great sense of humour, true love for film and really is a down to earth guy who’s just a pleasure to listen to.

  11. Jonathan Frakes would be interesting. He always seemed down-to-earth, and the most common-sense guy on Trek. He would probably destroy even more of Mike's TNG-related childhood.

  12. For one I could actually see happening, Simon Pegg would be cool. I’m pretty sure at least Jay has said nice things about him the past and I know Pegg has praised the channel. I feel like he could fit in well. And we’d get Mike next to a Star Trek actor.

  13. Come on, you don't know their names? Gypsy, Cambot, Tom Servo, CROOOOOOOW. They're in the song haha.

  14. I don't know why but I like to imagine George Clooney on BOTW. I don't know why him specifically but I can't chase this thought away.

  15. It'd be a shocker but there's a non-zero chance Sam Raimi would do it. He's from Michigan too so no stranger to the Midwest.

  16. Honestly it would just need to be somebody that could fit into the BOTW mold, like how seamless Mac was.

  17. How has everyone missed this one - CAMERON MITCHELL! That would be the only truly mind blowing one considering he’d have to come back to life for it lol

  18. I'd love to see a chapo trap house crossover. Doubtful but a large shared fanbase and Matt Christman is from Wisconsin. Ethan Hawke seems like he'd get along well with them too

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