1. They sell them on walmarts website for like 100$. I bought one with the intention of using it to fight back against mnk in ranked, but I could never bring myself to actually follow through lol, so now It's in a box somewhere gathering dust.

  2. You answered it yourself? They can’t compete against PC players so they stomp on controller players.

  3. You really don't need a well built PC to play siege on 50-60 fps. An older gaming laptop (2012-2015 models) runs siege fairly well. Xim users are just outright losers who just want to feel better by stomping on fair people using controllers

  4. My biggest thing is if you sold all your games, xbox, saved up instead of paying for XBL/PS+, and your extra gear (assuming you have other controllers and such), AND used the money saved for a xim you could probably BUY a pc that could run siege. My pc is nothing to gawk over but i know that i am way better off than submitting to Xim. I even have an xbox and such. After cross progression i cant say im gonna keep the xbox because i could upgrade my PC. Leaves me more desk room.

  5. They actually still try if you watch any of the videos they post on YouTube(It’s actually pretty funny)They act like they’re actually good going against console players while they hide behind their mnk.

  6. I get so many messages from them when they kill me. Like what are you even celebrating? Winning from using a cheat? Like how fucking sad do you have to be

  7. A XIM loser, I mean user, told me that he does it bc PC is full of modders and cheaters so he came to Xbox and says he isn’t “good enough with a controller and prefers to use MnK”. So I said you left PC bc of modders and cheaters to come to XB to mod and cheat? He said “yeah neither MS nor Ubi is gonna do anything about it”.

  8. "i wasnt good enough at chess so i just made my opponent play Yu Gi Oh if they want too or not. No, they dont get their own deck."

  9. It's literally not, unless he's in the top 100 players he's not going to be running into that many cheaters, I sit around high gold low plat, and maybe 1 out of 30-50 games I'll find a cheater. I know once you hit super high diamond you'll start seeing them way more often, but I highly doubt a xim using console player is gonna be having elo that high.

  10. Not a good excuse but not lying. I've ran into more cheaters on PC than I ever did on console. I just don't play now.

  11. They can't handle the recoil on pc so they have to play on console so they can feel any sort of good about their sad little life.

  12. In fairness the recoil changes were bullshit, siege has some of the highest recoil amongst FPS games yet they made it even worse, they hate the casual community, literally no one likes this and like zero low level PC players can control it. I play casual on PC and everyones guns are well above there enemy after shooting. Its tragic how every update favors competitive (at the highest ranks)

  13. They all have PCs. XIM players love showing off the setups, the whole purple room and fancy lights - they will tell you they’re diamond on PC but for some reason are stuck gold 1 and plat 3 using a XIM on console. The answer is they can’t compete but refuse to use a controller. It’s like they need easy mode.

  14. The only acceptable answer has to do with physical disabilities that prevent players from using a controller properly. Unfortunately 99% of Xim players aren't physically disabled - they're just cheating scumbags that would get shit on if they had to use a controller or switched to PC. Any excuse that they make is invalid. If you can't afford a PC and you're stuck with a console then you should be playing on controller. It doesn't matter if you prefer the feel of MnK over controller - I do and I'm not a Xim shitter. If you go with the "everyone else is doing it so I am as well" argument you're just a shitty person with no spine. Would you commit a crime simply because everyone else around you is? I doubt it.

  15. Because they need the advantage. Answer is pretty clear and has been answered numerous times.

  16. Yup, getting sick and tired of seeing Xim players posting clips here too. "Look at this ace clutch" while zipping around and leaning back and forth like you're on Adderall with no recoil. Wish mods would stop allowing clearly Xim clips. Cuz it's not just the advantage, but appearing better for attention that rewards ppl for doing it

  17. Those pricks are the reason I was quitting Siege after 2k+ hours of playtime... Haven't played the last 3 seasons

  18. i’ve all but stopped…it feels like such a waste to learn everything possible about the game, hit the second highest rank, just the give up

  19. I'm not xim or nothing but I switched from console to PC and holy shit it's difficult. This is the first time I'm using a keyboard to play a video game.

  20. I recently changed to but for DayZ mostly fuck me man I hate being in a fight and knowing what I wanna do bit not being able to press the buttons to do what I wanna do 😂

  21. Same feeling I was so excited to switch to PC then got fustrated after trying to play. After a while i got use to it and im playing better than I ever have. Its really just finding the right Key binds.

  22. When I switched I was getting whacked left and right (still am but I’ve gotten way better). I had good game knowledge cuz I played so much on Xbox but I wasn’t able to actually just click heads

  23. It's the reason I quit like 2 years ago, losers who can't compete with PC players and probably haven't touched grass/woman ever.

  24. Siege players suck. The only game I've ever left because of the toxicity if the community, not to mention making the game nigh unplayable by the average 2-3 team kills per round. I happily play Dota tho; they'll talk shit all day but at least they still play the fucking game most of the time.

  25. Yep, remeber trying to join casuals and get insta kicked and waste 45+ mins just trying to get a lobby... fun times

  26. Exactly. this has nothing to do with getting a PC and everything to do with having an advantage when they play

  27. This is how I feel when playing games with aim assist on controllers, like cod apex or halo. Like segregate mouse and keyboard/controllers at all times no matter what.

  28. The best part is when you call them out that they’re cheating by using a Smurf account and a xim them they respond with “how is that cheating?”

  29. Mnk is Mouse aNd Keyboard. Xim is a device that tricks consoles into receiving mnk inputs so you can gain an unfair advantage over controller players.

  30. Xim is a device that allows you to use MnK (Mouse 'n Keyboard) on Console. Gives an illicit leg up over controller players.

  31. Mnk means mouse and keyboard. It’s basically people that use mouse and keyboard on console which gives them an advantage against controller users

  32. Plainly, R6 isn't fun when playing against XIM. The advantage with movement and cross hair placement is significantly easier with MnK.

  33. Isnt that why you play? To get better? I remember back in cod mw2 and what not, nobody bitched about getting stomped. It just meant enemies were better and they had to get better themself, not use tools to do it for them

  34. Because if they went to PC they wouldn’t have an unfair advantage and would probably be hard stuck copper. It’s the same as all cheaters they are losers

  35. If you didn't have enough reason to hate them, just know that console recoil parameters are significantly less than PC, about half for most guns. So not only do they have the advantage of KB/M but they also have console recoil; they'd likely get smoked on PC.

  36. Former XIM user here. I never got into rainbow six (only played a few hours at most), but played other console shooters, mainly COD, Overwatch and Fortnite. I started using a XIM after a friend convinced me to buy one for Overwatch. I have always been a pretty decent controller player (2 - 3k in COD and Fortnite before XIM), but using a XIM was a definite advantage. There were definitely times where I was playing at a higher level then I would have done on controller. While the aim was not the same as MNK on PC (more floaty and rapid movement was not as quick), using a XIM allows you to also keep controller aim assist as well which is where the real advantage was.

  37. This is a thing. But a xim cost’s around £250 last time i checked (i’ll check again to fact check this)so combine that with a next gen console cause all of them have one for the frames cause they’re sad that’s about £500-£700 (convert that into whatever currency you use) you could definitely get a pc for that money

  38. Negative. It's because they can't compete against PC players and cry about the fact they're hard stuck bronze on PC. A xim and a console combined can get you a PC that can play siege at above 60 fps on low-mid graphics 1080p or higher, since you know, pc parts are coming down. You can get a 1660 for sub 200 bucks now, and I play with a 1050 non ti and can play on 2560-1080 mid graphics at 75 fps.

  39. I wouldn’t say there’s more XIM users than controller overall buts it’s waaaaaay more common than it used to be.

  40. if it looks like mouse movement, it's probably xim. if it looks like joystick movement but they flick really fast, it's probably just a good player

  41. Flicks are easier on controller than they are with an adapter. That's likely just regular controller-users.

  42. I think I’m getting better at the game, then get into higher ranks and only play against xims it takes away all my willingness to play the game I had more fun when I was bad playing against other bad controller players :(

  43. Cause they know that they're too garbage to fight people on a level playing field on PC where everyone has keyboard and mouse but are fine with shitting on controller players

  44. They use xims too compensate for being bad and to gain the upper hand "mechanically" They would be bad on PC on a level playing field. I've had friends who never used m&k move to PC and go at least diamond relatively quickly because they're actually skilled at the game and m&k is just more intuitive for fps games. HOWEVER! I have NEVER seen a PC player who never played on pad before try and take it seriously. All you PC master race dweebs would get shit on so fast if you tried to play on console. The same can't be said when it's the other way around. The learning curves are too different from each other. Top console players deserve respect from the PC community because you know you would not be able to remotely compete on pad. But pad players could pick up M&K pretty easily. Hot take maybe? Idk. o7

  45. Because that would put them on equal footing. They use xim to feel superior to controller players. Which is hilarious when they still end up in low gold MM. Literally no one is impressed by you

  46. With the prices of xims now, that's a hard no. Xims are getting in the multiple hundreds of dollars at this point bc iirc the only way to get them now is on the used market, and people want lots of money for them.

  47. It's a device that's plugged into a USB port of a console. It then allows players to plug in a Mouse and keyboard. The Xim device tricks the console into thinking the player is using a controller.

  48. I play this game very casually and if this is a character you need to buy then I’ve never used them but what’s wrong with this operator?

  49. No, it's an adapter people use to play with a mouse on console rather than a controller.

  50. M and K on console should be counted as cheating and I’ll die on that hill as an Xbox player with 2000 hours all with controller

  51. It's absolutely cheating. I lose a lot of sympathy, though, when most controller-players demand the exact same advantage for themselves instead of being willing to just fix the damn unfairness.

  52. If you want a PC that runs siege, you don't need much my guy, 300 dollar gaming PC is enough to run it and other frames like it well at around 60fps

  53. I think they need to allow console to play with a controller or a mouse just like on PC. Make everything cross platform.

  54. Every time this kind of discussion is brought up I talk about how I used to be a MNK scrub, and then moved to PC like people say to do, then I get downvoted. I’m expecting that to start happening again in a moment.

  55. On pc I get 40 fps at 1080p low settings. My ps5 does 120fps ultra. And some other people might not even be able to afford a computer that can run r6.

  56. Asking a question then immediately insulting within the first two words... don't even bother asking then.

  57. Mods should really just make this topic a pinned daily thread since it gets asked every fucking day with the same answers and nothing new added to the conversation. DAE XIM and M&K actually ruining the game??? Upvotes to the left. There's nothing to do about, either stop crying, play a different game, or move on.

  58. When I was on console I bought one way back when before they went big. Not because I wanted an advantage I wanted to see what MnK was like and man it was fun, but you can wreck. So some just might wanna try it.

  59. How was the latency? I would love to play some old 360 games with MnK like Far Cry Instincts but I'm afraid the latency would make it unplayable. (I don't play multiplayer games on console so I'm not going to cheat with MnK in Siege).

  60. I used one years ago (never in PvP situations) because I simply enjoy MnK over Joypad as I grew up on MnK, I like the convenience of Console gaming with features like remote play but I prefer MnK when I'm at home. I am hesitant to even mention I've used MnK on console because lots of people like to scream 'Go play PC' at me like it's their choice how I game?!

  61. I remember a guy on ps4 I believe who used xim for his youtube videos he was a pretty huge loser off the fact he was told he sucked for using MnK would then 1v1 those people on console and get this he was still using his Xim basically proving their point

  62. I got tired of xim players so i switched to PC, went from plat on controller to gold on PC, which is the equivalent I believe. But i dont really play r6 much anymore, my squad has moved to Val and ive switched to EFT

  63. This is the only game I bought and just stopped playing after 10 games. I was just under the impression that I suck. Concept sounded awesome, and it felt awesome loading but to date I have never seen the guy who kills me, maybe a split second. I even watched videos placement and map layout memorization, character load outs the whole 9. I was late to the party but still, it just wasn't fun. Looked fun. Played fun, but I'm no good.

  64. I think ubi should implement the same feature that epic implemented on console for detection of cronus/Xim. Almost every lobby there are like 2-3 cheaters spamming lean and crouch spam and then some of those clowns even think that they're so good at the game. My PSN account was perma banned for calling out a cheater on PS4. He was constantly trash talking in game chat because that guy was in our team and he was at the top. I just told him to "get better cheater noob you're not good at the game you're literally cheating get a life" and like 2-3 minutes later i was disconnected from PSN and I was perma banned lol. These cheaters are popping up everywhere but siege is different no aim assist on controller and it requires a higher skill compared to other shooter game compared. I just want ubi to start perma banning their account from ubisoft server it's the only way.

  65. Same reason on cod console they use a xim instead of mnk even tho mnk is officially supported. They know they're dog shit and need to cheat to win. They can use a xim on cod and still get in with controller players, but if they use regular mnk on cod they get stuck with other mnk users and get absolutely destroyed. So they need the xim to get the advantage on controller players. Same concept with Siege. Actually worse with Siege, cause Siege on PC is a league of its own compared to console.

  66. Siege goes on sale for a few dollars pretty frequently, my issue with switching was always losing my skins and such

  67. Eh. I went from non-xim using xbox to PC and was gold in my first season, I was Plat on xbox. A tier drop seems reasonable to me. Controller is deffo harder to use, but the average player is better on PC (but the worst player is also worse on PC and better player is better on PC, IMO - just can't beat that whole arm movement vs a thumb).

  68. They lie to themselves and convince themselves that using MnK on console against controller is not cheating since it is on the same platform

  69. My friend plays kbm on console, its annoying as fuck and i hate it, but hes saving up to afford a PC at the moment, and he said he only bought it so that he can be good for when he gets a PC

  70. Haven’t played siege for even 10 hours this season, switched back to destiny after a multi year break, best decision I’ve made in a loooooooong time

  71. There is a YouTuber for Destiny 2 content (Aztecross) that has covered this topic, albeit with a different game. Many XIM users claim that they “help people with disabilities.” Aztecross interviewed players with disabilities who are disgusted by cheaters using other people’s disabilities to get away with cheating.

  72. A lot of them are fucking terrible. Just don’t understand the game, they have the worst game sense. So they need to have an advantage to actually compete

  73. Xim is a keyboard and mouse adapter for consoles. Mice are 10x the controller that gamepads are, so they can hold tighter angles than are even possible for people using the right controller.

  74. When Destiny 2 launched on PC there was a bug or an oversight. You can plug in a controller and use aim assist with M&K. They found a way to fix it. I know its not the same thing but if there is no way to fix this maybe Sony and Xbox should let players use M&K. Controller players with aim assist and M&K player without it. This is the only option I guess. Im a PC player btw I dont know consoles that well. Only exclusive shit.

  75. I played on pc siege and found my gun skills to be significantly better, compared to 800 hrs on console (70 hrs on pc) with my friends and I’m significantly worse on controller, like most people are, without that aim assist.

  76. honestly, these xim players wouldn't stand a chance against me in real life, I am jacked, I bench 500 lbs and get straight A's. There would be no competition as i am smarter and stronger. What are your grades looking like MNK users? maybe spend some more time studying or doing push-ups and get some pussy to while your at it.

  77. They don’t have the IQ to compete with pc players. Only thing xim players can do is aim and nothing else.

  78. Honestly it’s so sad that this is even an issue on console. Super hard to do anything in terms of detecting so on that side I get why it’s a thing but come on bro people really have no shame. It’s so fucking sad that so much of the community is willing to just outright cheat, we shouldn’t have issues like this, you aren’t fucking children, grow up and play fair or just stop playing at all. Nothing you achieve in the game means anything if you cheated to get there

  79. They don’t have the IQ to compete with pc players. The only thing they can do is aim. They would get shredded by smarter players if they played in anything higher then gold.

  80. The issue is they can't detect it even with thier API because it's a pass through device that only ever sees the controller connected to it.

  81. consoles allow kbm, so they can't be banned for that. the xim also registers itself as a wired controller, so the game can't detect kbm. xim is not a ubi problem, and it's not a sony/microsoft problem, it's a xim problem.

  82. Straight up, these people are the reason i left console siege. The only way i might get back into it is if this problem gets fixed.

  83. Prolly because they spend all their money on a xim and paying people to boost them to champ so they cant afford a pc.

  84. I quit because of them. Been playing since black ice dropped and they're what made me quit after going through so much bs with the game. Ubi just doesn't care, xbox doesn't care to ban them (even when it's in their profile pictures like I've seen loads of times) and I doubt Sony cares to ban them.

  85. as someone with a bad pc, you absolutely do need a good pc to play siege. I am quite literally unable to play any AAA title for more than 5 minutes without it crashing, sometimes even blue screening my pc.

  86. Number one answer: Ubi doesn’t care about console version. That “report for cheating” button, it wouldn’t surprise me if it actually did nothing except give the illusion of care. I started using the XB “ban player” from gamertag menu but all that did is increase my wait time to play a match.

  87. Well, from my understanding Sony and MS don't consider it cheating since it's nothing more than an adapter. No macros or shit like that.

  88. they do classify it as a cheat, however due to the nature of it appearing as a wired controller to consoles, they are unable to detect it and can't easily ban people for it.

  89. Because they'll get thwomped. They can't play on level ground because they suck, so they play against controller users because they know.

  90. If I had to look on their perspective and give a genuine idea on why, I’d say it’s because they want a MnK experience but can’t afford a pc or don’t want to play against cheaters(it’s ironic though because it makes them cheaters on console). However that also makes them extremely inconsiderate for the players that can’t even afford a xim/ let alone know how to use one, and the fact that if MnK was meant to be for the game it would already be compatible. I’ve heard of some xim users not actually using it for MnK, but to use a PlayStation controller on Xbox and vise versa. I find that acceptable because you’re still fighting players who have only their thumbs to move and aim vs a whole mouse and all 5 others fingers to do whatever else you need. Another thing is it’s possible a lot of people are going out and buying xim adapters as almost self defense to play against the other users. As a controller high diamond player, it’s safe to say I see at least 1-3 xim players per match. Sometimes even teammates and whole squads using it. It’s bs but as of currently there’s no way to truly tell why they do it and why they can’t stop. Other than them just stomping controller players that can’t really react the same. I definitely will say that I would fully rather play against a 5 stack of MnK abusers than a group of DDoSers. At least I have a chance against the MnK.

  91. Console is the cheapest way to play the game with good settings. Gaming pc is far more expensive and not justifiable for many players. I think the xim is a pretty cheap add on priced like a game. So if you forgo one game you can play your favorite game with easier controls. This is the reason I guess. Not justifying it. But the real solution would be devs supporting m&k on console and see what happens

  92. Heck devs could probably limit console m&k players to the pc queue and it would get rid of all the xim users overnight

  93. I’ve seen plenty of them and just sort of accept it as a thing that happens now. I don’t really care and just enjoy Siege for the fun of it. I’ll play ranked and get Plat 3 and just leave it at that. I just enjoy the game now.

  94. Device that let's you connect a kb/m to your console and use it while retaining aim assist because it thinks your using a console

  95. If I had the ability to change my keybinds so I can at least crouch while shooting to have the SMALLEST chance of doing something against them id be complacent.

  96. I honestly think it’s just them getting hard finally being able to drop 10 kills in a game collecting those blue/purple charms since they could never on PC or by using a controller

  97. I knew a guy who used a XIM because he came up playing PC but then switched to console to play games with his kids (just before the days of crossplay). He was pretty terrible with controller, but instead of spending time getting used to it, he bought a XIM and played how he wanted.

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