1. Instakill balls should be first so you have a chance to clear the path first and then go for the other damage, if instakills balls are after ice balls, you might end up instakilling something froze, which is not so effective do I make myself clear?

  2. How lvl are you guys? I'm playing with no install but with combox5, fire combo, shadow clone and double combo ( obviously master fire lvl4 from store) and I am at 152. Getting more than 4k combo most of shot feels so nice. I don't like killing with install cuz it break the 'ice combo chain most of the part

  3. Master skill bellow lvl 4 is trash. It does not give you the effect like aoe burn, and it’s better yo move the insta kill ball to the 1st slot.

  4. You’ll start getting all level 2 cards around level 80 and but I haven’t progressed enough to get all level 3 cards and I’m currently at level 130

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