1. Amazing how a gif which doesn't even last 1 sec and has an object which is hardly moving at all can represent so many people's emotion without saying any word at all... Humanity can be harmonious, this proves it.

  2. To be fair, some people and their dogs are absolutely fucking aggravating. There are dogs that are trained so poorly their owners should be legally banned from owning a pet.

  3. I think you can usually tell how misplaced the anger is by how incoherent their complaints are. She's pretty clear: his dogs are barking, it's disrupting her, he has no good excuse for it, and so he needs to go away - didn't even threaten the cops, which is like a requirement for a good Karen video lol. I don't care much for people who have issues with dogs existing, but you gotta respect those people's autonomy too when they ask the dogs to stop barking. We don't even really know whether or not she was bitchy from the get-go either this video is suspiciously cropped.

  4. As someone who's had their sleep interrupted damn near every night of the last month by my neighbor's yappy-ass annoying stupid little dog, yep. Fuck those little demons.

  5. Agree. Uncontrolled dogs yapping down the street are aggravating. And so are the owners that let them do it. I'm not sure why the majority here seem to assume the person filming is in the right.

  6. If those dogs are yappy and bark at every leaf that falls, I def on her side. There’s some near my house and I can’t walk out the door without triggering them. It sucks.

  7. only objective fact in this video is that cammer carries a selfie stick while walking his dogs, based on that limited amount of factual information, i'm inclined to assume he's the AH

  8. Take you camera, take your selfie stick and take your dogs and get the fuck outta here. I love this lady and her tits. The camera man probably does have annoying ass dogs.

  9. I feel her pain though. We have 2 small dogs next to us and they’re awful. They don’t bark so much as make a high pitched shriek and they leave them out while they’re gone sometimes and they bark for like 5 hrs. And yes we’ve talked to them. And no the city isn’t going to do anything about it.

  10. Because she may be right. We don’t have more context, and small dogs are the most annoying dogs. She could’ve been getting a package, newspaper, or mail, and this guy goes by with his noisemakers on a leash. I might snap too.

  11. There's a family a street over that has two beagles. They make a horrific bark howl noise. Everytime we walk by we're happy we don't live next door. They make such a racket.

  12. I agree. Then the same owners will post on the community FB pages about how “their dogs were only outside for 5 minutes” and “why didn’t you just come say something”

  13. Yeah. I don't complain to anyone about it because it's what dogs do but our neighbor's dog barks incessantly (Literally for hours straight, 2~4 second pauses for breath, 6~7 barks).

  14. Everyone thinks this is blown out of proportion until you have a yappy, barking dog that barks at all hours of the day right near your window behind the fence when you are trying to sleep. I couldn't wait for those damn renters to leave and counted down the days that year.

  15. As someone who currently has incessantly barking dogs next door & around the corner, I can relate. It drives me fucking batshit. People are so inconsiderate. Next to me is a cop in our quiet city of 30k with 2 attack dogs the size of horses. Bark all summer long & go apeshit if we try to use our own backyard. I mentioned it to him and he doesn’t gafk. What am I gonna do? Call the cops? Be a Karen? No options.

  16. I bet he is one of those dog owners who let their dogs bark outside all the time, completely oblivious that other people don’t want to hear them bark all day long.

  17. I have a neighbor across the lake at the cottage who's big dog responses to his own echo. That dog can bark for hours! Shit! I go there for peace and quiet! Not to hear your god damn dog barking constantly! Arghhhh!

  18. I have a question. I am not a dog person. So there's this guy who walks two dogs but the leash is long enough that they can come near me. Even if i walk at a distance they can easily come near me and do.

  19. The lady seems in the right. All the camera person has as a defense is that the dogs are small. Doesn't make them any less disruptive! Keep your fucking dogs quiet instead of video taping people telling you to do shit you already should've been fucking doing. I have two small dogs and funny how I have no problem keeping them under control. Moron

  20. You're right, I dont even know why I'm bothering a nice lady like you. Come on. Bring it in. Give me a hug. Come here. Let's go.

  21. It would really suck to have boobs like those. No one would ever take you seriously, and they would be the first thing that people think of when they see or think about you.

  22. Well, more redditors are siding with her than they usually do and I have a sneaking suspicion it's not solely do to negative small dog bias.

  23. This feels like one of those ones we need a full story for. Cameraman is talking over the lady plenty in just this short clip that makes me doubt they're completely innocent

  24. Some people are just bad dog owners. Yappy dogs aren’t exactly happy dogs. You wouldn’t let your kid just scream all day.. why is your dog any different

  25. She honestly just wanted to get those dogs off her chest by staying abreast with the pets in her neighborhood. I think she really nipped it in the bud considering her jug-ular vein is about to explode with all that augmented yelling. Her fierceness is kind of titillating to me. Nonetheless….boobie funbags! What.

  26. In her defense, that is very annoying. My neighbor has a yappy dog that she walks around the neighborhood and it gets every single other dog on the block all fired up. That shit is aggravating.

  27. I always carry a selfie stick when I walk my dogs and I always point my phone at my neighbors tits when she ofc always wrongly berates me.

  28. Excuse me Ms Dairypillows, but it appears to be a bit nippy out today. Is it bad that I would like to motor boat em? Of course, alcohol and dim lighting would be involved.

  29. Not real. They’re above the muscle implants she got probably 20+ years ago. If they were real they wouldn’t be so round at her age.

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