1. Like all your intestines are about to exit through your asshole.. been there and pls never again. Every time I see these cheater exposed posts I get a little cold chill remembering that raw feeling of betrayal.

  2. Cheating in a marriage is one of the worst things you can do to someone outside really heinous crimes like murder. The betrayal is so emotionally and psychologically damaging, I think physical abuse could be preferable.

  3. The WORST feeling is when they cheat on you with someone very famous and you have to see that bastard’s pretty face on every fucking magazine in every fucking food store for years. I tried living off stuff from the Chinese couple’s produce shop and then one day that fucking face is on the cover of the SCMP.

  4. I heard a saying once but can't remember where. "If she yells, screams, and hits you, she still loves you and wants you back. If she calmly packs your shit and leaves it outside.....run."

  5. For real. I caught my husband messaging someone about something like a date and I lost my shit. Not even at home…publicly lost my shit.

  6. Big Skylar White vibes. She doesn't even need to say anything. The husband will talk himself into a hole trying to over-explain the situation.

  7. It was like a train wreck. I wanted to turn it off so badly like the entire time but I just kept on Watching hAha

  8. She probably suspected it for a long time, came to terms with it, and this is just confirmation. She's already had her emotional catharsis over it.

  9. Broooo, the look on his face, like he couldnt even come up with a lie. He knew he was screwed. THEN his wife was calm as fuck about it too?! oh man. that dude is soooo fucked.

  10. Wife asks if they're work friends what were they doing for 3 hours at the hotel Belair. Then she says what, you don't have your kids tonight? To the woman. So this has been investigated for some time and Wife was not coming to play or listen to BS.

  11. I thought it was something like "Well, you're at the Bel Air hotel, three hours from where you work." As in, disputing their "work friend" cover story.

  12. Haha I saw this before it was deleted on Tik tok. The original poster was the wife and had separate videos of her doxxing the woman with the caption “home wrecker”

  13. How come in these type of videos whenever a man is cheating on his wife, the wife ALWAYS goes after the person he was cheating on her with? Shit makes zero sense. My gf cheated on me and I couldn’t give a single fuck about the guy. Maybe I’m crazy.

  14. It’s like watching an 8 year old boy get scolded for stealing cookies, man’s got the emotional intelligence of a clam

  15. Yeah -- the "havin' din-ner[?]" line is said in the exact inflection I'd use when I was 8 and my parents caught me red-handed with a bag of candy I wasn't supposed to have or something like that.

  16. I had such hard flashbacks of when I caught my partner cheating- all the times I caught him cheating. I can’t believe I put up with this shit for so many years. My life is so much better without that sociopathic man child

  17. If he wasn’t cheating, he would have stood up and hug his wife and said, “what are you doing here???? This is Stacey in HR! We were just talking about you. Pull up a seat! Who’s the guy with the camera? Are you cheating on me?”

  18. Yep, this made me cringe so hard. Call me old fashioned, but I wouldn’t go out to a formal dining setting like this unless I let my wife know if I was going out to eat with a superior and/or coworker. Hell, I’d even invite my wife. This dude is guilty AF. Yikes!

  19. The girl’s reaction was my favorite. Smiles like “hello!” Oh, wife? Stares at the camera like “of course your filming, I’m not saying shit. He says “work friend” and she’s like… “friend”. It’s telling. Then she tosses the lemon like, “welp, imma head out, you guys should talk” with a side of “oh, at least own it dude, I’m out”.

  20. Yeah like if I was having lunch with a female coworker and I happened to see my wife first off she'd probably already know about it from me and 2nd I'd be all smiles and ask her to join cause I actually like my wife. This dude guilty as hell.

  21. From the dude yeah, the girl nah. She looked disappointed. Thinking in her head: okay i see whats going on here, how do i get out of this, is this lady gonna try to fight me.

  22. Everyone is calm because everyone knew their role in this scene. Wife probably knew a while and this was probably just closure with the camera person there to confirm and tell what happened so she wouldn't.

  23. His wheels were turning but the train came off track and those treads on his tank weren't getting through that forest of unicycles...

  24. I couldn't understand all of it but it sounded like the wife came 3 hours from LA to where this is taking place. That guy looks so busted that it's almost enough proof alone except he's not sporting a wedding ring either.

  25. Nailed it . I get orange county or San Diego vibes from them. You know she had a live video feed to her divorce lawyer. Her lawyer s gonna make bank.

  26. He thought he was safe due to the "different area codes" rule. I guess someone should have told him that's not a real thing

  27. Oh man, his nervous tapping of the hands together below the table... you can see him working through the situation trying to find the smoothest exit.

  28. I can’t understand anything. It’s like the shit phone camera they used had a microphone the deliberately excluded this woman’s voice and amplified all the environment sounds tenfold.

  29. Dude is fully having a nuclear meltdown inside. The way he isn’t breaking eye contact but weirdly tapping his hands and fingers together, his brain is working overtime lmao 🤣

  30. Probably asked a friend to record it. That dude looks as guilty as anyone I ever seen. If this is fake he deserves an Oscar.

  31. It was her reaction that gave it all away. If she had said oh you're the wife oh I've heard so much about you Mister so and so Joe blah blah blah talks about you all the time what are you doing here anyway? Yeah we were just catching a bite before Joe goes home or whatever. Did he not mention me? My name is so and so. That would have given him time to start some cover story. I have a feeling the wife knew all about it for a while and sprung the surprise on them both

  32. This makes me sick. The way the “friend” keeps looking at the red faced asshole says it all! I had a similar experience when I was younger with my now ex husband. You have I took most of my anger out on the mistress. Although she was fully aware he was married, it was him who was committed to me (or so I thought), not her.

  33. By the way, the other woman absolutely 100% knew. When she introduced herself as a "friend" - you can tell by the look and pause - she chose that word carefully. If she had believed this relationship was on the up and up that would never have been her reaction

  34. Also because she was deferring to him to answer for her and constantly checking his reaction. If some married dude had led me on and I was caught like this I'd dump my drink on his head and compare notes with the wife.

  35. No. I don't think so. I think she was choosing carefully because she didn't know who this other person was. Once she says I'm his wife, she throws her food down on the plate and gave the dude an "it figures, I can't believe it" look.

  36. Is no one going to mention the mistress's terrible clip in extensions?? Looking like Tim Chalamet in Dont Look Up..

  37. That man went from blood red to white faced all in a minute while realizing he fucked up. The lady with him seemed surprised when she said wife but who knows really.

  38. I remember cheating on a girlfriend in highschool (got caught by her cousin holding hands with another girl). The feeling of guilt was so bad that I knew I never wanted to do it again. I can't even begin imagine cheating on my wife. I'm so close to my inlaws, we have two children together, we share everything.

  39. His hands!! Ha, he's thinking of shit. I'm caught and I got nothing as far as an good reason at all. Shit. Let's get this over with. What's gonna happen. Fuck. I got nothing and this is happening. Fuck. Where's my car? Did I even drive here? Of God don't make me have to drive home with her. Fuck fuck. No wait it's around the corner.oh shit she's still talking, not screaming. Fuuuuuuck"

  40. Dude turned bright red to white as a ghost within 30 seconds. Awkward rocking, hand tapping plus no wedding ring on his finger doesn’t bode well for his defence.

  41. The mistress was waiting for the husband to explain himself but dude pleaded the fifth 😂😂😂. Love me some suburban housewife/wino drama.

  42. Hurts to watch. I was the wife (ex-wife now). Got a call from an unknown number at work one day. It was her husband (now ex) who had known about the affair for months. He couldn’t believe I didn’t know. She had been caught several times by him and he kept forgiving her for some reason. I guess he couldn’t take it anymore. Not sure how he got my cell number. I was devastated and in shock. I immediately went to my ex’s workplace which was a plant nursery. They worked together - that’s how they met. Caught them together at work. It was awful. I feel her pain even now, years later.

  43. “I’m a friend,” means “I’m up to no good with him and I don’t want to give my name because I don’t want you stalking me on social media.”

  44. She likely knew he was married, she doesn’t even ask them who they are or why they are recording. If I was having dinner and a woman came up to me I would be wondering who they were and why they were recording. She doesn’t ask bc she knows damn well who it is. But he 100% knew he was married and still chose to be an idiot. I hope he likes child support and hopefully spousal support (depending on the state).

  45. Blondie DEFINITELY knew she was in an adulterous affair. If not, the first thing out of her mouth after, “I’m his wife,” would be, “WHAT?!!!” directed at him and then, “I had not idea,” directed at her.

  46. From the girl’s body language guaranteed she was fed some bullshit story about crazy ex gf or some shit because her face changes after she said wife….. she was never aware.

  47. Does anyone else think she was just as shocked to learn she was the ‘other woman,’ or is it just me? Because in my opinion, I didn’t think she really was in on the ‘cheating lie’… obviously she played a role but I didn’t get the impression it was an intentional role….

  48. They're 3 hrs from where they live and his kids were supposed to be having a sleep over, so probably thought they were safe.

  49. There is a study that was done that showed that men who are already with a women are ranked way higher on a scale of ten vs the same man alone.

  50. Most cheaters are probably not going to be going out to clubs or bars or leaving a paper trail on dating sites to meet the hottest people to cheat with because it's simply too risky. They're mostly stuck in whatever circles they're routinely a part of, whether it's work, church, whatever. I think for most cheaters it's more about the thrill of being early in a "relationship" again after being in the same one for years or even decades, or of simply doing something taboo because it's exciting - not so much about finding a perfectly attractive person to cheat with. Most cheaters are probably going to have sort of a lopsided attractiveness scale because it's better to find an easy cheating partner than a perfect one. I've been cheated on before and it was a soul crushing experience at the time because the person I was cheated on with was what I'd consider pretty ugly. It was a huge blow to my self-esteem because I thought it meant that I was even uglier, until I realized that it wasn't about comparing myself to them, because their looks weren't the motivating factor.

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