1. Because Israel doesn’t actually care about Iran or Iranians. It literally assassinates Iranian scientists, bombs Iranian infrastructure, develops computer viruses to take down Iranian banking and IT systems which cause blackouts and an inability for everyday Iranians to withdraw funds, and advocates for war and invasion against Iran by the U.S.

  2. Pretty audacious for Israel to claim Iran mistreats women when Israel is the only country consistently condemned by the UN for violating women's rights.

  3. Israel supports sanctions that have gotten little Iranian girls killed because they couldn't get the medicine they need.

  4. Yes, of fucking course israel does that, you fucking clown. Multiple iterations of Iranian leadership have publicly vowed to destroy Israel. Literally any other country would respond to that the same way israel does.

  5. Guess you don't know the difference between the Iranian people and the Iranian government. Iranians know the difference.

  6. We can’t stop sending our tax dollars and weapons to support brutal Israeli apartheid because our political system has been too corrupted by Israeli and pro-Israeli money. The Israel lobby is the only foreign lobby that is allowed to not register as a foreign agent.

  7. Not a lot. They would lower the number of expensive missiles they use as well as various other American weapons systems. Israel has a well established arms industry.

  8. Hey, Israel's government, if you're going to take our 3.8 billion dollar subsidy from American taxpayers, then take our American values with it because we don't believe in police beating up people; much less a woman.

  9. David Ben Gurion (the first Israeli Prime Minister): ” If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been Anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?” Quoted by Nahum Goldmann in Le Paraddoxe Juif (The Jewish Paradox), pp. 121-122.

  10. Israeli police and military alike are a bunch of pieces of shit that take pride in brutalising innocent CHILDREN, I don't give a shit if anyone says I am anti-Semitic cuz these Israeli assholes are antihuman.

  11. That’s where I get confused … why can’t I be anti Israel and not be anti semitic … I got nothing against them or their religion … just their government actions and people that support it

  12. Israel doesn't even care about Iranian women, it wants to play the same card it did to destabilize Syria, Iraq.

  13. Well for about 70 years the "antisemitism" card worked and in the last 10 people have been calling it out as bullshit.

  14. After the russia ukraine war stopped getting covered after less than 2 weeks i lost all faith that any body is gonna help the poor Palestinians in israel. This has been going on for SO long. The western world doesnt care about helping the middle east unless its for their own political gain. Fucking awful.

  15. Probably because Palestine is represented by a bunch of trigger happy terrorists who launch faulty rockets that slam into their own schools

  16. Guy 2 Grabs by the hair and punches her in the face. Guy 3 puts her into a chokehold using baton. Potential damages: Bruising from punching to chocking, possibly black eye and depending on seriousness of injury (i.e. dependant on metal knuckle dusters on gloves, force generated by person), possible lacerations, black eye to complete blindness in a eye and concussion causing confusion or brain injury also a distinct possibility depending on the time she was chocked for which continues after the chocking using a baton, dependant ok how oxygen deprived her brain gets. The exact seriousness cannot be concluded thus the variance in extent of injuries. All in all. Not good.

  17. Are you American? The country that overthrew dozens democratically elected leaders and replaced them with totalitarian regimes, systematically suppressed millions of non-whites for centuries, and illegally invaded Iraq and Afghanistan killing half a million and creating ISIS in a power vacuum?

  18. They’re just keeping the rubbish out. With an iron dome and Merkava tanks so I’m sure they’re not worried.

  19. the israel for iranian women is just israeli propaganda to support the overthrow of the government israel has a problem with, its not the women they care about, its the gov they want to get rid of

  20. The way that piece of shit ran away from her so fast when he realized she was filming him and his face was fully visible. Had the situation been a little different he'd definitely had gone for her

  21. In France you can't say that or you will be treated as an antisemitic by Macron and his government (for real), it's not allowed.

  22. Fuck Israel...the biggest hypocrites in the world...literally turned themselves into what they fled from...they are terrorists committing crimes against humanity on the daily. They are scum.

  23. Wrong, they answer to money. Way to abolish Jewish stereotype israel.. First you steal land, then you make money like it's nothing.

  24. Israel has always been America's pet project, with the knowledge of the regular evils that they commit having been public for awhile. Nothing will change and don't expect it to, this IS the desired result.

  25. Well yeah, the more dead Iranians the happier the Israelis are so obviously they're going to back protests that are getting Iranians killed by their own government.

  26. I wouldn't doubt if they're using the unrest for espionage and sowing additional discord. It's the greatest gift they've ever had handed to them.

  27. Israel is a funny place. If their God is indeed real they will all burn in hell for their sins on this Earth, no matter how religious they might be.

  28. So not only did they get multiple Police officers to beat and choke out a 12 year old girl, but they actually had the audacity to attack the people who witnessed this?

  29. So, the Israeli Government is imprisoning and killing people of a different belief system simply because they don’t follow their religion. Doesn’t that sound like what the Nazi’s did 80 years ago?

  30. The population of Palestine both inside and outside the country has been growing faster than Israel's for years now.

  31. The reason they stand with the women is because they want Iran to fall down they are old friends you know (enemies).

  32. A Progressive Iran again would be amazing. I'd absolutely love to go and immerse myself in the culture because the language art, and Culture overall of Iran is simply beautiful to me. (Minus the religious stuff)

  33. You have to look at it in context. She probably said something like, "I'm not sure if exactly 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Maybe like 5 million." or "Hey you just exploded my 5 year old cousin's head with a .223 round. That's not right." or "Have you noticed the double standard that Israel and Jews apply to the rest of the world while they support a separatist, ethnostate?"

  34. Because Iran is a problematic country and a lot of countries see this opportunity to take Iran down. I’m with the rioters by the way but a lot of counties speaking up aren’t doing it with good intentions.

  35. ITT: The least hypocritical and most knowledgeable redditors who don't know shit about Israel or Iran outside what their news networks show them on the other side of the world

  36. Are you American? The country that overthrew dozens democratically elected leaders and replaced them with totalitarian regimes, systematically suppressed millions of non-whites for centuries, and illegally invaded Iraq and Afghanistan killing half a million and creating ISIS in a power vacuum?

  37. Big bad cops play soldier boy by beating up a 12 year girl? Plus, it took 3 of them to bring her to the ground? These people just need to resign and go seek therapy for their mental issues.

  38. I know it's a complicated situation that I don't fully understand, but I genuinely am starting to worry about what Israel does to these Palestinian youths, and others, when no one is watching and the camera isn't recording. It's almost as if they've dehumanized the Palestinians.

  39. This is actually pretty tame for IDF. A few years back an IDF soldier shot a 13 y.o. Palestinian girl walking to school, then walked up to her body, flipped his rifle to automatic, then emptied the magazine into her body at point blank range, shooting her in the face several times.

  40. Hint: violence against Jews in the region predates Israel’s establishment, and would still exist even if Israel did not.

  41. Israel stands with Iranian women so that people pro-Israeli Apartheid regime can say "see they care about women!"

  42. Reminds me of americans crying about putin's military operation while they are "spreading peace and freedom" in afghanistan/iraq/libya and tons of other places ... At least russians are straightforward.

  43. Israel stands against Iran, no matter what they do. Israel actively participates in backing terrorist groups within Iran but you'll never hear condemnation of this.

  44. What was happening in the minutes leading up to the beginning of the video? The context of the violence is always missing from these types of vids.

  45. ->Jews go to pray in the most holy place in the world for Jews -> Muslims riot -> Police arrest rioters -> Reddit goes nuts Rinse repeat.

  46. ->Muslims go to pray in one of the most holiest place in the world for Muslims -> israeli police raids for no reason which goes against the agreement of Jews not going to Masjid-Al-Aqsa -> the police beats up anyone who's present and then strawman's the entire thing and makes Palestinian Muslims look like rioters-> their piece of shit fan boys believe it despite the news coverage and also makes up some of their own propaganda as a way of them jacking off israel.

  47. Yeah, I wonder what heinous crime that 12 year old committed for these solders to be forced to beat her up like that.

  48. In this particular case, the more powerful side stormed the other weaker side's Holy place, which violates their agreements with each other and the UN but they do it anyway. The forces of the other side clashes with the civilians of the weaker side, tapes it as "rioting", unlawfully arrests the civilians, some of them are kids by tackling them like it's American football.

  49. I would like to know the full context of the video. At least the prior incident that lead to the struggle(as the video started mid struggle). Was it a prompted or unprompted attack? Otherwise I don’t it as justified to comment one way or another without context.

  50. There's always someone commenting this, this is a common argument (and it's a bit stupid tbh) that's only valid in case of a non very occurring incident.

  51. These videos are utterly useless. It’s impossible to differentiate between brutality and a struggling assailant, and of course there is never the reason (or lack of reason) of arrest. It’s nothing more than a canvas for the viewer to paint over with their existing beliefs.

  52. a jewish only state that has different laws for non jews is soooo democratic. Just like the German Nazis, the Israeli Nazis are too democratic. you are so smart

  53. It's pretty common among racists to judge the age of children of a different race higher than that of white children.

  54. Lmfao thats literally a 12 year old, you are probably one of those who want to kick start Armageddon so you want Israel to take Palestine so you can finally kill them lmao...

  55. With all due respect, OP isn’t very educated on the matter. Israel is THEEEEEE ONLYYYYY democracy in the Middle East. All of these Palestinians have internet, voting rights, and can where whatever they want and worship whoever they want. Iran and Israel are miles apart and anyone who tries to compare the two things has absolutely no idea. Iran kills you if they suspect you’re gay, Israel does not. Iran won’t let you worship another religion while Israel doesn’t care….. stop the MADNESS.

  56. Some jews are vehemently against Israel and are in favor of abolishing it for its blatant human rights violations, atrocities, and the fact that it IS an apartheid state. But keep going, finish your sentence.

  57. Jews aren't the fascists here, the zionists are.. So if you ever come across a zionist, it would be fair to wack him on his head to give him a taste of his own medicine, but we aren't them.. So don't do it, you aren't the violent fascist, he is..

  58. This may be an over reaction on the part of Israeli milatery police but this video doesn't look like it started when it actually did. I wonder whats on the recording that was intentionally cut out of the video....probably provided some colour and context to this reaction by the police.

  59. Hilarious watching all these progressives stand up for governments that stone gay people in the streets

  60. oh man. so many of you are ignorant idiots that dont know literally shit and judge by a 10 sec video, israel is filled with europen, ukranians, americans, muslims, you NAME IT. everyone should arrested if you disturb the peace. fuk that girl. respect your surroundings, 12 yo should know better

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