1. I imagine the company using this video in the future to train new employees: "Okay, so can anyone tell me what he did wrong there?"

  2. He apologized - rookie mistake, you always double down, he should just go full racist and leave confidently

  3. Take my award! 😂 I feel like this would be the most awkward moment ever, on top of the fact he just blurted it out so clearly.

  4. Holy shit that’s one of the most awkward moments I’ve ever seen captured on camera 😬😭 the way the guy tries to save himself ouch

  5. i remember doing food delivery and one time i accidentally said have a gay day instead of great day. the dude 200lb looked at me and said what did you say bro. i told him have a great day and left quick.

  6. When I was younger I had a roommate move in, a black guy. The bathroom had two sinks, one white and one off-white. The white sink didn't work so we had to use the other one. He's checking the place out and asks which sink to use. I'm sitting there, playing Zelda and not really paying attention, so I answer "you gotta use the colored sink."

  7. This is one of the cringiest videos I have ever seen. Do you know that uncomfortable warm feeling you get when you get really embarrassed? I felt that while watching this.. Jesus

  8. Man, I was once talking to a midget and for whatever reason said midget out loud. To this very day I have no idea how it happened or why. That was almost 25 years ago.

  9. Everyone’s saying he probably says it regularly and I’m not saying he doesn’t but this could just be an extremely bad slip up of words? Like sometimes you just say jibberish on accident and this would be a really really bad case of that. If he says it regularly, I wouldn’t think he’d be that obviously embarrassed at the end. Or maybe not idk

  10. I've had this happen to me before, but with a different word. I said "orgasm" instead of organism" while reading a paragraph in class. It happened because I read the paragraph before class and I continuously said to myself "don't say orgasm. Don't say orgasm. Don't say orgasm. You'll make a fool out of yourself". guess what I said? I said orgasm. The thought of saying it wrong, and dreading it actually made me slip up and say the wrong word. Maybe that what happened with this guy too.

  11. I have bad social anxiety and have slipped weird words into conversations, but not this bad. I can assure you that if he doesn’t have real hate in his heart, he will never get over his guilt, and that’s kind of unfortunate.

  12. Damn. I thought he was going to say it after the guy went back inside. Kinda like saying it to himself not realizing the doorbell was recording him.

  13. Was lying down on my back and I paused and just let the full weight of my hand fall and give me the hardest facepalm of my entire life.

  14. Everyday, millions and millions of intrusive thoughts fail to overcome a host. All around the world.

  15. In motorcycling, there's a concept taught to beginners known as 'target fixation.' Imagine you're going around a bend, and there's a tree on the outside of the turn that you really don't want to hit, to the degree that you can't stop looking at it to make sure you're not going to hit it, and this is one of the most surefire ways to hit that tree.

  16. Yeah, when you take the class to get your motorcycle license, they specifically tell you to look where you want to go, even in a turn and never look at where you don't want to go

  17. “This is NOT a Duke Energy employee. This is a third-party solar installer taking advantage of our solar rebates available to customers. We do not endorse any of these companies, and they have no connection with Duke Energy.”

  18. I love that the guy didn’t freak out and was just like “Alright man” and goes back inside. He probably didn’t wanna answer the door anyway lmao.

  19. Should have stuck to the izzle. Fo shizzle my nizzle. It won’t get you fired when you get caught on the televizzle.

  20. Super common now, I get a constant barrage of door to door salesmen who say they are working on some neighbors house. They aren't giving you some deal on a big job just because they are "in the neighborhood".

  21. You can tell the dude is shady as fuck because he’s pretending to be his neighbor. It’s gotta be some scummy sales technique. Like who does that? Even if he was his neighbor, he should have at least gotten to know them before greeting them with a fucking sales pitch. Just introduce yourself and come back at a different time. I couldn’t imagine walking around my apartment complex ringing doorbells and doing whatever the fuck this guy was doing.

  22. Big oof. Should have pretended nothing was wrong and when the guy said "excuse me?" He just says "yeah we're going around talking to neighbors" as if he didn't make the fuckup of the century.

  23. nah if he tried to play it off dude would have immediately felt he was 100% racist and was now mocking him too by trying to slip it in there

  24. He looked so ashamed afterwards, too. I dunno I feel kinda bad for him, I was raised by racists myself and while I actively have spent years trying to unlearn what they taught me, I have accidentally offended people before from ignorance. Granted, I've never fucked up THAT bad. But still. Ouch. Utterly humiliating fuckup.

  25. it's an honest mistake, just the other day I was talking to my jewish neighbor and I was like let's go fly a kite but it came out hey you fucking wetback bitch

  26. I don’t know about this guy but many people with mental health issues get intrusive thoughts and words in their head. Words that they know are the opposite of what they want to say and they stress out over always saying the right thing in comparison to the worst thing they could say.

  27. This reminds of team Nigma in Dota2, people were saying there were afraid to slip up and say the N-word but casters / dota2 personalies said that would never happen.

  28. This reminds me of a time I was in a weed shop, I was next in line and the budtender (young black man) was wrapping up with a customer (old white man) and they were both bonding over being from Tennessee, as the customer was leaving the shop he said 'have a blessed day my neighbor!', the budtender became visibly tense and asked me what the customer called him, I said neighbor, and the budtender relaxed and was like 'oooooh I thought he said... something else', and we both had a laugh over the miscommunication

  29. Lol Black people are normal people just like anyone else. He was probably nervous, but there’s no need. This is what happens when you avoid being exposed to diversity.

  30. Many years ago, I was leaving my company and my teammates threw me a going away party. They gave me a card, so I read it out loud. But I have social anxiety, so when I got to the end, I read off my previous company name instead my current one - completely out of the blue. They looked so hurt and I felt absolutely horrible. So I think you are correct - that he is nervous because he doesn't interact with that many black people. That's absurd, of course, and maybe he has some implicit bias going on, but I just don't get the impression that is normal for him to say, given his body language after that. He looked a lot like I felt that day.

  31. I once went to address my wife but got stuck between her name and "babe" and if came out "bitch". Never called her that before. Her mom wasn't pleased.

  32. He looks into the camera at the end knowing he fucked up. Tries to cover his face with the clipboard but its too late.

  33. I probably wouldn’t believe this had happened if it weren’t on camera lmfao I feel bad for both of them if it really wasnt intentional

  34. I'm convinced this was actually an innocent flub, and not a racist slippin. The guy looks like he wanted to go back and apologize again, but he didn't think it would help, or he didn't have the words. I see genuine regret and sad guilty genuflection in his body language. But who knows what these saltines ERRRR salesmen are thinking.

  35. Something he's going to laugh about when he's out golfing with Chad and Bret, hell he's already wearing golf attire going door to door as it is.

  36. I work at a restaurant and once got stuck between “share” & “split” and asked an old couple if they were going to shit their dinner. Glad I’m not this guy!

  37. I can't describe the way my face instantly contorted when he said it. I don't get second hand embarrassment when it comes to videos like this but YIKES this one sure did.

  38. Reminds me of a time in gym class, after captain America came out, a kid after scoring went “heil hitler!”. We all looked at him, doing the hydra salute and he went “…I was telling myself don’t say hitler don’t say hitler”

  39. This is just a speculation, and I wouldn’t be shocked at all if this wasn’t the case. BUT. I struggled with anxiety for a long long time, and a symptom of anxiety is intrusive thoughts. If you look up intrusive thoughts, they are thoughts that are usually really horrible in nature and are opposite of your character. For example, jumping out of a moving car, putting your hand on a burning stove, or shouting something horrific in public. Idk the science behind it all, but it’s a very common mental phenomenon. I’ve had thoughts pop into my head to say horrible things to people, and the dumb part is that it makes you anxious because you desperately don’t want to say those things. It’s just a thought that pops into your head. I’m wondering if this guy had something similar and him saying neighbor and having an intrusive thought in his head made the words jumble into this mess. Again, probably not the case, and I don’t condone any racial slur being used. Just a thought process I had lol.

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