1. Im glad society seems to have solved the movie cliche problem of heels that break. Those girls did all that on stilts. Delicate flailing all around.

  2. Right - and, to do all of this in front of that crowd… if they’re not tourist skanks & are just local skanks, how could they ever set foot on that street again, let alone in front of that restaurant/ bar/ club?

  3. If your whole ass couchie and boobs ain’t out and your hair all over the ground….did you really get in a fight?

  4. Do you want a different answer than they don't want to lose it when they fuck some random? Also a thong is literally the only thing that wouldn't be visible in that type of dress so what is the point.

  5. “Heavily tattooed Crystal, who has modelled for Playboy and has 110,000 Instagram followers…” DailyMail really digging in to get the truly important details - quality journalism

  6. Oohh. Thats why I was so confused.. I heard the chicks speaking what I assumed was English and then this dude gives Slovak commentary

  7. This also applies to dog fights. Quickest way to stop it is to Ram a finger in the ass of the attacker. That will stop almost all fights from my experience 👀

  8. Hehe, sexual assault is fun. 👀😁🙌😆😆😍😍😍😝😜😝😛🥵🥵😈😈😈😻😼😻👁👀👁🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴👄👄👄🦾🦾

  9. Something about tattooed blonde women in heels. One ruined my life for the better part of ten years. But damn was it fun.

  10. It’s the trashy aspect for me…like a guilty pleasure, I can’t help it. Leg tattoos work better than viagra 🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. That could have gotten ugly when she put her head on that raised planter near the end. All it takes is a few pounds a hard corner to do some serious damage

  12. Was it it he larger of the twos first day in heels? The smaller one was moving around in her heels like a ninja.

  13. This sub is a shot in the dark with the NSFW content. I just had the thought “Oh thank goodness, it’s just some hoes fighting with they titties out and not someone getting graphically killed.”

  14. I love that the wigs popped off and their was more bleach blond hair underneath. Also NSFW probably, but its the weekend so meehhhh!

  15. Why the hell wouldn't you wear underwear with something so short? Jesus Christ she's just begging for an infection

  16. Uuuuuhhhhhhgggggg their white dresses are going to have stains now…..dumb bitches! That’s never coming out. Jeeze. They really need to think about what they’re wearing next time they get into a damn brawl. 🙄

  17. Those are actually human beings, man. They have complex thoughts and feelings and everything. They most likely even have people in their lives that love them very much.

  18. The no-panty wearing one is flabby. The thinner one is thin due to working out (you can tell). I love when people think their weight means they can take on anyone.

  19. So many blind mfs in these comments saying the bigger girl isn't wearing panties. If you look at 01:12 and you think that isn't a thong then I doubt you have ever seen a vagina.

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