1. Am I the only one who thinks that kid is "special needs" in some way? Maybe autistic or something? Nothing about this clip strikes me as typical behavior and to be honest, I'm not sure how cool it is to even be posting it here.

  2. So what, a young man should not feel entitled to attack anyone without repercussions, this is what’s wrong with the world, if you being lighting expect someone to call down the thunder, if not use and show some damn respect!!

  3. i remember a special needs kid in my cooking class in highschool who tried stabbing his aid with a fork...they made sure he was not allowed in that class after that

  4. I was thinking that as well. Just that immediate reaction from anger to crying, hands up, and walking away, reminds me of Autistic Children I worked with when I was younger. I doubt we’ll ever know for sure, but my mind immediately went there and I’m kind of glad I’m not the only one.

  5. Having had some experience in young autistic people, yeah, that's what this seems like. Some will do slaps like this when they're angry with you. Some threaten a big ol' haymaker but never quite do it. And they often react like this when they finally get hit themselves, because truthfully they were very close to crying anyways.

  6. I think so too.. possibly on the spectrum. I think the kid just doesn't know any better :( still tho.. hands to your self

  7. Or he has a learning disability or autism or something? There isn’t any context so I guess we can make up anything right? He recently bought mushrooms from her but she shorted him so he lashed out. Or she bullies him and he got mad. Or this is actually just a deepfake.

  8. In my high school, there was a mentally challenged kid that often acted out violently towards other students. He was a big kid and quite intimidating, he was just a big bully and nobody fought back because he was quite mentally handicapped and nobody wanted to fight with someone like that.

  9. My nephew has autism (according to my MIL) and is also violent with his classmates. He’s 13, 5’8, and over 300lbs. He’s been expelled from multiple schools for his outbursts and admission that he wants to kill people. He uses his autism as an excuse saying that he’s “allowed” to do and say what he wants because of it.

  10. Couple of roachbrain dumbasses complaining just cause you added some possible context for this video. Smh my head. That kid might need some adult supervision so he doesn't have to learn life lessons the hard way. And no, that girl didn't seem to deserve to be hit.

  11. He’s either going to learn in high school or the real world that people don’t just let you hit them, regardless of your mental capacity. Better now when there’s less chance of getting beaten to death by some sociopath.

  12. Good learning opportunity if anything for this kid. If he continues he’s gunna hit the wrong person someday and that could have actual consequences.

  13. And in that one single second he became "Lunch lady cry baby" for the rest of his life. LLCB for short.

  14. i know people are trying to act like that woman should have given him a hug instead or allowed him to assault her...as someone with a learning disability and who works with other special needs individuals you can't just allow violence to occur.

  15. Videos like these needs the back story. A lot of things could have happened that lead to this

  16. Tbh the kid who gets hit looks to be Autistic. His aggression and then reaction and the noise he makes as he gets slapped and walks out the door is very similar to what I've seen when working with the Developmentally Disabled who had severe behavioral issues.

  17. Where are the equal rights equal fights guys now? Kid just got rebooted for hitting first and they have nothing to say.

  18. Why would they have anything to say? No one questions a woman's right to defend herself against a guy with physical violence.

  19. Where the fuck are yall getting that this kid looks special needs? He looks like a regular kid who got smacked upside the head. Yall keep adding details when there are none.

  20. for me it was the way he cried, just reminds me of one of the jr high kids I used to work with who had FAS. he was really violent as well and the school would let him get away with it

  21. Even if he is special needs, he's likely going to remember getting clocked for his actions. Special needs or not, people do learn lessons.

  22. I went to school with a kid who had special needs that frequently hit others in high school. The video gives no evidence but it’s what I immediately thought of. But it’s really hard to tell. You can’t say just from seeing this

  23. I don’t know what kind of private school you were privileged enough to attend to, but us public school kids know a thing or two about special need kids acting exactly like this.

  24. Same reason every video of someone getting a beat down was because the guy raped a child/robbed a grandmother. Redditorial embellishment.

  25. I think it's just his actions. He's probably 16 or so, and nothing about this is normal. There's mental stuff going on here. Not full on mentally challenged, maybe not autistic, but something.

  26. He looks like a kid who struck another kid in the face during class with an uncoordinated open hand slap, got slapped back, and then stormed away in tears.

  27. ... Because he looks as if he's acting special needs in some way. This isn't that complicated, you're just obviously fairly young.

  28. Kids a hazard to school waiting to happen might wanna watch out for him, he seems how do you say it, Unhinged?

  29. Shouts out to the kid who had to step in and try and cool the situation down, arms straight out trying to separate them.

  30. He thought it was a game, look at how his hand tried to keep the plate from falling just before she hit back, his head was somewhere else. Hopefully he learned a lesson about violence being a last resort, and not something to casually do when upset.

  31. The kid was probably already in the middle of an emotional meltdown when he struck out at the woman. He doesn't look like a kid who is handling a stressful social situation in a normal, adaptive way.

  32. Mentally challenged or not, he was told not to approach under the impression that he would get physical. He did and got smacked. The disabled can’t always get a pass. Disabled kids at my school were cool, and some were assholes. Everyone on reddit wants equality and this shouldn’t be an exception.

  33. Wait, so he hits a woman (or teenager? hard to tell) yet when he's hit back by said woman....He cries and runs away...?

  34. I couldn’t give less of a fuck if that dude is sped. You don’t hit motherfuckers. Dude looks like he had no force to his slap but a lot of sped kids hit hard as fuck (I’d know) and if you aren’t there to care for them frankly you don’t have to take there shit. They hit you you hit back.

  35. Seriously don't like and share that kind of video. Its clearly special ed kids with probably some kind of mental disability.

  36. For fuck sake that kid is not autistic he's just a weirdo. There were several weirdos in my high school, and they weren't autistic or mentally ill or any of that. They were just awkward AF. That's still a thing, you know.

  37. 😂😂😂 his nerdy ass face crying was hilarious. Too bad his parents would probably go to the school to complain and try to get the woman fired.

  38. I’m almost certain that kid is special needs, the way he reacts. They held her back too which is the opposite of what usually happens when a guy hits a woman.

  39. Where is the compassion on this thread? like damn pretty obvious the kid is delayed or some other sort of disability. The comments for the most part are pretty gross what's the deal?

  40. that does not give him the right to assault someone, and this is coming from someone with a learning disibility as well.

  41. Because disabilities aren't justifications. They're still capable of learning from consequences like everyone else

  42. I actually have a lot of compassion for that kid. He is a child and his conflict resolution skills are wrong and he’s overwhelmed. Laughing at him makes people no better than him. He clearly is a kid who needs support and love.

  43. This kid is not mentally challenged. Mentally challenged kids have escorts everywhere they go in school. Hes just a bitch. A little bitchy bitch.

  44. This video perfectly shews everything terrible bout the youth, skinny, without muscles, can’t control temper, acts out and is crippled when retaliated against

  45. it’s clear to me at least that this is the kitchen in some variation of an adolescent psychiatric group home or facility and that this kitchen worker was defending herself from whatever happened that was edited off the front of this video.

  46. I know I should be cheering his agony, but this is just sad, he made a stupid choice and now it will be on the internet until the end of time.

  47. Well. His dna had a bastard up the line. Hopefully he can flip the switch and get out of that frame of mind. Lets hope bc we know better. She was well in defense! Good on her!

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