1. Every single cop should have a tourniquet on them when responding. They are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to save someone's life in shootings, car accidents, and other major traumas.

  2. Bro I have 4 I don't understand cops who don't have them they're not that expensive they're super easy to use and they're super easy to put on.

  3. Literally the last video I saw of a cop getting shot, he had one. Shot in the leg and slapped one on his thigh as soon as he was behind cover. Thought of that while watching this too.

  4. Beside the fact they will 100% let you bleed out on the pavement. "I'm here to stop the threat, that's the medics job." An actual quote I heard from a police officer at a training.

  5. Man with all the crazy interactions with police vs civilians, its really nice to see these people come to the aid of the downed officer .. we need more of this now a days. Hope hes okay and makes a full recovery. Shout out to that man and women who came to help.

  6. As a current Reno resident, it is not upper middle class, it is low middle. These apartments are can be awful

  7. At this point it's probably best for everyone, the perp included, if he just doesn't happen to make it out of the hospital.

  8. God damn, ya never know when you’re gonna be playing COD irl with 2 random strangers. But damn glad these dudes were there.

  9. Kinda odd people are bashing the cops in this video and not the dudes blasting rounds around an apartment complex full of people. I swear some of you motherfuckers get disappointed when their ISN'T brutality in a police video. Hell, some of the comments are shitting on the civilians for trying to make sure the critically wounded cop didn't get executed on the ground.

  10. Whenever there's a real incident of police shooting an unarmed suspect I believe that a large percentage are disappointed when the victim is white or the shooting was just.

  11. As a former Infantry Marine I seriously cannot fathom why the actual fuck those officers dont even have 1 TQ between them.

  12. I'm always impressed when officers get shot and then chime in on their radio in the calmest voice imaginable that they were shot. I'm sure they're taught to be calm on the radio but it's still impressive to me

  13. Get me a belt or something to use as a tourniquet as I swing this strap back and forth in front of the camera that can absolutely not be used as a tourniquet.

  14. Then he would have known how important first aid materials are to have on you, and been able to realize he could have used his damn sling to get the job done, sure one of them had a knife on them.

  15. Unlike the first officer who just ran straight down the pipe. Like hey guys..shoot me…I’m right here out in the open.

  16. Downrange? Absolutely not lol no TQ and when the civilians are treating the officer he stays behind them instead of infront of them. The second officer has no tactical mindset

  17. That strap on the rifle would have been a decent tourniquet in a jiffy.. But in the heart of the moment I don't blame him for not realizing with all the possible shooters around

  18. This. Trying to take off the sling could result in the rifle being taken out of the fight even temporarily. He had to keep his rifle ready to shoot for other people so maybe he didn’t want to risk setting it down or it getting tangled.

  19. The Sargent is a fucking BEAST, he was shot several times with an AR15 in the leg and abdomen and was still able to return fire and report their location calmly over the radio. You can hear the bad guys crying in the back ground from their wounds.

  20. You could makeshift it with a baton or something, but it would take a good few minutes. It's more than just tying it on tightly, you gotta tie it and then get additional tension and then figure out how to keep it from loosening. All that time is time where you could get shot.

  21. The L.t still screams to the civilians “get out from around the building, move around the building” he’s still trying to continue his job and keep everyone safe knowing damn well he’s bleeding out from a gunshot wound…seems like a good cop, so does the responding officer and the randomly perfect timed armed civilians who got spawned into a VR shootout.

  22. So happy they were there to help. This is why law abiding citizens need to have protection of their own. You never know when you’ll need to save yourself or the family or neighbor. Help if you can the cops deserve to go home to their families. I wish we saw more stuff like this then brutality I just hope things get better. Our world is falling apart an fast!

  23. What a shit show, not one of them has a tourniquet on them. Carry a tourniquet, save a life. Not just from firearms but car accidents and other types of trauma.

  24. I've actually rolled up on several gunshot victims. That's why I carry tourniquets. That's why my department paid for first aid training. I get recertified next month.

  25. I mean it looks kinda cool but at the same time…. More guns? Is that really the answer America? Just imagine a nation wide ban on guns and a buy back program and a reporting program… and a automatic 5year jail time if caught with one? Most people would turn in their weapons…. Less weapons on the streets less accidents.. maybe just keep those slow hunting snipers to keep the hunter happy.. those that take 4 seconds a shot and bullets needs to be authorised by a government agency or something…. You know like developed countries do 😬

  26. Ok. So then those law-abiding citizens wouldn't have had their guns, the criminals would still have had theirs (since criminals don't follow laws), and you would have prevented nothing. Unless you are also going to say that the government should go door-to-door and search everyone's private homes for guns. Of course, even then you still wouldn't accomplish anything because most of us would bury our shit in the desert. Or start a war.

  27. Damn I actually teared up a bit over the community coming together. Thought my ACAB sensibilities had me too jaded for that.

  28. Aside from the second police officer, none of the armed citizens have assault rifles, which is what I assume you're trying to say. They all have handguns.

  29. Calling civilians into an open area in a gun fight before the perps are confirmed fully down? This could have gone horribly wrong. Maybe that is protocol.

  30. Dumbasses aren’t heros. Their idiots. It happens again their getting about 100 rounds dumped in them. Idiots protecting the very people who are killing Americans on video and getting away with it. 🤡🤡

  31. I wonder why Australian police don't have frequent life and death gun battles with their citizens? Oh well, good luck U.S. police.

  32. Honestly gave me chills man. It seems it was right place—right time, but damn. Amazing video, hyper-vigilant citizens can be dangerous but both officers did an amazing job, from my civilian standpoint

  33. First thing I'd of done is tell the officer to get on the radio with my description to be given to all responding units don't want them all responding code three with a cop been shot seeing a civi with a gun and getting Swiss cheesed

  34. You couldn't pay me enough to draw a firearm to help a cop in trouble, I have a very good chance of getting shot when the rest of the cops show up.

  35. Take the strap off the gun and use it as a tourniquet. If he had time to think but there was still an active shooter.

  36. Those guys are fuckin heroes. Major props them. For once the cops didnt drop ome of the good guys because of an itchy trigger finger

  37. Didn’t even know cops could grant citizens the right to use their weapons and assist them. Can someone explain the policy for this ?

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