1. how about making real life connections with people and relationships... the nature of the psychedlic experience isnt detached from seller and buyer, it becomes a part of the set and setting. Connecting with good people who care about you and set some parameters vs buying from some hook online trying to make cash

  2. Yeah, that's what I've been thinking. Problem is, I cannot do that. I don't have any connections, maybe somewhere in the future but as of now, I can't count on anyone.

  3. Acid is almost risk free besides getting scammed. If you find someone reliable, it's almost always coming in a plain envelope. LE is looking for boxes of powders/weed. Not a small birthday card sized envelope with an odorless piece of paper hidden between more paper!

  4. Hm, that sounds really nice but also rare, definitely hard to find someone like that. I'd have to buy a test kit with that too, hope it's not really considered suspicious but I mean what else could a random person use a kit like that for other than testing drugs? Still, I don't believe anyone would actually care tho I like to overthink about that

  5. I only buy online now. Once you find a trusted source, you will never look anywhere else. Not only is it cheaper but the tabs are much higher quality then I was getting from the street

  6. I have a VERY reputable dmt guy i met on here. I have also been taken on lsd from a different guy so could go either way haha

  7. Realistically if someone is ordering just enough for personal use you wouldn’t even be on the feds radar.lol they’d probably send you a cease and desist letter if anything. They want the kingpin not the small fish.

  8. Most people buying in person are buying from friends they’ve known for years. No one is going down to the corner to buy their acid. So the only reason anyone would need to buy online is because they’re not connected

  9. I agree with the careful and hesitant approach. Unless you're acquiring loads, frankly LE could care less. If you get a letter saying they seized something, trash it. You can't control who mails you what, and a lot of psychs aren't smellable by doggos anyway.

  10. Every city’s got a plug. You just gotta find it. If u don’t trust it don’t put yourself thru that stress

  11. Yah, I won't really bother since I've got literally no contacts, I can't possibly find one myself Edit: actually in my country dealers are basically unheard of. Maybe it's censorship or something but idk, it honestly feels like they don't exist round here. Well, maybe weed and coke dealers but I guarantee you wouldn't find acid anywhere and that's what I'm kinda looking for most

  12. Just put someone's name who used to live at your residence. Find the junk mail coming in with someone else's info

  13. Great idea until the person who moved out tells the post office to forward all their mail to their new address!

  14. RIP your inbox. Don't buy off the random Redditors I just about guarantee are sliding in your DMs rn, they're not legit. DNM I hear is the way to go, just make sure to read the DNM Bible, and sign up for Dread (basically the DN version of Reddit) so you have somewhere to ask questions and check vendor reputations

  15. I don't do illegal things lol ...........but I hear it's the best possible way to acquire substances if you're smart about it and follow some basic operational security. Never just from a random person on social media, only from a reputable market with escrow and reviews following proper links, only domestic packages. Only using a tor browser or tails. Pgp encryption. Preferably using Monero as currency.

  16. I made a post here a while back and then 10 ppl here sent me msg to msg their guy! NOPE! I kept imagining being robbed or sent to prison.. and they always had like 30 item price list and the prices were a little too good

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