1. Guarantee you it was over some really trivial, ego-driven bullshit. Hope it was worth one person losing their life, and another losing their freedom. Fucking idiots.

  2. Someone who doesn’t believe that a knife is a deadly weapon isn’t even worth discussing police tactics with

  3. Yeah the first guy was lucky he pulled his neck out of the way. Big fella looked like he was accustomed to his size overcoming whatever odds in fights and just let the attacker poke him. Attacker even had time to plant his left hand first to line up his thrust.

  4. Fortitude valley train station. It's the main clubbing/partying district in Brisbane. There was a similar incident in Sydney at the Easter show this year too where a teenager was stabbed in public

  5. Saw a similar one with a dude in Brazil trying to rob a place and was shot in the neck. It happened a bit slower but not by much.

  6. My old taekwando class instructor, the hardest cunt I’ve ever met, his advice for any fight (especially if a weapon was involved) was to run as fast as you can. He was a 9th dan and could probably fight anyone who tried, but even he said it’s not worth it.

  7. I had the pleasure to meet the lady that trains the police officers of the SEK (SWAT) in my town in my country and the only way to really prevent being stabbed is to keep the distance. It's almost impossible to stop a blade, it's just luck when you can block it somehow.

  8. Same. My old Kung Fu master was a Vietnam war bodyguard. He taught us, “If someone has a knife, you’re going to get cut — no matter what.”

  9. The loser of a knife fight dies in the street, the winner dies in the hospital. Best knife defense is running away.

  10. I don't think he necessarily died when he collapsed, just passed out. But yeah probably died pretty quickly after that.

  11. Multiple times to de-escalate or simply remove himself from the situation, and all for what? I just don't understand people who think this shit is worth dying for.

  12. Bro I saw a steven segal movie where a guy attacked him with a knife and he just like grabbed his wrist and twisted it and the guy dropped the knife, why can't cops just be trained with techniques like that, it's totally possible and safe with the right training.

  13. Good thing I dident notice it was both nsfw and nsfl, now I can go run my eyes through a quick hydrochloric acid wash.

  14. It's the way the blood audibly gushes onto the floor like an open faucet that disturbs me. It's some shit you expect from a Mortal Kombat fatality or something...

  15. I can watch a guy get his head blown off with a shotgun just fine, but fucking hell, neck and feet injuries make me just fucking shrivel up.

  16. Down here in Florida a man with a knife took a bullet to the head and survived. Hostage situation in Boca Raton. I will try to link to my local news article but I doubt it will work. WEAR TV has it in case it doesn't work.

  17. https://thenationaldesk.com/news/americas-news-now/you-need-to-be-a-good-girl-woman-describes-15-hours-of-hostage-horror-palm-beach-county-florida-kidnapping-rape-mental-health-therapist-suspect-tzvi-allswang-bloody-knife-gray-nikes-with-yellow-swish-locked-in-closet-black-plastic-sheets-duct-tape-phone

  18. The guy with the knife looked like he was retreating. Also the fact he tried to get the short guy in black shirt and pants with curly hair in the neck. Yet they still kept at it.

  19. yeah, in my opinion he was retreating. at the same time, he goes ahead and steps in and swings the knife. should be seen as self defense but this takes place in australia so common sense is out the window

  20. I feel remorse for the family of that guy, however, that guy, and everyone else involved in this altercation, is a dipshit. Once a knife is pulled, just walk away. Or don't try to win a darwin award by marching towards a guy with a fucking knife. It's one thing if they had it on them, but didn't have it "drawn" yet. However, once it's drawn, stay the fuck away.

  21. Few days ago I was asked if i would try to defend myself during a robbery, and I gave a very long reply explaining why its always wiser to avoid fighting at all costs. This PERFECTLY demonstrates my points.

  22. https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/threads/viewers-discretion-is-advised-a-20-year-old-has-been-charged-with-murder-during-a-brisbane-food-court-fight-that-led-to-a-stabbing.6778048/

  23. Ryan gosling from “the nice guys”- “that’s a lot of bloo…that’s a lot of blood…” cuts to him passing out in an ambulance.

  24. Holy fuck . Even a Dude from SWAT could be killled easily this way . 1 Stab in the Throath and you are gone . Just shoot them and put them in a Bodybag

  25. People always complain that since you have a "super death ranged weapon of mass destruction that's all black," there's no need to shoot someone with a knife.

  26. I don’t get this shit. Almost NOTHING is worth losing your life over. Dudes got a knife, let him talk all the shit he wants. It’s not worth it, damn.

  27. Guy played a dumbass game instead of focusing on his family. What an asshole for leaving that girl fatherless...

  28. It’s so sad. The way his body suddenly lost its strength, legs wobbled and he passed out. I can’t help but think this guy felt he was big and somehow was compelled to “help” his friend while taunting the guy with the knife. If the day comes when I have a son I will be sure to raise him with the thought, no matter how much bigger or taller or stronger you are than your friends, never feel the need to put yourself in harms way because of it.

  29. I pray to god that the man who had the knife spends the rest of his pathetic "life" in jail, I truly hope he is tortured with guilt for every waking moment he lives.

  30. serious questions what can you even do if this happens to you? Press the fuck out of the stab asap and pray ?

  31. Pretty much. However, getting stabbed in the neck is pretty much a death sentence, as it is one of the most vulnerable spots in the human body, due to the fact that important arteries are located in the neck area. Only feasible way someone could every walk out of that one is if the knife wound either; wasn't that deep, mainly surface level, or missed an artery completely, which is unlikely.

  32. If there's someone who knows what they are doing, the most that could be done is pugging the hole or pinching off the arteries. It would limit blood pouring out but you better have an EMT pretty much on-site.

  33. I don’t cry for any of these idiots. The dead guy fucked around and found out, the murder is going to jail and will pay the price. Hope it was worth it whatever he stabbed him over.

  34. I disagree. You should be sad for everyone involved, this is absolutely harrowing and should be met with shock. This isn't normal and you shouldn't allow it to feel normal.

  35. This is so obviously sarcasm and people are calling you dumb for not using /s, when they're too simple to recognize sarcasm without it being spelt out for them lol.

  36. Sweet. I signed up to be a cop and to risk being stabbed in the carotid artery. Also, I’ve been given the authority to shoot you in the head if you come at me with a knife.

  37. This guy got destroyed for no reason wtf, you should use /s because redditors don’t know what humor is unfortunately

  38. I don’t understand why he’s being charged for murder…he was the one backing up and the aggressors kept coming, he got with arms reach of him while he had a knife…he didn’t just attack him and cut his throat, he got his own throat cut here I’m confused as to why he’s being charged

  39. I would have roundhouse kicked the knife out, then in the same spinning motion, come around and kick him in the head.

  40. What's the difference between the loser and winner in a mutual knife fight? The loser is dead at the scene; the winner dies enroute to the hospital.

  41. That was a quick drop…. As far as I see it though, I would think it’s self defense. The entire time that group was moving backward. Sure, some instigating but they were constantly retreating by the looks of it.

  42. https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/threads/viewers-discretion-is-advised-a-20-year-old-has-been-charged-with-murder-during-a-brisbane-food-court-fight-that-led-to-a-stabbing.6778048/

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