1. I think it would have been interesting if Alex had saw Spencer while she was England and started stalking her from there trying to steal her life. I could go without all of the Cece and Wren plotline.

  2. Omg yes please!! I 1000% agree, literally the most Alex drAke the better imo and especially with how many opportunities they had to swap spencer with Alex eg rAdley / doll house / randomly / pilot ugh she had so much potential and i would love to see more Alex and especially her “friendship“ with the liArs please <3

  3. From the title I thought you meant Alex in S1 that she dated and I forgot about this Alex (I never watch the last season when I watch PLL lol) and I got horribly confused

  4. Imagine if Spencer was dead in season 7 and Alex takes her place for the entire season until the finale where Alex reveals herself as A.D. and the liars get confused thinking A.D. is Spencer in the finale but they get shocked when they find out it’s Alex…😳.

  5. Should've done the swap in the dollhouse. That would've been crazy if it was actually Alex for a substantial amount of time like 2 seasons!!

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