1. Jenna. She always got her way by depicting herself as a victim while being completely self aware that she wasn’t. Before she was blind, she manipulated Toby into a non consensual relationship by threatening to turn the tables on him and depict herself as the victim. After she was blind, she constantly played up her blindness in subtle mannerisms and comments to have others pity and underestimate her. She completely faked being blind for a period. While Jenna was a victim of Ali’s with the Jenna Thing, she never truly succumbed to this. She continued to scheme and be mischievous, i.e. hiring Caleb to spy on Hannah, getting Garret to “kill” Ali, etc. She utilized this well, as people who were loyal to her always justified her by saying “She’s been through a lot”, “we can’t even imagine what she’s been through”, etc. (i.e. Toby and Garret)

  2. Definitely! I feel like it’s not talked about enough how she manipulated Toby into a non consensual relationship. Which is so fucked up

  3. Ezra gets the honourable mention just for the scene where Aria confronts him about Maggie, saying that he could’ve mentioned Maggie when the whole nastiness with Jackie was brought up, he says something along the lines of “Oh but you took your sweet time telling me about A” — and Aria actually conceded

  4. That made me so mad bc if aria had told Ezra about A he would’ve been a victim of A’s. Aria couldn’t tell him. And after he said that I also realized aria did eventually tell him and he still didn’t feel the need to mention he had gotten someone pregnant. Aria found out accidentally (although I feel like Ezra’s bro told her intentionally to stir the pot)

  5. I think Aria and Mona. Aria only because she made people feel guilty. It wasn't even personal gain manipulation she wanted to protect others and Ezra so she made people feel bad for how they acted and always brought up past stuff. Mona is obvious because she started the game which was literally manipulation and lying. She used and betrayed Hannah multiple times and manipulated Ali into pretending to die. Mona is definitely the ultimate manipulator. Some honorable mentions can go to the entire Hastings family, paige, and CeCe.

  6. This is how I always see it Manipulater: mona, alison Best person at hiding the truth: aria Liar: emily Best at coming up with lies: spencer I really don’t know about hanna, I love her but I don’t know in this case

  7. EZRA BECAUSE I HAD NO IDEA that he knew ali and that he knew aria’s age. Also him saying stuff like “we shouldn’t do that” “it’s wrong” in season 1, knowing that Aria would be drawn back. He just said that to act like he was a “decent” person.

  8. Honestly, this was the end of it for me, just the whole show, Ezra knowing Ali didn’t line up with the timeline or anything else, it was just a random A reveal. I tried to power through but then the liars tried to pressure Aria into forgiving him because he sacrificed himself for them and she gave in and that was the last thing I saw because it upset me so much since it doesn’t replace or right his wrong. I used to ship Ezria too so, take that whatever way you will

  9. Out of the four i think aria, maybe bc I despise her but she did so much shit that no one did anything about, but in the whole show, ezra, he studied them, he dated a minor, he had so many secrets and lies and still made aria think it was a healthy relationship, i mean she married him, he was her teacher. He made a minor worry her boyfriend would go to prison but at the same time made her love him?? I hate him and that should not have had a happy ending like tell me why they all had great lives and nice partners and it all went to hell the second they cane back to rosewood like aria was dating liam but still managed to get back with ezra and hanna was engaged but still managed to get back with caleb even though he was with spencer like what??

  10. I think Jenna was a master of manipulation. She always seemed several steps ahead and with that smile, like she knew she had them all on edge.

  11. Out of the og liars I’d say spencer . She knows how to get what she wants when she wants it . Out of the whole cast I’d say mona tbh . She continues to manipulate people throughout all of the seasons without them knowing whereas Ali made it quite clear when she was manipulating people because she had gotten to the point where she was making it really obvious

  12. for manipulating people into giving her information and feeling safe with her i think Spencer. she's not a manipulator like aria who makes people feel guilty but she can really get information out of people when she wants it (with manipulation)

  13. Ezra is literally a child predator and it was so normalized...when I was younger I loved their relationship.. now that I'm older I'm like WTF Some of the shit he does is wild. I'm rewatching the show and when Aria met up with him in his car during Camp Mona, she was upset with him, so he looks all deep into her eyes and says "forgive me" she says "no" then he gets even closer and says "forgive me" and kisses her, like omg what a creeper he should be in prison

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