1. I think everyone else had betrayed their sibling besides Aria and Mike. Dating Mona isn't as bad as putting your sibling in jail, being involved in a girl's disappearance, etc.

  2. Also Mike is probably the only really healthy relationship she has, when Ella found out and she and Mike were in her room eating dinner and watching a movie it was a sweet scene. He covered for her a lot too and stuck up for her bit sucky we didn't get to at least see him for an episode or two in S7.

  3. aria and mike. i wish we’d gotten to see more of their relationship. they were like the perfect mix of sweet and caring, especially when it came to mike’s mental health, and annoying siblings who like to piss each other off.

  4. Probably the dynamic between Spencer and Melissa because they were interesting to me. I would've said Alison and Charlotte, but they had to ruin that (they really should've just kept her as Ali's sister instead of ending up as her cousin).

  5. I know!! Like cece goes from being obsessed with Ali and loving her sister and just wanting to reunite with her, to using her to get out of the hospital, and then her actual sister is spencer who she hates?! It doesn’t make any sense 😭

  6. Aria and Mike. Only because they didn’t betray each other anywhere near as much as the other siblings did. I wish there were more siblings though

  7. spencer and melissa were so complex i will never forgive the writers for not utilizing melissa to her fullest potential

  8. Spencer and Melissa, even tho they had so much drama I loved how they always had each other back and after them I would say Aria and Mike especially when Mike punched Ezra😂🫶🏼

  9. Spencer and Melissa had the most interesting relationship. I loved seeing their relationship evolve. They were often against each other, but they did truly love each other and want to protect the other.

  10. Oooh so I’m not sure if you want an answer from your pictures, but it would be Melissa and spencer, jason and spencer, Jason and Alison, and then aria and mike :P

  11. Melissa and Spencer had such a hostile sister relationship but you can also see that they did everything for each other and loved each other in their own way

  12. Aria & Mike were thee only normal sibling relationship, everyone else really betrayed each other, even when they fought they always loved each other & would always protect each other.

  13. aria and mike, they remind me of me and my brother. they feel like a genuine sibling relationship and i love their scenes together! also mike punching ezra was iconic and well deserved.

  14. Loved Spencer and Jason in season 3. Then it kind of died out when he stopped being on the show as much. It was a bummer, because there was a lot of potential there.

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