1. I find her flashbacks with Emily to be the most interesting. You can really see how their dynamic and power balance changed through the years. Plus, you can sort of follow an entire storyline through their flashbacks, I really like it.

  2. For me, Alison and Mona have the best flashback sequence. From Alison bullying Mona to Mona getting her revenge to Alison by helping her get out of Rosewood. That was the most A thing that Mona did out in the open. She got Alison so good!

  3. Why isn't Aria winning this one? Her flashback with Alison running away from Mona, discovering Byron's infidelity, trashing Byron's office at university etc they are all so great. Honestly I loved Alison and Aria's "friendship" in the past. Alison was mean and manipulative but they had great moments too.

  4. Oooh I was going to choose the Spencer since it was so amazing to see their relationship dynamic between the two, however I chose hAnnA since it was super interesting to see how they interacted together :P

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