1. the only thing that makes me choose samara over Maya is that scene when Maya asks Emily (a teenager in high school who has parents!!) to run away with her and gets mad when Emily refuses to

  2. I will always love Samara and Emily! Probably because we didn't see much of them, but, they were the least toxic.

  3. Samara will always be my favorite. She was the healthiest relationship even tho it was short lived, Maya a close second (they were so hot together) and then Paige third. I didn’t HATE her and Paige together and I think she loved Paige the most. If Ali never got pregnant I think they would have gotten married. Ali and her had no chemistry and it was so forced. I didn’t like their relationship at all.

  4. maya is the only girl i thought emily had good chemistry with (samara coming in 2nd place). this pairing will always be my favorite bc they were the first lesbian couple i’d ever seen on a teen tv show and it changed me lol. maya is iconic even if she has major flaws

  5. Oooh i have always loved mAyA and Emily together, she really helped Emily discover herself and be more comfortable with being a lesbian, however they were super immature which is MORE than okay since they were in high school!! Once Emily was more mature and older i feel like her chemistry and super adorable relationship with sAmArA was really wholesome and they should have been endgame <3

  6. If Maya was still alive, I'd want her to be with Maya, otherwise either with Ali or Sabrina. Samara was cool but I knew she was only a filler gf, and I really hate Sara and Paige isn't one of my favs but at least better than Sara

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