1. "Now that I've said that out loud I'm realizing I survived being stabbed by a saber just like that...hmmm...should we maybe stick around to make sure she dies, or, like, finish her off or something-- ah, Vader's leaving, alright I guess that's the call, let's grab some lunch."

  2. You've been a good apprentice, Anangrywookiee, and you're a much wiser man than I am. I foresee you will become a great Jedi Knight.

  3. Maul survived being cut in half, Vader survived 3 limbs severed and being set on fire and again, you kids are complaining again, because it involves the Reva.

  4. Inosuke: gets stabbed by a blade covered in a corrosive poison which should've entered directly into his bloodstream considering he was bleeding profusely

  5. NGL I kinda hated that reveal I was able to accept the whole breathing causes superpowers, the joint dislocation, ect. But something about being able to shift your own organs around just didn't sit right.

  6. Darth Sion a little disappointed that Maul couldn't just keep his broken body held together with hatred like he himself kept doing

  7. The species of the grand inquisitor have 2 stomachs, he got stabbed in one but still got the other. Others of his species have survived the same way before.

  8. Like why not just let them die? Wtf did it do for the storyline? Like she knows where Luke is now?!? Why let her live?? Whatever only part of the show I didn’t like

  9. So the secret to immortality that Plagueis taught to Palpatine was once you have been mortally wounded start having vengeful thoughts so you can remain alive, then, after your wound has been magically healed regret those thoughts and go back to normal and you'll be fine.

  10. Remember that time when Qui-Gon rammed his lightsaber into a airlock door, then again when the blast door closed? Remember how those doors melted?

  11. I'll see your Qui-Gon vs. Blast Door, and raise you one Kylo Ren vs. Bowcaster Bolt. Some force users can mitigate damage by suppressing the amount of energy that actually hits them. Amplify that with large amounts of very strong emotions (Kylo killing Han, Maul losing to Obi-Wan after a flawless record, Reva failing her one dogged pursuit of the decade) and you have a recipe for force sensitive people being waaaaaay too resilient. I mean, Anakin literally burned to a crisp, and only survived because of his strength of hate. Dark side busted, pls nerf.

  12. Twice mind you, just so we can have a shitty scene where she tries to kill luke for, literally no fucking reason, and gives up for very little reason

  13. I wish it was just for that scene, but I have a feeling she's getting a spin off of her own. Young Leia is a better spin off in my opinion.

  14. Actually it was evident why she was trying to kill him imo. It could have been clearer, mind you, but she said to Owen "you love the boy, like he's your own."

  15. Don't be silly. The reason she had to try to kill Luke was so that they could keep needlessly interrupting the showdown that everyone watched the entire series to see.

  16. Lol plot armor , I honestly believe her story should’ve ended right there when Vader stabbed her because she honestly didn’t do much the next episode .

  17. What do you mean? She almost killed a defenceless small boy but then didn't and that completely redeemed her for the decade of hunting down and slaughtering Jedi and anyone else who got in her way.

  18. Qui Gon purposely died because he could foresee the sucky future and didn't want to be apart of it so he became a Force Ghost and enjoy a life of leisure because through The Force, he knows that eventhough one part of the Universe is sucky, another part is going well and fixing things thus everything will be all right in the end.

  19. I don't mind her surviving the stab, I just hate how this show was full of poorly written, badly acted nobody characters. Revas whole shtick was "angry screamy shouty = bad guy".

  20. Also the show tries to act like she is “redeemed” for deciding to not kill an innocent child for no reason. Its not like we have seen her mutilate innocents, and was seconds away from torturing a ten year old before being stopped. She wants revenge on Anakin for killing kids and bystanders… so she joins the Inquisition and proceeds to kill innocents and kids… K

  21. The series's goal was to piggieback on characters people care about to introduce and peddle characters people don't care a out.

  22. Even then the fight between Kenobi and Vader was cheap fan service. The first time they meet after mustafar should have stayed on the first Death Star.

  23. Just so she csn be hold of by two farmers and then suffer an halucination only to spare a child she wantrd to kill because her former mastet who nesrly killed her wanted to kill it.

  24. He stabbed her where he had before in order to get her to survive using the dark side. He already knew from the start who she was. You think the Empire doesn’t do background checks? That Anakin wouldn’t also have every youngling’s face burned in his memory? Nuance people. Nuance.

  25. She wouldn't be the first dark side user to survive a lethal injury. There are plenty of them. It's not "bad writing", it's simply that Sith and other Darksiders cling to live and use the Force and their refusal to die to prevent their own death. Nothing new. I bet, Count Dooku only died right away because Anakin decapitated him.

  26. This is exactly the case, as they were straight up "discarding" her, not killing her. Grand Inquisitor even explicitly stated this.

  27. No one here seen Our Flag Means Death? Science tells us all the important bits are on the right side.

  28. There are some Jedi and Sith in Star Wars that have survived worse. Exhibit A: how did Anakin survive for so long after being barbecued lol

  29. It actually sucks that i can't say for sure if someone is dead in Star Wars, tension is gone, a character can be discarded and brought back when necessary.

  30. In her defense. Being stabbed in the stomach is amongst the least fatal of all stab wounds you can receive. You’ll bleed out but it would take you forever and since the lightsaber could theoretically cauterize the wound instantly so it’s not even remotely not believable. It’s also amongst the most painful so yk.

  31. Yeah, I'm genuinely interested in how she redeems herself. I'm getting really sick of the "redemption equals death" arc established by Anakin and continued by Ben Solo.

  32. Revenge does wonders for the will to live - Grand Inquisitor, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Sion, and many others who were simply too angry to die.

  33. Who knows maybe they will confirm that Reva is a force healer? And she goes into a healing trance whenever she's in danger of dying? So unless she's killed instantly she can keep healing herself.

  34. Why single out reva when darth maul literally gets sliced in half and thrown in a pit or anakin getting every limb cut off and thrown in lava or palpatine getting fucking exploded

  35. Maul’s an alien, we can suspend some disbelief. Not to mention he’s far more powerful than she ever was, had more trauma and rage to keep him alive and used more than a piece of cloth to keep his organs from falling out. That’s the other thing, he didn’t get stabbed in his vital areas, he lost the waist down. Not directly fatal, that sort of wound kills you when you bleed out afterward or if your organs slip out, or you go into shock, etc. Maul took care of all of that.

  36. Of course not cos it's too fucking late now. It's done and has been done for a decade. I assure you there absolutely was complaining at the time.

  37. I think palpating says it best himself “The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.”

  38. Wouldn't this happen all the time with light saber wounds? Unless you actually hit an organ a lot of people probably would be alright after a time? I mean you're immediately resealing the wound when you create it. Can't bleed out when your wound is cauterized.

  39. You guys think too much. She stabbed at the exact same area before. There was already a hole in her abdomen. Vader just reopened that tunnel.

  40. i mean, shes a female minority who cant act. they have to give her a show so when it fucking utterly bombs the degen liberal media and kennedy can tell us how we are racist, homophobic and misogynistic

  41. She got stabbed twice right?, if I remember right a lightsaber basically cooks anything it touches, old Jinn got speared and he died but this chick survives twice? How?.

  42. Unlike what most people here would tell you, I'm almost certain she was only stabbed once, as an adult. The flashback was her (not exactly, but something like) PTSD of order 66 causing her to imagine herself as her younger self, being stabbed by Anakin like everyone else was. You don't need to "play dead" if you're literally dying

  43. He was at peace. That was kind of his whole deal. Being at peace led to a physical death, but an everlasting life. Had Reva continued down the dark path, she would have eventually died, but not in peace.

  44. Wait dudes, Reva was already stabbed in exactly the same part of her body, so perhaps nothing important remained there xd. And she only survived the first stab because she was a child and we see directly on screen how she is stabed and we all know that disney don't allow even the bad guy to kill children on screen xd

  45. Imagine if we got her true death by Darth Vader, but then that would too similar to the Inquister’s death in Fallen Order. Might as well just splash some bacta juice on her for maximum efficiency.

  46. I did the math on this recently. When a Force user* is struck by a lightsaber in a way that appears to be fatal, there's a 25% chance that they will inexplicably survive.

  47. Eh, ask any number of Sith. Apparently there's some thingamajig that keeps them alive when they are really upset. Can't place the name of it, must not be important.

  48. I’m still trying to figure out where the death troopers were in Kenobi, since they had to remake deathtroopers for the new Jedi fallen order game to follow Kenobi.

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