1. Anyone else have dreams where they die or are about to die that feel so real and vivid upon waking up it's almost like you experienced near death and know what it's gonna be like in real life?

  2. I had a dream last night I was getting chased by Homelander, and in the end he lasered me right in the face and I woke. Haven't been able to get back to sleep since. So yeah, sort of.

  3. anakin would've been better off leaving the order with ahsoka, and become that balanced force wielder like ahsoka and bendu. i also wanna see him wield that white light saber

  4. Light side is cool and all u till you realize that the dark side usually has cooler abilities and better outfits.

  5. I looked at your profile to see what kind of stuff someone who thinks this meme is even remotely cringe posts about, and after "gigachad" and you saying "based" alot I got super confused that you just started speaking in numbers and code? Wtf is that shit?

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