1. I mostly agree with all of them but bruh you can’t say that “If you’re a Star Wars fan, you HAVE to agree” like my guy💀

  2. Yeah, and also he seems to put Kenobi and BOBF in same basket as the sequels which they are not to me. They're not great shows but nowhere near the sequels

  3. Fr. I mean, it’s 100% fine to have these opinions - I hold many of them myself - but the fact that they’re saying all Star Wars fans have to agree?! Annoying fan 101.

  4. Right? Like I agree that those products were bad or mediocre, but I'm not going to excommunicate someone for enjoying the last 3 BoBF episodes.

  5. The main Star Wars sub was full of people like this, I literally saw comments with hundreds of upvotes saying that if you enjoyed Kenobi you weren’t a true fan.

  6. Right? Like I agree that those products were bad or mediocre, but I'm not going to excommunicate someone for enjoying the last 3 BoBF episodes.

  7. In a way it’s true. New Star Wars looks and sounds like Star Wars but it doesn’t feel like Star Wars. It doesn’t have the same spirit. It’s more like Star Wars themed productions.

  8. They allowed clone wars to finish. This for me Is the best Star wars content they have produced along with Mandalorian. Solo was really forgetable for me. It did nothing for the character. I did not enjoy it. And with Boba I felt that they played it way to safe in stead of making him a mean crime lord.

  9. I don’t particularly like the sequels, but they’re not the worst Star Wars movies. Just remember, the Holiday Special and Ewok spin-offs exist

  10. I honestly quite liked the Book of Boba Fett, I thought that seeing him become more honorable was a cool direction to take the character.

  11. I just noticed that guy didn't say anything about CW Season 7, Rebels and Bad Batch which were all (mostly) made by Disney

  12. I agree with his take but there is no such thing as a “true” Star Wars fan. Enjoy what you want. It’s not that deep.

  13. By true star wars fan he means a fan of what GL star wars is/was about, and represented. Disney has done so much to upend what GL made and they have been fairly open about doing it. For me the biggest is that the entire og 6 are about Anakin's rise, fall, and redemption, proving that he's still the chosen one by bringing balance to the force and killing palpatine. The idea that the empire and the sith just come back 30 years later when the implication of the prophecy of balance and peace, is that it would last 1000s of years, shows Disney doesn't care about original star wars at all and wanted to do whatever they felt like to make easy money off of fans. I would be so happy if they just went further into the past with all the ripe material, but they're not confident enough in their writing capabilities to do that so they rely on showing you people you know already hoping you'll clap and give them more money.

  14. That's because all these are things Cathy hasn't gotten her grubby little hands all over. Especially the books/comics

  15. I NEVER understood the “you’re not a true fan unless you hate part of the franchise” mentality. What stupid logic is that?

  16. You can't like BLTs unless you can name ever strain if heirloom tomato and only use the finest Spanish pigs and shit on everyone that uses iceberg lettuce

  17. While I agree this take is stupid the stuff he listed is no where near most of SW's content. There's so much stuff that could never be listed in a single tweet.

  18. I feel like you can be a Star Wars fan even if you don't like the movies or the shows, like you can enjoy the Star Wars books or literally just the games and if you really enjoy it you're still a Star Wars fan

  19. It's one thing to have an opinion. It's another matter entirely to say your not a true fan because you liked something your not suppose to.

  20. I can't stand gatekeeping dipshits. Like what you like or don't and let everyone else have the same option.

  21. "The only good thing Disney has done is Rogue One and Mandalorian" - so I guess we're forgetting Phineas & Ferb Star Wars?

  22. Imagine having opinions on a beloved series, especially with newer productions reeking of contemporary politics and amateruish writing /s

  23. Yeah, I always get called a fake Star Wars fan and a Disney shill for liking things like Kenobi. But like, just let people enjoy what they want to!

  24. I find it hard to disagree with what he said. I don't know about the "true" fan bullshit, I don't think anyone can dictate what a fan is and should be.

  25. Right, like, who is he to say what we can or can't like. Unless we're living in North Korea and he's our dear leader, I don't see how we absolutely have to agree with him.

  26. If you’re a true Star Wars fan, you enjoy Star Wars content without mistreating others for their own preferences. That includes both letting others enjoy content, but also being free to criticise content without being toxic about it.

  27. Lol statements like this don’t mean you a true Star Wars fan, they just mean you are miserable and want others to share in your misery.

  28. I’ve loved Star Wars my whole 17 years so I consider myself a fan, but I still like Book of Boba (6/10) and Kenobi was really good imo. I don’t think anyone else but yourself can tell if your a fan or not. But I can be wrong idk🤷🏽‍♂️

  29. If you're a true Star Ware fan you didn't like Star Wars episodes 1-9, didn't like Solo, didn't like Rogue One, didn't like Book of Boba Fett, don't like Kenobi, didn't like any of the animated series. True Star Wars fans know the only good Star Wars property was the Star Wars holiday special.

  30. I mean, I liked moments from all of my these things, but overall, yeah, I disliked them. Don’t gatekeep though.

  31. I personally happen to agree with the tweet FROM THE STANDPOINT KF WHAT I DISLIKE AND LIKED, but I thought Kenobi was okay, and we can’t forget CW season 7, Rebels was fantastic at times, etc. You’re allowed to like whatever you want and be a fan, there’s no rules to being a fan of a universe

  32. Kenobi was alright. Rogue one was amazing. Sequel trilogy was horrible. Havent watched mando, tbobf, tbb, rebels or clone wars.

  33. Honestly I agree with everything in this post apart for the part about not being a star wars fan. Kenobi was bad. Bobf was bad. ST was horrendous. fans need to accept this

  34. Only thing I agree on besides mandolorian is the newest trilogy they made this basic ass bitch the most powerful jedi ever more powerful than the chosen one and gave her a ability not even the most powerful members of the Jedi counsel could have or even get close to mastering

  35. I kinda agree with him, I mean I hate the sequels (Episode 7 had so much potential but they all went the drain pretty hard), Book of Boba Fett was really bad (except episode 5-6), Kenobi was a disappointment but the last two episodes, especially the last episode more than made up for everything. Rogue One was amazing imo, so is Mandalorian, and I like Solo…. So yeah I kinda agree with him, but there is no such thing as a “true star wars fan”, every one has different tastes

  36. While I agree with his opinion of what was good and what was bad, I can't agree with saying all Star Wars fans need to share the same opinion. Because "only a sith deals in absolutes."

  37. A lot of weird contrarians are only “fans” of things because others dislike it. If anything this new Star Wars content has taught me that.

  38. If you’re a star wars fan, you should like every movie and series because tou love star wars for what it is and don’t complain

  39. I liked book of boba Fett, solo, and Kenobi. There were things I didn’t like about each but that’s everything under the sun. Newest trilogy really felt like a let down but maybe I’ll like it later 🤷‍♂️

  40. The man can like or hate whatever he wants, hell I even agree on some points BUT noone can demand you like or hate the same to be “a TrUe fAn”

  41. I hate the if your a true star wars fan. If your are a TRUE star wars fan you like what you like and don't harass people with different opinions

  42. But all of them are good for me.. I dont understand why people complain. I suppose that's what a real fan is these days

  43. I honestly do only like those couple things that Disney has made (and clone wars but that wasn’t them) but at the same time chill out

  44. That is called the "No True Scotsman" fallacy and it is inherently false due to its generalization and vagueness. I implore anyone who runs into these types of gatekeepers to call them out on the fallacy. Ofc it goes in all directions as I've seen the "YOu most like all SW to be a true SW fan" or the "If you didn't like Kenobi you're racist" which is equally untrue.

  45. I like all of them because it gives me time to visit my dad and bond over something we both know and grew up loving.

  46. Dude is literally acting as a modern version of the prequel haters from the early 2000s. Toxic, hate keeping, poor excuse for a “fan”. Regardless of what your opinions on Star Wars are (which are all valid), if you go around telling people what makes a true fan, you’re not even a real fan of anything.

  47. Kenobi was pretty mid. It wasn’t awful, I was just expecting more. That’s hardly enough for me to truly hate it.

  48. Oh he messed up his statement he forgot to say Mando is bad as well. That’s the sad part, it visually looks great but everything else is mediocre or below.

  49. Book of Bobba was basically a trailer for season 3 of Mando. I do agree that Disney really hasn't understood how to make Star Wars yet (haven't watched Kenobi yet) But fucking gatekeeping, like what you want and don't let morons like this speak for everyone in the fandom. It is always the loud minority being taken seriously over the silent majority

  50. Why don’t people like Kenobi? Other than the egregious design of the Grand Inquisitor; I thought it was the best SW since Rogue One.

  51. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I’ve been enjoying Obi Wan quite a bit. I don’t understand why people aren’t a little more forgiving.

  52. Rogue one had some of the worst pacing I’ve ever seen in a film and Mandalorian s2 was a long ad reel for upcoming shows and cameos

  53. I really liked the Kenobi despite a few issues. BoBF had some flaws but I liked it. And hated the new trilogy while loving Mandalorian and rogue one. And solo was alright. But saying someone isn’t a true fan is some gate keeping bullshit.

  54. I agree with all of these, but there’s no such thing as a true Star Wars fan, there aren’t any requirements. Anyone can be a star wars fan

  55. I agree with the fact that Rogue One and Mandalorian are the best things that came outta Disney’s Star Wars, but stating that you’re “not a fan” if you don’t agree with an opinion, is quite absolutist. And remember friends, only a Sith deals in absolutes.

  56. Honestly I’ve let go of my hate for the last Jedi. It’s not worth it. People are allowed to like it. Even if I didn’t.

  57. As someone who really wasn't at all happy with the sequels and BOBF, and thought Mando was kinda mid until the end of season 3, I actually really enjoyed Kenobi and thought it was pretty damn solid

  58. It doesn’t matter what you like or didn’t like, what makes you a true fan is how you choose to celebrate what you do enjoy in Star Wars. It’s such a simple concept. If I like the sequels and praise them and someone doesn’t like them and criticized them, we are both still true fans despite having different opinions

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