1. The NFA and the Hughes amendment, terrible laws as they are, were made by laws by elected officials. Aspects of them have been interpreted incorrectly by the ATF career bureaucrats, yes, but nothing in the pattern of rulings would overturn the NFA or Hughes amendment.

  2. Fascism is when the common citizenry are well armed. The more well armed the common citizenry are, the more Fascistic it is. - Ya boy Mussolini coming straight to Rome

  3. what part of "Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary” is hard to understand?

  4. reading the politics sub they're going off the deep end calling scotus a fascist junta and only violence can solve it now...

  5. “This is the end of democracy!” After SCOTUS rules that laws should be made by the people’s elective representatives and not the court.

  6. Well it's the old adage of "If you represent me it's democratic, if not you're a whatever-ist/phobic worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot combined and we live in the 4th Reich"

  7. For a group that whines about fascism and insurrections a lot they sure do love advocating for political violence when the system doesn't always rule in their favor.

  8. I've been saying for a while you could probably get some reasonable gun control measures passed (if that's what they're going to do) by making it a bit harder to obtain the gun but getting rid of a lot of the red tape after you already own one. Why is it harder to buy a suppressor than the gun itself.

  9. Yeah getting rid of the FOID stuff and NFA restrictions are would be pretty rad. At least I was able to get my concealed carry after waiting 117 days.

  10. MA too. May issue (Governor said they were ignoring the SCOTUS ruling), 10 rd mag limit, assault weapons ban, an approved roster of guns you're allowed to buy managed by the AG, LTC required for ammo, and tons of cities giving crazy restrictions on all LTCs.

  11. Also, if it gets appealed to the Supreme Court again and they rule against the courts favor, that ruling can then be applied nationwide rather than just from circuit to circuit

  12. Even pepper spray is illegal in the UK, lmao. It never stops at just guns. Lose ‘em and you completely lose any and all rights and ability to self defense in any form.

  13. The funny thing is, you can still roll around with medieval weapons, which are much much more dangerous than some beta knife or machete. Imagine the “that’s not a knife, this is a knife” scene with a steak knife and a Scottish claymore.

  14. You know, I like to make fun of Americans as the next euro, but I can't fault you guys for that tea-into-harbour business. The only people vile enough to deserve British governance and laws are the British themselves - and even that is debatable.

  15. NY already is passing a bill that rules out conceal carry pretty much everywhere and makes it nearly impossible to get your permit. They don't give a hot gay fuck.

  16. And they're saying private businesses are by default no gun zones unless they actively put up a sign saying that guns are welcome.

  17. At some point we're going to need to Amend the Constitution or have congress actually pass a law that enforces provisions against directly violating the constitution as a government official.

  18. Realistically those courts will just waste a bunch of time and come to the same conclusions through even more tortured reasoning.

  19. I saw a 240B at my local gun shop a week ago and was like "neat", then I looked closer and it was semi-auto and $14k. If America was really free it'd be auto and I'd be able to afford it.

  20. Whether you agree with what the SCOTUS is doing or not, you have to admit it's impressive to see politics moving this fast rather than stuck in a deadlocked, filibustered, vetoed endless loop of 0 meaningful change

  21. I mean, I guess? The legislative body is still deadlocked, filibustered, and vetoed in an obstructionist loop; so it's not like much has changed.

  22. i mean yeah but that’s bc the majority of the court is republicans and they all have very similar ideologies😭

  23. “it’s impressive that 9 unelected people are making grand decisions for the country that are literally always 6-3 given the nature of politics”

  24. That’s my real issue with all this. SCOTUS knows that anything and everything will be obstructed. Especially anything the democrats try to do McConnell has made it his mission in life to stop. To the point of just being a smarmy hypocrite constantly. So SCOTUS is willing to put more chaos in the mix based on ideological lines that directly conflict with precedent. I’m not totally sure they are wrong on a lot of these I just know that our founding document isn’t a modern one and frankly isn’t equipped for the modern world. And we’re open to the whims of justices instead of having definitive problem solving in our public systems. It’s a recipe for disaster and we seem to be hell bent on cooking that dish. In short: Republicans think “we would rather the country collapse than have Democrats be in charge” and Democrats think “they’re so mean, vote for us to keep limping along barely able to keep the status quo”.

  25. The entire point of SCOTUS is to be apolitical. So no it’s not impressive at all, it’s a twisted bizzaro version of what the 3 branches of government are supposed to be

  26. I personally have found all their decisions to be incredibly just and sound in constitutionality and logic

  27. Seriously, how hard is it for people to understand SCOTUS isn't legislating, they don't have that power. People are calling them literally Hitler, when all they are doing is hearing cases and determining whether they should be entertained under the constitution or not.

  28. the people complaining about SCOTUS literally don't care about following the constitution. The only thing that matters to those types is their political will being realized.

  29. that’s one thing they oughta work on. after mass shooting events they always say we should look into mental health and they never do.

  30. Yeah let’s make mental healthcare universal because surely we can’t expect mentally ill people to be able to hold down a job well enough to afford it themselves. Only a complete retard would think someone with a crippling mental illness should be able to take care of themselves like a fully functioning adult, right?

  31. This may be the one thing this conservative-ass SCOTUS does that's actually decent. Though I'm from the South, so gun confiscation policies will likely never affect me.

  32. A little pedantic, but it's worth noting that they're not hearing these new cases. They were cases that were brought up to the Court during the last session. SCOTUS basically said that because of the Buren ruling, these cases are getting sent back down to their Circuit's Appeals Court and told to be reconsidered by those Courts using the new gun ruling to inform a new decision.

  33. I can't wait to see our gun laws challenged. Especially after Healey and Baker had the gall to come out after the SCOTUS ruling and basically say they were going to fully ignore it and continue their permitting process as usual. Would love to see all this State's anti-gun politicians taken down a few pegs.

  34. Wording is confusing, this is describing how the court sent cases back to lower courts to re-examine, not saying SCOTUS is themselves looking at them, no?

  35. This is correct. The ruling will only apply to the District they rule in. But it is interesting because SCOTUS is basically telling the Courts their original ruling upholding those bans were wrong and they need to rule on them again using Buren as their basis. So SCOTUS clearly thinks AWBs and mag limits aren't constitutional. I expect other lawsuits to come about in other districts because of this.

  36. Does the SCOTUS always do this much? I have literally barely heard about any of their rulings in the past 5 years till recently

  37. Most of the Time SCOTUS decisions these days are in really arcane areas of Constitutional Law, such as Tribal Land vs State Land. Or in Water Rights disputes between various states, or Commerce Claus discussions. Etc.

  38. Usually nobody ever does anything, but your guess is as good as mine for why it’s happening. Even my crackpot conspiracy theories can’t really make sense of it.

  39. If they throw the hammer down on the stupid fin grips and barrel length requirements in California I will never doubt the Republican ability to get shit done again. Even though I tend to prefer gridlock in government, the last week of SCOTUS rulings has been TASTY

  40. I fucking love how this is happening while the left is largely in control right now so orange can only blame the supreme court

  41. Watermelons generally don't like guns and favor more restrictions. This is of course not a universal rule tho.

  42. I would like the Roberti–Roos Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989 to be done away in California so I can legally own an FN FAL.

  43. They didn’t even rule on the CA assault weapon ban, they sent it back and it feels like they’re giving the lower courts another opportunity to fuck us

  44. We’ll see where this goes. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is simply a non-comment being blown up by a headline to take advantage of the current anti-SCOTUS rage-click wave

  45. They're apparently sending some cases back to lower courts after the NY ruling to see if they want to reconsider their decision.

  46. Let’s goooo. Omw to buy a bootleg AR-15 with no serial number from my favorite manufacturer in Pakistan. (Pakistanis make high-tech homemade military grade equipment in random village blacksmith shops)

  47. Let's get a reciprocity issue in front of this court. Full faith and credit in my License to drive, to marry, and to carry.

  48. Fuck the nfa fuck the firearms protection act fuck every firearm law that has passed since 1776 that bars any type of gun from any person hell give felons gun rights. If you dont truat a felon with a gun why trust them on the outside with other human beings? Oh yeah i forgot people cant get guns illegally. Edit: tax stamps are also classist barring the less fortunate from there fully semi automatics smh

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