1. I’ve seen so many people defending that by saying “well it’s a gay bar, it’s just part of the decor”

  2. That particular situation was gross and groomy af. So weird. And thats coming from a supporter of this crap typically.

  3. “If I can’t put a dollar into the underwear your crossdressing stripper of a child, then I can’t empower him into the forced transition that he’ll regret”

  4. Just ignore the retarded American Libleft and you'll find it a little easier to stay in the center. Of course we have retarded Libleft and every other colour too in every country as well, but the US Libleft is scary.

  5. You think that LibRight is the ideology that shields children from sexually explicit content? I'm of the opinion that you can allow parents to do this under law, but it's just stupid and creepy. Also cut taxes.

  6. Why do people insist on making these shitty points? There is a third option between taking your kid to a drag show and leaving them with Uvalde police.

  7. I went to a "drag brunch" one time. It was fun and silly. I enjoyed it. Got some kind of eggs benedict with real thick bacon slices and some sweet/spicy habanero sauce on it. All in all, it was a good memorable brunch.

  8. Literally. Substitute anything else and it’s so fucking weird. The people who go to drag shows would never go to a normal or gay strip club. But as long as the strippers have cocks but don’t look like men, it’s a family activity.

  9. I used to watch drag race and honestly it's just a bunch of gay men taking the piss out of women. It can be pretty funny, although there's a lot of innuendo that gets old fast

  10. As far as I understood the whole "drag show" is basically dancing traps. Lol. Why modern America is such a fucking circus...

  11. It's basically gay men acting out their jealousy and hatred of women through a cruel, sick pastiche of femininity. They mock femininity because they desperately want it and can never truly have it.

  12. I don't have an issue with a person dressed as a fashionable woman reading to kids, my issue is that most Drag Queens I've seen base their look off of an extremely exaggerated version of female sexuality, which is the part I'm not comfortable with.

  13. I mean that’s exactly what the person in the highlighted response said. There are contexts in which drag isn’t sexual and therefore healthy for children to experience. Not the sexual stuff, but all drag performance isn’t risque or overtly sexual.

  14. A huge portion of the problem I see in this debate in America is this stupid insistence on treating 15-17 year old teenagers like toddlers.

  15. Just like the idea of a 19 year old with a 17 year old being pedophilic somehow. Your 18th birthday turns you from a child into an adult instantly somehow

  16. This whole thread is a huge America moment. And I hate that it starts creeping out into every other country and culture.

  17. Somehow I feel like the comments here defending drag are because they are afraid of being called homophobic or something. This is wrong to level where I understand why people start committing mass shooting just on how much society is gas lighting these issues alone.

  18. Idk dude that’s pretty extreme. I watched the video, nobody has their dick out or anything, and the kids just walk the stage and hit a little pose. The sign was too much, but has been overblown with how bad it was. Drag can absolutely be sexually charged, but so can a lot of things, and this show was not very sexual

  19. Desmond is Amazing’s parents let him do live streams with convicted murder Michael Alig. It’s almost like people who mix children with drag and bars aren’t good judges of who should and shouldn’t be around kids

  20. I don't think there's anything wrong with children being around drag queens per say, but one, places where queens hang out usually aren't child friendly for other reasons, and two, just because someone is a drag queen doesn't automatically mean they're trustworthy.

  21. I used to watch drag shows awhile back, they're mostly just harmless fun although I wouldn't take a kid to one the same way I wouldn't take a kid to a comedy club.

  22. Leave it to my fellow leftists to post a multi-paragraph scientific rundown about how a bunch of men wearing skimpy female outfits is not inherently sexual. Fucking nailed it, brother. I am so convinced after reading that.

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  24. Ummm. A drag show is just a bunch of dudes dressing up like their favorite female performers and doing karaoke.

  25. Shit, I decided not to take my kids to a drag show and now the Uvalde police has shown up to my house five states away to forcibly take my kids.

  26. We should find the makers of these shows and execute them publicly so noone will do them ever again perhaps hire far-right organizations to do it/s

  27. The uvalde cops locked those kids in to die, and those kids were still safer than those with the pedo drag queens and their parents who'd gladly allow them to be sexually assaulted for the good of the LGBT movement

  28. For most people, 15 to 17 is old enough to see one drag show and not be groomed by it, lets be real. We can distinguish between a 7 and a 17 year old on this. The real indication of bad parenting is that the parent actively want to take their children to drag shows and force this experience onto their kids. Drag show restaurants are a fun but overpriced novelty experience mostly for adult women and gay men having a slightly raunchy celebration.

  29. I’m Libcenter because Im the generic supporter of personal rights and liberties and as little gov overreach as possible. Guess I just draw the line at grooming

  30. Orange makes sense here; drag shows are weird, exaggerrated shows but aren't inherently sexual where you can't take kids along most times. Not to say that the "It's not gonna lick itself" situation is a good example.

  31. I wasn’t expecting to feel like an old man who doesn’t understand the modern world anymore before I’m 35, yet here I am.

  32. I feel that there is a difference with bring your kids to a play where men are pretending to be different characters that are female (kinda like miss Doubtfire type stuff) because it’s meant to be funny, a little inappropriate but not too much or to far because those people know that their kids in the audience.

  33. Let’s rephrase the question. Why do so many gay men insist and desire to dance sexually in-front of children?

  34. There are violent Videogames and movies with sex scenes that are rated 16+ so I guess I‘d take my hypothetical kids to a (non-nsfw) drag show if they are 16 or older

  35. Somewhere in the EU? Stateside violent video games are usually rated M 17+ , and while I can't say it is always the case, movies also tend to be rated R 17+ due to content (let's be honest, if it has a sex scene that's usually not the only thing in the movie driving up the content rating).

  36. "There's a house honey, way across town People comin' from miles around Put on your pretty red dress Let's go see about this mess Put them groceries on the shelf 'cause it won't lick itself"

  37. This post and entire comment section is a bunch of douchebags who are convinced anything outside of gender norms is grooming. Please get off the internet, go back to your church’s, and talk to your pastor after he’s done molesting your kids again you far right fucks

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