1. Africa , and there should be more megafauna Pokémon. No one ever says Africa and it just doesn’t make sense. Africa is the most genetically diverse place on the planet with amazing scenery and lots of different kind of people and animals.

  2. I don't think they'll do Europe 4 times in a row in such a short span, so they're probably moving to a different continent.

  3. I think Greece could be really great. So much mythology and different iconic animals to adapt to Pokémon (minotaur Pokémon pls)

  4. All the previous regions are places with languages in the game and we haven't been in an Asian region since Gen 4 so maybe Korea or China would be next.

  5. I always see people say Australia, but I wonder what part of Australia they would do - or if they'd just smoosh it together and pretend Australia was much smaller than it is.

  6. Nah they wouldn’t have to do all of this. They also didn’t do that with other regions. They just cherry pick some stuff they find fancy and that’s ok.

  7. I'd love to see an african region with big safari zones and pokemon based on the wildlife in the desert and rainforest. Same for Australia and the outback

  8. You know how often you see patrat in B/W? That’s gonna be the corn Pokémon in the Ohio region. Also can’t wait to find the grandpa’s cheese barn pseudo legend

  9. South America is perfect. Rio is one of the top tourist destinations, has plenty of biomes, has unique culture and food, animals that could make for great pokemon designs, plenty of historical stuff that would work perfectly with pokemon and some complicated modern history if pokemon ever decided to go that route even in a kid-friendly way. Plus it's been referenced a lot since gen 1

  10. Rather than a country or state, I'd like to see a region based on the Pacific Northwest. Lots of gorgeous natural scenery, interesting culture and cities, and you could make hella trainer customization out of all the PNW fashion out there. "Seattle" would be fun to visit, with some big story going down at the space needle.

  11. Australia because we need a fighting type Kangaroo. It would also be the perfect opportunity to create some buff bug types. Plus crocodile/alligator Pokémon are always a win.

  12. The Netherlands. With windmills, wooden shoes/clogs, bicycles, lots of water works, flowers etc. so much to work with.

  13. It’s definitely less, and while Australia has a significant portion of it being desert, it’s so big that alot of Australia isn’t desert

  14. Australia has so many cool animals! South America would be great too, especially if they have something like the Amazon Rainforest! There’s a lot of cool creatures that live in there

  15. greece and western half of turkey with all the aegean islands in the middle of the map… this map itself includes 4 of the 7 wonders of the ancient world let alone all the other natural and man-made wonders, historical events, huge mythology, and diverse and colorful cultural elements.

  16. Gotta be somewhere outside of Japan, US or Europe, right? At this point we'll have most of NATO before we get somewhere based of Brazil or Mexico.

  17. What I find funny is even though the region is inspired in Spain, the majority of characters looks like Latin Americans. It's like seeing encanto 2.0 hahaha

  18. There’s a reason Pokémon continues to get Europe-based regions. It’s the most interesting continent on this planet, and there’s much of it that has yet to receive the Pokémon treatment. Since Paldea is taking us to the Mediterranean, a trip up to Scandinavia for the next gen would be a good choice. Afterwards, combining Italy and Greece into one region, though it might ire some of the Italian and Greek fanbase as Americans and other foreigners tend to confuse the two countries enough as it is, would be the logical thing to do (similar themes, deities, etc).

  19. Half of my ancestry comes from Germany. I would love to play a Germany inspired Pokémon game. I would also be very interested in what kind of gimmick they would use in a German inspired region.

  20. I want a snowy region. We always have a temperate or tropical climate with a small area or route featuring colder weather. Give me a full map filled with mountain villages and icy tundras and one littttttttle desert to catch some fire types.

  21. South America has LOTS of fans and their culture has lots of potential. Hell, as a Spaniard I was surprised they didn't choose LATAM over Spain.

  22. I know this kinda counts as Galar, but I would love a Welsh region. Just imagine everyone with a really strong Welsh accent. And the champion is a sheep shagger

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