1. That's so awesome! Congratulations!! I've caught a Hundo, but it was on my husband's account (of course! 🙃) hahaha. I'm glad you guys were able to beat the Raid, you must've joined right after I backed out!

  2. As it says THREE TIMES in the post, Raids are over for the night 😂😂😂 People keep adding us I don't want you all to be watching your phones expecting an invite, so I deleted our codes.

  3. As it says THREE TIMES in the post, Raids are over for the night 😂😂😂 People keep adding us I don't want you all to expect an invite from me, so I deleted our codes.

  4. You're welcome! I think you were one of only 2 people I could accept before my list was full, and with 2 minutes left on the Raid you only had one shot to beat it 😅 Normally I'd never start a lobby that close to the end but it's after 9pm so that was the last one today!

  5. Just saw this! Raids are done for the night, and I think I already deleted you to squeeze in a couple more people so please re-add and I'll invite when I can!

  6. Hopefully if U R hitting CELESTEELA gym raids…….DEMONIC2CURSE/#7518 6492 0042 & May definitely join & May definitely leave positive comments :-)) Very appreciative :-)) Thank U!!

  7. Awwwww that's so great to hear! Thank you for sharing that! Doing the shuttles can be really stressful sometimes (well, most of the time 😅) so knowing how happy it made your girls makes it worth it!

  8. Thank you! And yes IT CAN BE BEATEN WITH 3!! When there are 3 other trainers in the lobby I've started leaving the Raid in the last few seconds (even though that's normally a dick move) just so others don't back out, screwing over the other 2 😅

  9. I caught mine! Which was nice after failing to do so earlier today. Thanks so much for doing this!

  10. Got it for my son’s account, Kaeleb9. Thank you for the opportunity to make his day. He’ll be so surprised!

  11. Raid over thank you so much I caught one . No need to reinvite me unlesss you are short people I will gladly rejoin . Otherwise thanks so much

  12. Man, you already added me 1+ hour ago, and I’ve had my pokemon go on the whole time, waiting. Still nothing. And I found out now that you actually deleted my account. 😩

  13. The last raid didn’t work. Was only 3 of us. For the trainer ending in 0976 can you readd please. Thank you!!

  14. What is your trainer name? I've needed to delete people because my list is full. You can beat it with 3 if people are using the correct Pokémon.

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