1. They can also be insider buy-ins the A only indicates it was not an open-market transaction. Looks like the CFO was granted shares but there isn't a second filing for the CTO yet. Likely good evidence of them using their share repurchase agreement.

  2. Isn’t this just part of employee compensation? The price paid is 0, we saw this on GME too when insiders were granted shares. I think it means nothing.

  3. This is correct, read the filing. CFO owns nothing listed here but will gain ownership over time based on the vesting schedule described in the notes on the filing.

  4. Gherk (or, anyone knowledgable) what’s the potential move here other than a share buyback? Not trying to imply this may lead to a rug pull of some kind, but making shares available in a situation like this could have certain intentions. But, idk shit and would like to understand the other potential this could also imply.

  5. Could indicate that some number of shares have been bought back since September 30th, it may it may not.

  6. This looks like shares granted at no cost to executive. Question is we’re they purchased by the company as part of buy back pledge? Or?

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