1. Per FINRA when opex occurs during a holiday week that coincides with quad witching day while simultaneously moving to another index fund you may draw two, reverse uno, yahtzee until Friday

  2. Finra told Gherk the settlement date was Friday by market bell. So I believe that. He called and asked, I hope he was told accurate information.

  3. How on earth do they dodge gex even with the settlement rules for XRT? We should at least see realisation of that or can they dodge this as well?

  4. But haven’t we seen this same sort of mechanism before with zero price improvement? Like we’ve seen the outstanding shares in XRT increase quite a bit before and we haven’t run. Any thoughts?

  5. Every other stock that is heavily shorted ran today and this week. WEBR, BBBY, etc. GME was the only one that stayed flat with massive amounts of GEX; arguably far more then these other stocks. Something else is going on. If it doesn’t rip tomorrow, then they just didn’t hedge the GEX and failed to deliver. I am wondering if they did FTD, then have been using those deep ITM calls to exercise and deliver. Meanwhile MM who sold the calls is using another mechanic to can kick. Honestly I am completely perplexed here, and by all logic we should have seen price improvement over the last 2 days

  6. This would make sense. The only precedent we have for a holiday landing on the Monday after OPEX was MLK Jr. Day on 1/18/2021, and the stock didn't do big ups until the Monday of the following week (1/25). Maybe the holiday allows them to kick obligations to the next full trading week?

  7. Damn I had a feeling this week would be underwhelming. Too much hype around these dates for this week and the holiday deferment. Hopefully we get a nice morning spike like we have the last two days to roll my calls equitably.

  8. No we had a holiday the Monday when Feb ‘22 opex covering was supposed to happen and no volumetric run occurred. Although Putin declaring war lowered our starting price we still only saw volume in the 2 millions.

  9. Just spitballing here, but is there any possibility that settlement + ACH transfer timing is what can delay expected runs?

  10. I pulled XRT's outstanding share data. Here is April's data. We didn't run in April but shares were returned?

  11. It's funny June 27 is also the Short interest report due date on Finra. When you look at the SI due date in 2021. Jan 27 and Feb 24 were exact same date when Squeeze happened. I do see Finra SI report date is somewhat correlated as when squeeze begins.

  12. I clicked the link you linked and it seems you misquoted it. June 27th is the publication date for the SI Report for trades with the 15th of June as their settlement date.

  13. Tahhhh and I was going to sell my 7/1 $155s. I’m fucking keeping them after reading this. Can anyone more wrinkled confirm these theories?! Thanks 🙏🏼

  14. Yeah they wrote down +5 million fucking shares and haven't purchased a single 1. They have to buy them. May was T+2 but March was T+3, so clearly there is some leeway in that settlement period. I think what the holiday did was defer when they had to replenish xrt and now that they have the bill is due. We are going to run face melting hard next week.

  15. Hopefully but remember they had a Monday holiday when the Feb run was supposed to happen and it didn’t happen until March so can’t be sure until we see how Monday plays out

  16. Friday before open (9:15) to put in orders, dark pool execution through out the day. Not sure how that would play it out, but could be crazy which is why Gherk said he'd wait till tomorrow afternoon to assess.

  17. Its starting to look like either way if we run tomorrow or monday you want to keep the options for next week. Either we run tomorrow and echo chamber run next week. Or it doesnt start till monday. With all the hedged sold max itm puts they have no reason not to run this by next friday.

  18. The worst weeks are when we are expected to run t+2 but we don’t. Then we wait until wed, Thursday and Friday. Then we convince ourselves that next week will be it.. then it never comes.

  19. I'm going off historic data, take it or leave it. It's better than predicting some mythical T+2 + 2 Hocus pocus when FINRA doesn't even know how they settle on holiday adjusted weeks.

  20. 🤦 so what happens if nothing happens next week? I really hope gherk and the team are proven right, but ngl… these last couple of days have sucked balls

  21. Well this week was never supposed to be a play. It’s been said countless times that the holiday may give them breathing room this week so they might not have to cover yet. If anyone did weeklies expiring tomorrow then that’s on them.

  22. Calls sell off and mm dehedge further after no run hype dates or rugpulls. When you wait til Friday and next Monday ur calls get rekt by consequent IV drop even with theta (eg less than 30 dte monthlies). Happened fregsday, December phantom run on 12-10 and feb opex.

  23. You could have left the last paragraph out. If anyone listened to him & bought further dated, they should be just fine & no commission/profits to be had.

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