1. This is likely because of your monitor's settings honestly. It could also be the settings your running the game on as well because your picture isn't smooth what so ever.

  2. I think it’s censored because it had the Rising Sun symbol on it which is very heavily associated with Japanese Imperialism.

  3. Wait, if the rising sun is basically a swastika equivalent for Korea and China then what do they do when the sun rises over their country every morning? Do they just make everyone wake up at noon to avoid it?

  4. I think they were just curious. They never said this “mattered.” I, for one appreciate the new information I got from this post.

  5. I've played Vanilla P5 and P5R on the PS4 and I know his shoes are different compared to the steam version because the previous versions of P5 have a logo on Ryujis shoes that isn't present in this current version of P5R. I think the logo is the japanese imperial flag, according to other comments, It stands out though because a red logo on white shoes obviously would.

  6. It's all good no worries, plus even if tue picture quality isn't great it'a still good enough where at least I can see exactly what you're referring to^

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