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  2. How "late" are you? I'm leaning towards indent/evap line if you're several past your expected period, but if you're closer to when it should've been due I'd retest in 2-3 days and see what you get then.

  3. I only see one line so.also at the time of me posting this I had been balling my eyes out before hand so maybe there is a faint second line.

  4. Test again in two days. I see a faint second line but I could have line eyes from trying to conceive OR it could be an indent. These tests are notorious for idents.

  5. As a lot of others have said, don’t trust this particular brand of test unless the line is blatantly obvious. FirstResponse is notorious for ridiculous evap/indent lines. Try another in 2 days - HCG doubles every 48 hours. Good luck, whatever way you are hoping for this to turn out :)

  6. I don’t trust these unless there is an obvious line. The indents on these are AWFUL and if you go on an TTC group, they can confirm. I’d either wait and take a digital, or take a dollar store test. I’ve PERSONALLY never gotten an indent on a dollar store test as long as they’re read within the time frame.

  7. I had a line that was faint like that and I was pregnant. Digital test was negative though because it was still so early and digital tests need more HCG from what I’ve been told!

  8. It's so weird to me, because when I was younger and panicked over anything, I took at least 3 tests and they all had a faint second line but much more noticeable than this pic, and I was never pregnant lol

  9. This is what two of my positive pregnancy tests looked like at 4-5 weeks! Now I have a 6 and 3 year old! If any line shows with ink it’s a positive no matter how faint!

  10. With a line like this, even if they were pregnant, there's a good chance a digital could still be negative. Digital tests take a lot more hcg in the urine than FRER.

  11. Take a picture of the whole stick. All the words right in front of the window. Cropping the image is good Reddit karma and bad for Your karma.

  12. Take it again in a few days and see if the faint line darkens or is non existent. I had this happen with my 3rd baby.

  13. I had the exact same problem. Buy a digital one in a few days. That’s what my pcp told me because she said these can be deceiving 😭

  14. I had one that looked like this and turned out to be positive, but my husband couldn't see it at all. Definitely take another test(try to find a digital early result test) in the next few days, right after you wake up so if there's any HCG it will be more concentrated.

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