1. Everyone in the ladies room has or has had their period. We don't judge, we see it as normal. You don't have to be insecure about it, it's natural. As for the heavy flow, I'd recommend maxi pads if you're not comfortable with a tampon or a cup

  2. I would suggest opening the pads up before you leave for school. They come with a wrapping that you can open but still be able to close it if that makes sense. That will get rid of a lot of the noise

  3. I’ll take a look but I might just keep using normal pads. That’s what my mom and sister use so it’s easy cause they’re always in the house. I’ll probably get over the opening sound after a while. I might look at cups when I’m older and more comfortable with that.

  4. To be honest, not a single person cares about you opening a pad. If someone else in the bathroom hears, they're feeling sympathy. If you're really worried you could try pre opening them and put them in a Ziploc bag or something. Go to the bathroom between every period and change your pad so you don't bleed through. Also pack more pads than you think you need in case an extra heavy flow shows up. So if you need 6, bring 8 or 9! Running out at school is the worst feeling ever.

  5. It’s cold where I live so I always have something to tie anyway. I’ll definitely bring extra and try to change more often. Thanks for saying no one cares about opening. I wouldn’t either if I heard someone else but I’m still paranoid.

  6. congrats on getting your period!!!! just know, I’m not in high school yet (I’m in 8th grade), but I know a lot of tips that might be able to help you. first, we’ve all had that feeling that people will judge us if our pads are too loud, but in my experiences, no one cared. I don’t use pads a lot any more, but when I did, I just flushed while opening them so no one heard it. maybe that’ll help you. also always bring medicine (if you’re allowed to) and also use toilet paper if you don’t have a pad. it might not last long but it’ll help a lot. that might be obvious, but I thought I’d tell you any way in case you didn’t know. I hope these helped :)

  7. Thanks for the toilet flush idea. I haven’t had any cramps at all so far so I might not need to bring medicine.

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