1. The VA prescribes me benzodiazepines and Percocet like candy. If I took what was prescribed I would be a junkie. The PA MMJ saved my life. THC lotion for some of my chronic pain and I make edibles for when my PTSD gets the best of me. Say what you will about our LT. Governor, I am 100% behind him with regard to medical and rec MJ.

  2. I’m the opposite. I was forced off opiates for my severe nerve pain by UPMC and told to get an MMJ card. It barely helped and I was high out of my mind burning $200 a month trying to get my pain low enough that I could function.

  3. I used legal/non mmj products during the pandemic when I took a break from booze. Helped me relax enough to work through a lot of mental baggage and get a healthy relationship with alcohol. Even the little that is legally available was a god send tool for me.

  4. His wife Gisele uses MJ for her pain management. John does not imbibe. And the GOP has zero decency. Zero. John cares about people. Oz cares about $$$

  5. If more doctors were prescribing marijuana and fewer were prescribing opiates, PA's addiction public health crisis wouldn't be so severe. Pa deserves safe access to legal marijuana and former marijuana convictions repealed. Pa deserves Fetterman.

  6. You or anyone else would have a very hard time trying to find a doctor that prescribes opiates, let alone for chronic needs. Even cancer patients have to fight for narcotics.

  7. The sad part is PA will resist legalization until at least 10 years after every other state has done it. We will lose billions of dollars in tax funds because we're under the boot of a bunch of gross puritans.

  8. Yeah it's my biggest problem with this state. The lack of self-betterment for some arbitrary moral high ground is a huge drain/waste of resources. I'm honestly shocked we have gambling after we screwed the pooch on fracking permitting.

  9. People say this all the time, but it’s simply delusional. PA GOP sucks, yeah. But do you honestly think Mississippi will legalize first? Alabama? No way. PA already has a med program that anyone can get into lol. We’re already steps ahead of many states. We certainly won’t be one of the firsts, but we’ll be far from last. The PA GOP can only watch money flow into Jersey and NY for so long until they want some.

  10. I absolutely agree. I don’t think it is only Republicans, but entrenched and corrupt politicians of both parties. The Democratic Party does the same thing with our liquor laws so as not to upset the state employees union. We are basically Utah when it comes to booze.

  11. This woman is another worthless piece of shit. She’s a liar plain and simple. Maybe she can tell us more “alternative facts” or regale us with more tales of the Bowling Green Massacre.

  12. She is a fucking idiotic bitch and everyone would be better off if she just left America if she fucking hates it so much. Sick of these goddamn rich motherfuckers claiming to represent rural regions of America with their stupidity and dozens of mansions. Making us look like a bunch of inbred fuckheads.

  13. We need recreational. She’s a dumbass but luckily she doesn’t work for us. We should put our efforts into a process like Illinois has.

  14. I wonder if that ghoul with the poorly stretched skin even knows that marijuana has actually helped opioid users.

  15. I know in my area there was some going around with fentanyl laced. I don’t smoke and don’t understand why anyone would do that but it was found and tested positive. Do you think she may have been talking about this?

  16. If true, then that issue would be fixed if we would legalize and regulate the dispensaries. Less people buying illegally when it's made legally available.

  17. I take it that you mean that you're OK with all those opioid deaths, brought to us by you and your leftist open southern border.

  18. Wait, how does the boarder have to do with the insane over-prescribing of opioids by doctors? Last I checked they got over prescribed by doctors getting a cut by big pharma to push them. Once the doctor stopped giving the opioids, then they had to turn to the streets for dangerous shit, all because they over prescribed on purpose for a cut and didn't care about the consequences.

  19. I am not going to lie, I have heard this argument before but worded it differently. What is sad is that they are willing to miss out on millions if not billions of dollars in tax revenue (or in our case, their pocketbooks) from the legal sales of recreational marijuana.

  20. Honestly, the weed of today has a lot more in common with opiates, benzos and crack than it does with most people's traditional concept of what weed is.

  21. That's a pretty biased link there, maybe find one that isn't so biased. Looking at other articles they've posted it's pretty clear they aren't reporting in good faith.

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