1. PA monopoly on liquor is closed. Does forcing residents to visit another state to get liquor help contain this virus?

  2. Distilleries are still open. I know they're not as commonly found in rural areas. I've seen quite a few open on Google down around the burg.

  3. Does anyone know if notaries are open? I totaled my car and am freaking out trying to get a new one because all the dealerships are closed. I’m an “”essential”” employee and there’s little to no buses in my area so I need a car to get to work and it’s looking like I’m completely fucked

  4. Around here government offices ( local town hall) have to continue to provide essential services, but you need to call ahead and arrange a time to do stuff like drop off documents to be notarized.

  5. Have many testing facilities closed? The last 4 days only 3800-5000 test results have been posted, whereas the 10 days prior to that each day had between 6000-7500 test results. The percent positive results continues to increase though (today at 19.25%)

  6. Can anyone tell me if modular home plants are allowed to be open without a waiver from the governor?

  7. Pennsylvania rent/bill relief fund Go to gofundme to follow directions on how to apply for monetary relief- simple and fast! Or be a champ and donate to the fund! Feel free to do both as well, you can donate even just $1 and apply to receive up to $1000 to help pay your rent or bills!

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