1. Can I got more info on this upload thing? Someone was helping me mule & I had accidentally used 500 hero tunes instead of dropping & the guy told me I could just reload or maybe upload, point he as trying to get across was I could undo that

  2. I own every item in the game, armor, weapons max level and level 0, every Ashe of war, and 999 of every mat in game message me and I’ll give you them all for karma I suppose.

  3. New here, was directed here from a player, I’m just in search of a lot of runes so I can level my current character rapidly. Is this something you could help me with? I’m on Xbox series X

  4. Hey il be one later tonight when i finish work in about 13 hours, I know it's a time but if you're online I have ameveryrhing in game and more than happy to drop whatever you lost.

  5. I mean he did actually interact with him through a ps4 post but i cant tell you how many times a PC player has commented on mine only to realize it says ps5 significantly later. He also posted the pw on a public thread so odds are someone just snuck in sadly.

  6. Not trying to justify him at all but are you sure you didn’t just drop to a random? He’s a PC player and has no posts or comments on a PS4 post other than yours

  7. What did you loose? If I have it I will give it to you. Also this sub is generally full of well intentioned people. Don’t let this drive you away from this.

  8. See this is why I hate the option of a trade market for games. Like I love the idea of it, but having stuff stolen, virtual or not would really just ruin my week. I can’t let shit go lol

  9. Damn relax guys. I waited forever for this guy to return and when he did his sign wasn't showing up. I had to hop off like I told him and today I was going to hop on and meet up. Jesus you guys are dramatic over a few items.

  10. So you guys ubderstand...it's my friends ps4. I play on pc. He wanted me to make a new game to play when I'm over. That's why I had to hop off. So why don't you all calm down and get off your high horse lol.

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