1. It's cute how they try and turn that around on everyone: Science is a cult, not wanting a totalitarian dictator like Trump is being in a cult, not wanting to go on the gold standard is being in a cult.

  2. That shirt seems like a rip on the 1776 movement. Why would they wear it? It's a shirt I would wear to make fun of them...

  3. Jesus Christ, these people are all soft as fuck and wouldn’t have survived literally any battle of the war of independence. The first time they questioned their CO would have been the last time.

  4. And couldn't run or walk at a fast clip, without wheezing violently and having to stop and catch his breath every few feet, due to the long Covid he most likely has.

  5. LOL these triabetics couldn't hack an actual boot camp for more than 10 seconds of sustained physical activity

  6. Also, that shirt needs more fonts. 1 per line is simply NOT ENOUGH FONTS. There's two in the first row but they can't keep it up any longer than that it seems

  7. I remember reading something recently about a class action lawsuit against the US military for knowingly using contaminated grounds at a training base, any chance this is what that sticker is about? I can't remember exactly what base it was but the sticker sounds kinda familiar. Maybe this guy is claiming he "~came out just fine~" or some other anti-medicine bullshit like that?

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