1. The fucking balls to literally accomplish nothing besides being a joke, and then calling yourself the greatest patriots the world has ever known. These people make me miss the pre-internet days when they used to basically be shunned from polite society for being so willfully ignorant, instead of having an online platform where they can be worshiped by every other ignorant fuck in the world.

  2. Tbf, Washington basically won the revolutionary war by being probably the best tactical retreat in history, so I imagine that's the hope for them, "following in his footsteps" or some bullshit likely (actually, now that I've typed it all out I'm not sure their historically educated enough to know this)

  3. Their demands at this point include getting rid of all federal agencies, all churches follow their demands, and pretty much whatever they feel like that day.

  4. Pretty sure this homeless encampment was the leftover detritus of the "trucker Convoy" that started after the Canadian Convoy one made a ton of money for the organizers.

  5. From the four articles that I was able to find on google their goals are very vague. They are protesting the federal government’s management of the economy, overreach by federal agencies, and the perceived corruption of representatives in DC.

  6. Dissendent makes it sound like they are relatives who disagree with their forebears—perfectly apt, perfectly ignorant.

  7. That got me too… hilarious. While that’s not a word, it most closely matches “dissident” or “dissent”, either of which basically mean oppose or disagree with. A bit off the mark from what you were trying to convey there buddy, although I would say it’s probably a bit more accurate given the context. These chucklefucks have no idea of the philosophy of our founding fathers nor do they have a fraction of the courage… they are whiny little bitches who cry about basic health measures to keep their fellow citizens safe.

  8. Which is weird because most of it is fairly well written, grammatically. The monkey they hired to write that word failed fantastically.

  9. These are racist terrorists. Nothing more. True Patriots are critical of their governments and make attempts to fix them. So they work for everyone. These chuds only care about placating their rich masters. They do not see themselves as pawns, but as bishops. Sadly they are nothing but pawns.

  10. Hey, hey now. They died as they lived: proud (of their ignorance), defiant (against policies that'd already been discontinued), and free (from the burdens of critical thought).

  11. When they come back, where exactly do they plan on sleeping, because I suspect that sleeping in their cars is going to still be verboten.

  12. I mean it is pretty nice to go camping with friends, so maybe their club should just do that. They could even get involved with the national parks and conservation if they want to do something useful.

  13. That's when they're going to be Constitutional scholars after studying the Constitution for 3 weeks. I guess they still haven't read it yet.

  14. They claim to not need the government, but how many of them will loudly piss and moan the second they miss a social security payout and their card is declined at Golden Corral?

  15. What if this is how they turn Marxist-Leninist? Like if they start asking why it’s illegal to sleep in your car, then that leads them to question the criminalization of homelessness, then the nature of the housing market, then the free market itself!!

  16. These brave soldier's "weren't even bloodied" what a valiant fight they put up, but in the end -- the USA kicked their collective asses.

  17. I saw these fools yesterday. There are like 20 of them. Sitting around quietly smoking and looking like hell. No one looks at them except to laugh.

  18. Hahaha man what a joke. GUBMENT! YOU HAVENT WON! We will continue our struggle of getting out of our lawn chairs to get a beer! We are still here fighting to leech as much cash out of our foolish donors as much as possible!

  19. The irony of idiots like this who incessantly complain about the homeless in “Democratic” cities, getting asked to move on for being homeless is priceless

  20. I don’t know but as someone who grew up in the Boston area all the mention of the patriots and kings and stuff made me kinda misty eyed thinking about the tea party and the freedom trail and all the history I grew up with but then I have seen this group of Qatriots and have to laugh. It is comical that some racist, homophobic, transphobic, grifters would call themselves patriots. They walked around waving flags and yelling freedom, had the nerve to yell at people standing inline to get into the WH for the gun control, victims and survivors of gun violence, most disgusting having the nerve to complain about veterans protesting for the PACT bill not having any flags in their protest. This is a group of the most unpatriotic grifters to ever contaminate DC and the internet. They have provided endless laughs for many of us but the real patriots are the counter protesters

  21. I love how these people want to talk about the fouNdInG FaTHers all the time but god forbid anyone should ever mention the impact of slavery.

  22. Lol I’m just checking, this is the same group of fat old men and women that I’ve been seeing pics of right? In his mind he’s William Wallace or something? Fucking hilarious.

  23. His little army looks like a a rural WASP family reunion with the full spectrum of geriatrics and meal force six stereotypes.

  24. It looks like a trashy shotgun wedding reception, for a teenage girl who got knocked up by her first cousin, and now she's being forced to marry him.

  25. What are they protesting? There are no lockdowns, no mask requirements, and no vaccine mandates. They won. COVID has virtually disappeared as a topic in the media. The government rarely talks about it. People are getting sick and dying, but most of the country doesn't give a damn. They won.

  26. By their own website they want to remove most of the federal government and control what churches do. Their signs and speeches make it clear equality and democracy are their enemies.

  27. Cream of the crop, pedophiles, and old angry racists? I suppose that is all that's left of the republican party. But these traitriots have accomplished nothing, they started with the freedumb convoy that achieved nothing, and then they wobbled to DC where they achieved nothing. The only thing they achieved was showing us what snowflakes they've become. You're welcome back anytime so we can laugh at you some more.

  28. They will all go to join their Lord and Savior in Heaven before everything is their manifesto is achieved. Hallelujah. Is this going to get me banned from Reddit? 3 . . .2 . . .1

  29. Imagine sitting around in lawn chairs for 6 months with a bunch of pedophiles making some videos about mUh FrEeDumS and then looking at George Washington and thinking yeah we're pretty much the same.

  30. These people have so much privilege that they don’t understand how civil disobedience works. They think that when they talk everyone should stop and listen. They don’t understand that you have to actually be arrested and make a fuss to get people to listen. They never went through a civic struggle and therefore don’t have the tools to engage with this process. Santa, you have to get arrested, make them tow your trucks and cars, go back again, get arrested again, make the public see you being oppressed, they will start to listen. Running away like a coward the first time things get tough is the hallmark of these “freedom fighters”. And they have to nerve to say “this isn’t defeat”. Well to everyone else is does look like defeat and that you are a yellow bellied coward who has no principles; because people who care, people who believe are willing to sacrifice for a cause don’t run away. They don’t run away from fire hoses, or dogs, or teargas or beatings. They dont runaway from being arrested. Because they actually care. I do believe the blm protests we’re so hard for the right to watch because no amount of outcry about a potential fear based problem they go on endlessly about caused people to march that way. There weren’t people marching for the caravan, or the wall, or the government coming for their guns. But a black man with a criminal record killed by police got people into the streets. And they can’t have that.

  31. This isn't about any rights whatsoever, being removed from them, This is all about them fighting for even more rights to be taken away from marginalized communities. THEY have more rights than anyone. They still have their guns, they got a woman' right to choose taken away, they have a right to free speech, they have the right to occupy a space in D.C. for months on end with minimal pushback or harassments by law enforcement. So my question is....what MORE do they want??

  32. “We are the dissendents of the founding fathers, which we learned about in elementary school since none of us made it past that.”

  33. Nice to see these 'patriots' are taking a good European-style summer break. I assume they'll be back after Labor Day to terrorize DC with their high action sitting.

  34. "Dissidents" of George Washington? Did he really mean to use that word or is his ignorance blatantly showing. A clever play?

  35. They don't even understand the irony, most of the laws they disagree with were created by the people they worship. Here in Missouri we had our primary elections this week, the last two months I've gotten nonsensical campaign ads by them.

  36. The US government picked the "wrong generation" by pissing off the geriatric boomers long past their ability to understand the world or change their own adult diapers

  37. There Americans (the ones that refer to themselves as "patriots") go again thinking they're saving the world when all they're doing is poisoning it. Take your gravy seals and convoy freedumb fighters and go away please.

  38. I'd say there's A LOT more in his belly, than fire. Looks more like a few boxes of Hostess cupcakes, mountain dew, about 20 big macs, and 10 bags of pork rinds.

  39. They’re dissendents? Is that like a descendent dissident? Like an analrapist is an analytical therapist?

  40. Waaaaaah! Waaaaah! Wasaaah! I’m taking my ball (which was bought for me by stupid contributors) and going home. All this patrit stuff is exhausting. Even more than trying to maintain the illusion that we fellow patwits actually have something to fight for. So I’ll rest up and figure out some new things to bitch about and I’ll be back. With a tent this time. Byeeee!

  41. Oh big deal, now they know how it feels to be homeless in many areas. Imagine if all those people sleeping in their cars only because they have to wrote a manifesto...

  42. Jefferson thought these types "people" should be domesticated and out of sight because of their inferior breeding and status.

  43. I'm sure that the hearts of the 'patriots' that couldn't be with them are indeed very large. Heart disease will do that.

  44. They won't be coming back at all. Most of these people have lost their jobs, their savings, their friends....everything, including the respect of others.

  45. I cannot believe how much time and attention we spend ridiculing but by extension amplifying the message of these what, 12 weird middle age tubbos?

  46. It seems like a harmless message to circulate. It does not advance any particular ideas, or make any arguments. It is more of a statement of surrender than a manifesto, I believe the OP’s label of manifesto was meant to be a derisive reference to the post’s length rather than an accurate description of its content.

  47. From the articles I could find on google they are protesting mismanagement of the economy, overreach of federal agencies, and corruption among representatives in DC.

  48. Thank you for that. I needed the laugh. My favorite part is where he describes them as "dissendents" of the founding fathers. Idiotic spelling error or close to a self-aware Freudian slip?

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