1. The funny thing is, they threaten to assault police 🚨 officers - and actually do assault them - but it's OK because they have a thin blue line sticker on their trucks. OTOH, we're considered outrageous for wanting better policing.

  2. Funny because when I peacefully marched in Orlando for the BLM rallies, we were tear gassed, pepper sprayed, and multiple people were arrested after a cop clipped one of our walkers with his car because he didn’t stop in time.

  3. And he finally said it out loud “we will do a fundraiser and I’m sure the American people will donate to get your car out of impound”. This is all about suckering more money out of people!

  4. He is such a pathetic, wannabe who is desperate for attention. It’s hilarious but at the same time he has such a giant ego I worry he could cause an accident. I was thinking of making sure the DC police see his little video. I’d like to assume they’re watching but that’s what I thought on 1/6…

  5. How is this any different than people just standing in the road? Conservatives have been upset about that form of protesting for a while now

  6. Stuff. Masks that nobody's wearing. Vaccines nobody is forcing them to get. The quality of modern plastic wrap (that actually seems pretty legit). Gay stuff. Trans stuff. Their own irrelevance. Woke culture. Cherry Coke. Nancy Pelosi. The possibility of an ET sequel. How hotdogs have ten dogs in a package, but hotdog buns only have eight in a package. Important shit, you know?

  7. Their music sucks, their lives suck, their drugs suck, the pro-choice and pro-democracy protests have hotter chicks, they can't afford gas because they're driving around all day being a minor nuisance while thinking that they're George Washington crossing the Potomac, their bosses fired them for taking 6 months off without notice, their cholesterol levels won't go down, their deodorant doesn't work anymore, they can't park their giant trucks anywhere, people point and laugh at them, real patriots point out that waving a tattered, made in China flag isn't the flex they think it is. Pick one.

  8. They don't know either, that's why their efforts never seem to gel. On the upside, they can't fail if they don't have clearly-stated goals.

  9. Having tried to get into DC on the 4th, especially for fireworks, I don’t blame them. They should wait for a less crowded holiday like Arbor Day for their protest.

  10. These people look exactly how I would expect them to look. They are not fit enough to jog to the end of their driveway let alone start a revolution.

  11. Bored white hillbillies protesting against nothing and begging gullible rubes to support them financially so they can drive around in circles. We live in the dumbest times

  12. They are really looking for the minimal effort required to keep the camping trip funded. How much do we have to pretend to care or protest mandates, that largely didn’t even really exist when the parking lot karaoke convoy started?

  13. The Supreme Court is turning the country into a theocracy, and Republicans have MUCH more representation proportionally in Congress. What more do these idiots want?

  14. I lost my mind listening to that meeting. It was the embodiment of "Oh, if he had tried to punch me, I would have just ki-ya'd him using my black belt."

  15. The guy in the middle looks like he dropped in hoping to sell that camera rig to buy more fentanyl but got caught up in the mesmerising oratory.

  16. Do they really believe that they’ll cause problems on the beltway? I could see them multiple times and not realize it, traffic sucks here every day. Can’t really make it worse.

  17. this traffic going to be nightmare there to start with really isnt any way they could make it worse on a holiday weekend

  18. They tried so hard to get noticed and nobody cared! I said the other day and he confirmed it this morning, they want to get arrested. I think it’s so they can continue the grift for what will most likely be minor misdemeanor charges.

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