1. I see that school security is the current talking point in the wake of this attack. All kids will be issued vests and a pistol for now on, in the name of safety.

  2. Until conservative voters see their taxes go up a whopping 6 dollars and scream out in horror about having to pay for poor kids vests, and the states put the cost on the parents instead.

  3. Not really. The NRA has been used to launder Russian campaign donations for the Republican Party for quite some time. 

  4. Lol. Now they want to act like they care about public schools. On top of that, I bet they will be more than happy to spend $40b on a war if it's against China or a country they don't like. Because they like Russia and lust after Putin they don't approve this war.

  5. There's no depth they won't sink to if it means arguing for helping big daddy Putin. I'm just glad Putin isn't eligible to run for POTUS 😂

  6. There are 98,755 public schools in the United States. Assuming we put one security guard at every school for $15 dollars an hour that would cost over $59m dollars annually. That does not include benifits for the security guards, background checks or training. Since they would be federal employees they would have expensive health insurance and a pension plan. So I'll just go ahead and round that up to let's say 5 billion annually. Now you're going to need to do drug testing for this officer since you can't have a junkie watching kids right? That's another billion. Of course then there are raises yearly so the cost will keep going up.

  7. Someone did develop some classroom security items in case of shootings. Also, metal detectors and security guards would at least deter things a bit. I don't agree with the Parler dude, but hand in hand with gun control, measures would have been beneficial.

  8. Imagine if we would have deported every trump supporter 5 years ago. Imagine the progress we could have made. The blood, sweat, and tears we could have poured into projects that actually matter. Instead we've wasted so much of our time simply defending basic rights and liberties from these fascist bastards.

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