1. Paleo is the only way of eating I’ve tried that I can consistently maintain with minimal effort that delivers results and is satisfying to the palate as well. And I’ve done it all: keto, carnivore, vegan, raw vegan. Eggs, steak, nuts and fruits are my basics plus vegetables from time to time.

  2. Honestly doing Keto correctly became so life-consuming for me, I had to stop. Trying to eat out was obnoxious at times, I was constantly having to look up carb content for various things, and realizing the smallest thing could throw me out of ketosis if I wasn’t careful which was always nerve racking.

  3. I’ve never done keto but for me paleo is the perfect lifestyle. I can eat meats, seafood, fruits, most veggies and most nuts. For me, there’s not counting carbs, calories, anything- just eat as much of the food that’s “allowed” and thrive. I also notice that the amount of food I require to feel full, is less now than when I used to eat a regular diet. Entertain the idea of completing a whole30 to start your paleo lifestyle. Whole 30 is a bit stricter than paleo- no added sugars, at all, honey included- but for me, it got my body used to running on clean foods and made my transition into paleo as a lifestyle a bit smoother. There’s a separate subreddit

  4. If you only eat non starchy veggies (like leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, aliums, mushrooms etc), you can stay in ketosis without any weighing or maths. Ask me how I know 😏

  5. So many people on keto are so stubborn to admit this while they’re on Keto. People would tell me I was going to blow up if I stopped the diet. I brushed them off and thought they were assholes. Then I stopped the diet and totally blew up.

  6. Have you considered a low carb paleo option? Meaning you limit your carb intake without being in full Ketosis. You can use Carb Manager or another App to count your carbs everyday and figure out something that might work for you, like 75-100 carbs a day, or maybe more. You may be able to still lose weight just as well without going full keto, provided you are exercising regularly, and you also might even feel better than doing keto.

  7. If you stick to it you will eventually find out what’s works for you. Calorie intake, go to meals, meal prepping. My best advice is to always stay one day ahead of yourself. If you wake up and have no food ready or meals to make you’re going to end up eating something bad. Also listen to your body when it tells you it’s time for a cheat day. I always get chipotle on those days :)

  8. Thanks a lot for the replies gang. I dont know if its possible to get a good translation, but this is the "program" im intending to try. I think its kind of paleo?

  9. Did paleo for 5 years with great results. Went back to a sad diet for 4 years and it’s been really rough. Attempting to go gluten free. U(n)sure if I’ll go full paleo as it’s hard giving up dairy 😩

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