1. I've worked out consistently for >20 yrs and pmdd still hit me like a bus during perimenopause. I've been on fluoxetine for a week and my mood and sleep is still blah but atleast it seems to have prevented the crying spells and rage. I'm still feeling clumsy and like my brain is mush. Looking forward to menopause when this shit is done.

  2. dude if i try to workout my blood will leak through my super thick period undies all over the place. i am holding in the floodgates over here.

  3. I am so depressed and anxious and I just am trying to do normal everyday activities. Nothing crazy at all! I want to try anti-depressants because ugh

  4. HAHA so I used to be an athlete and workout for at least 2 hrs a day, and was still incredibly suicidal/dysfunctional and had horrible symptoms during hell semi-month. This condition is ridiculous

  5. SAAAAAAME. I can manufacture a good mood for only UP TO an hour per day during the 2.5 weeks following ovulation. I have a good life! I'm so fortunate! It doesn't matter tho. Ppl who don't have it ought not speak on it.

  6. You guys not my partner driving me insane and me saying i just need some space, and them giving me space for five minutes only

  7. Lol I love going to the gym and exercising and often do during my luteal phase. It does NOTHING for PMDD. Best possible side effect is that I'll be so angry and anxious that I turn it into more intense workout sessions while still remaining angry and anxious

  8. Omg I feel heard. I've injured myself rage-exercising trying to find a good headspace. Zoloft made more helpful difference than anything for me. I took a DNA test to see which psych meds are safe for my genetics- Zoloft was a green light.

  9. Do you work out regularly? I’m dealing with some other health issues making it difficult for me and that’s the one thing i haven’t Tried. If you’re saying it doesn’t help that much, I’m not gonna beat myself up over it anymore and just accept that I’ll get to it when I’m able to

  10. One time I forced myself to workout for 30 mins (just treadmill) and I hated every second of it and when I finished I was sobbing because I was sweaty and gross but didn’t have enough energy to shower or even cook dinner so I cried myself to sleep 🙃

  11. Lol yd i tried to use my exercise bike and took 2 breaks before I got off. I did the blubber-almost cry as i curled up next to my dog on her bed…I was only on the bike for 5 min total

  12. Hahahaha omg this made me laugh so hard but in an I 100 percent agree with you. Like once hell week hits bitch, none of that frilly bullshit matters. Lol god bless and god speed, make it through.

  13. Oh and the "You don't need medication or therapy!! Just exercise and eat better!!" B*TCH I EXERCISE DAILY, DON'T CONSUME ANY CAFFEINE, BARLEY INDULGE IN JUNK FOOD, WHATCHA WANT

  14. I once met someone who immediately started telling me about her “Women’s Moon Circles” that she hosts for menstruating WOMEN (barely veiled transphobia of course) to get together and ✨hArNeSs ThEiR POWER✨. I can’t believe people out there really do such patronizing shit while we are all suffering some of the worst pain imaginable.

  15. Like nah I’m going to do whatever it is I feel like and if that means being active then great, but if that means watching shows in bed with a burrito then that’s great too

  16. we’re talking about PMDD. no amount of carrots & exercise has ever made me not want to commit violent suicide the week before my period. and most of the women in this thread agree, PMS and PMDD are very different lmao

  17. It's not true for everyone. There is no cure all that is guaranteed to work if you have PMDD - that's the whole point of the post. Your entire tone is incredibly patronizing. Just because something works for you doesn't mean it works for everyone.

  18. I FORCED myself to work out for 40 mins yesterday and was so proud of myself but still had a PMDD meltdown in the evening. I really think I just need to be sedated for the 3-4 days a month when it hits 😅

  19. Let’s pull out that menstrual hut concept we all hear about with no specific culture attached, but instead it’s just someone’s garden shed and it’s me and my PMDD buddies out for 5 -10 days a month. Please find my startup

  20. Physically overexerting myself gives me the PMDD feeling when it's not even time! So I'm iffy on hard exercise... I assume it's a histamine thing since for me famotidine is a good PMDD preventative.

  21. I love to share when something seems to be helping me but ohhhh man the silver bullet babies. And how they come back a few months later when the tables have turned.

  22. Me right now, stuck to my bed or my couch. 😑 It’s frustrating wanting to do things but literally unable to commence anything.

  23. Yesssss it's like yes these things would help IF I could even attempt any of it when it matters the most!! I'm too busy just trying not to self destruct lol

  24. I mean, it's a psychiatric disorder. When are we going to treat it like one? You wouldn't tell someone with bipolar or autism to exercise your way out of it.

  25. I get the anger but exercise isn't a great example Exercise plays a HUGE role in mood and is extremely effective against depression and is in fact highly recommended for autism as well (and all people really).

  26. I have never saved a comment so quickly, you are fucking SPOT on. I was even shocked by how quickly my therapist validated my PMDD, I was fully prepared for it to just be ignored but even she recognizes just how much of an effect it’s having on my recovery, to the point where she allows me to cancel our sessions on luteal weeks with no warning, if needed.

  27. Is it really a psychiatric disorder?! Idk why I thought it was biological. I literally feel like I am allergic to my own hormones but I guess then I’d be able to have a PMS-pen and just stab my thigh with wonderful drugs to feel better. God I wish it was biological… it would be so much easier

  28. I was talking to my therapist about this. I get so much inflammation during my period which causes back pain. We talked about how high suicide rates are among people with chronic pain. Like no wonder they feel hopeless? We’re in so much pain and people tell us to do the thing that hurts the most. It causes a trauma response in a lot of people

  29. So much so I’m prescribed tramadol which is an opioid! Like wtf! (Thank you kind doctor!) I get told all the time that it’s psychosomatic! Just. Fuck. Right. Off.

  30. Reading this is so validating. The physical symptoms are the worst for me. If I try to work out or even just walk too much during the worst days I will literally faint. I am often in so much pain I'm crying.

  31. Dude the inflammation is so intense for me. My back will hurt so badly that I bet I could literally SQUEEZE Lactic Acid out of the muscle fibers like a dishrag… fml. Someone put my entire anatomy on an extra high spin cycle please.

  32. I hike everyday, do 30 minutes of weights and at least 30 minutes of yoga. I also just finished my yoga teaching certification and reiki training. I work a very active job as a preschool teacher and go to school online. Honestly being active keeps me sane, mindfulness, meditation, journaling, affirmations and a little bit of weed to end the day. I have been off of all medications for 2 years now. Working out isn’t a quick fix but it is all about your lifestyle as a whole. Keeping your body moving plays a very important part

  33. Funny how you can know something is true yet not be able to muster up the motivation to actually do it. And then you feel like it’s a weakness of character and feel worse! Sigh.

  34. Look eating right and working out can help (it does for me a lot) but I still want to sleep and be in pain. Boxing is fine and helps but I still want to throttle someone during hell week

  35. LMFAOOO DYING BECAUSE SAME like bitch I tried all that shit PLUS the first line treatment recommendations and it’s gotten me nowhere except even more fear around food and rigidity with exercise lol

  36. I did half a training (with exactly zero intensity) before work this morning and it was already too much so I called in sick #boundaries 🥲😂 HAHAHA I hate this

  37. I always see stuff about antihistamines being the best fucking thing ever ? I mean they do help me sleep a little bit more but I still kinda wanna die 🙃🤷‍♀️

  38. And this is an annoying thing about PMDD, one thing is one person's holy grail medicine that helped them get their life back, and to another person...it does jack shit. It's annoying.

  39. Facts. Like ugh YES I know all of that will help but can somebody explain HOW I’m supposed to start those healthy practices when I have no energy at all and feel like shit? It seems like the answer is always “Haha Just Do It™️🤪”. Like lol I have ADHD and PMDD I quite literally don’t have the switch in my brain to “just do it”.

  40. It's better to try a week or so after getting the period, like it seems like there's one week of normalcy before things start changing again and that one week is when you try to make healthier practices and try to stick or the window is gone. It's hard to start but even harder to continue to do for the rest of our lives. I have a couple other conditions that worsens depression, had no energy and it was hard to maintain the changes, I lasted a month, everything did improve, no doubt, but who can stick to changes like that?

  41. I also have ADHD and PMDD - I give myself a grace period around this time of month, but also try and make steps towards "just doing it," haha. Like I don't do a full workout because I know it'll be a shit workout and I'll spiral and never want to go back to the gym again. But I WILL go for a walk when it's nice out to grab a cup of coffee and maybe do some light stretching or something.

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