1. Why isn't Todd using Philly Fusion. Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, and Todd have it... But not Todd he's down there looking silly with the OW logo.

  2. Holy shit I’ve been noticing this a TON lately. Definitely played with magic pants a few times.

  3. There are so many people with pants it's unbelievable, I could play for 2 hours and encounter at least 3 of them

  4. Well it isn't Overwatch but in Rocket League they have bots backfilling for leavers in casual. Me and my friends once changed our profile pics and usernames to be the same as bots.

  5. In school me and some mates changed our Microsoft Teams icons to the Pope, it tripped out our teacher who we found out was a devote Catholic.

  6. My Dad and my siblings all play and start our names with “Chaos_” and some animal usually (Chaos_Chicken, Chaos_Viper, etc). Our name is the Chaos Chrew.

  7. Some dude in game named Todd was a complete good and we all hated the name so much we kept calling eachother Todd when someone fucked up in a team match. Also played in an organized amateur OWL and thought other teams would think its hilarious. One team changed their names to Chad but I never took a screen shot.

  8. Not really antics, but one of my favorite Comp games I was playing with 5 random people. We all had our mics on, but we're just talking about whatever came up. No Tactics, no coordination. Just BSing and had a great time 🙃.

  9. once joined a game with Gaslight, Gatekeep, and Girlboss, and it’s safe to say that it was one of my favorite matches that i’ve played lol

  10. Back when you could still do this (I haven't played in years but I think it's not possible any more?) a friend and I both picked Winston a week or two after The Harambe Incident and spammed "#dicksoutforharambe" in the team chat. One by one all of our teammates also switched to Winston and we ran a successful defence on Anubis, spamming the hashtag into all chat at every opportunity. Noone from the other team picked Winston...

  11. When we have a six stack, my friends and I like to set ourselves up on an edge of the map, wait for the enemy team to see us, wave hello, and jump backwards off the edge. Just once.

  12. I recently joined a quick play match, where everyone was standing on point stalling the match for about 30 min already.

  13. Watch some organized OWL and pay attention to what your roll is doing. Positioning in relation to the team. What abilities they use when ect. This is assuming you habe a solid foundation of your characters mechanics. If you dont, practice against AI. Best thing ever for my skill was finding a group that understands their roll in the team and we all do pur part. That is when strategy happens.

  14. Over the course of a few weeks I met a few other BRUCE's and we all grouped up and did the same thing. Good times!

  15. Once I was *ahempsilocybin* and somehow managed to get both my team and the entire enemy team to stop shooting each other and just do dance emotes in a huge group in the middle of the middle of Hollywood until time ran out.

  16. My buddies and I sometimes start yapping after a match saying we played horribly if we won and we’ll say we gave 1000% effort if we lose, there is no in between.

  17. Probably nothing special but I had a moment of confusion in one game because the Mercy on my team was named LanaDelRey and I got killed by a Mercy named LanaDelRey. So I was like how tf did my teammate kill me until I presed Tab and realized that both Mercys in the game had exactly the same name. Also turned out nobody else including them noticed this until I brought it up in the chat. One guy on the enemy actually thought it was a Killfeed bug when he saw "his own Mercy" rez an enemy on the feed.

  18. Wasn't an antic with others, but there was a point that all my calls for doom became "Doom fisting". He would fist in, he would fist out, and when he joined the Ugandan airforce, he was sky fisting.

  19. We did the same thing but changed are names to variant of “R0B-1T” like Robit/robot and only walked in straight lines and talked in chat saying stuff like “SCANNING FOR ENEMIES… (etc)”

  20. On Xbox, it's pretty customary to invite your team to a group chat. It's to the point that you just wait for the notification to pop up and accept it without even looking at who sent it. My buddy and I realized this and started sending chat requests to the people on the other team, and just as we expected they accepted without checking who sent it.

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