1. I like her a lot, I think people don’t understand her character is supposed to be deadpan wise ass, which contrasts with Charles’s socially awkward neuroticism and Oliver’s extroverted exuberance.

  2. Exactly — deadpan wiseass — although sometimes I feel bad for how serious she is. There seems to be no joy… But that’s also true of Charles in a way… and many New Yorkers are not the most joyful folks

  3. I think this falls under a similar vein as some characters from Star Trek, specifically Vulcans and Seven of Nine. Simply because their demeanor is more muted or direct and not as flamboyant, doesn't mean that the actor is doing a poor job.

  4. I think it is her flat voice intonation which is why people think she is not good at acting in Only Murders in the Building. Unfortunately it is due to Lupus that Selena’s voice is the way it is. You can have deadpan characters who “show” more emotion.

  5. I agree. At first, in the first season, I thought she was terrible. It did take a couple of episodes to realize that is how she's playing the character. That being said, I think she's developed the character a lot this season.

  6. Yeah this. I think the closest character to her here is when she played alongside Demi lovato in this Disney channel movie, so it’s definitely acting. I think the voice thing might be lupus because she sounds like that in real life too

  7. I agree. She delivers with a rather “ flat” tone but don’t we all know people like that? So it is ok to be on Broadway and excessively act, but not to deliver lines in a more sedated fashion? I think she perfectly masters Mabel’s personality and if she is being criticized for her acting chops, they just aren’t getting it. She takes on her character in a very Mabelesque way!

  8. Couldn’t agree more! I can’t imagine anyone else filling Mabel’s role more perfectly than she does-absolute perfection.

  9. Agree! Selena has a quality that makes her get along so well with old men, I loved her in that zombie movie with Bill Murray lol. Her chemistry with Steve Martin and Martin Short is so strong!

  10. Firstly, I definitely think Selena is a big draw to the show, to the extent that if she wasn’t there (her specifically- not Mabel as a character), it wouldn’t be as captivating.

  11. For sure, i started watching simply because of Selena. I love the show now for what it is, but idk if would given it a chance without her.

  12. I agree 100%! I’m 27 and would not have even watched this show if she had not been in it. The variety in the casting makes it fun!

  13. I wouldn’t have started watching the show if Selena wasn’t in it, and I’m by no means a fan of her music. She’s def what made the show so interesting in the first place.

  14. I especially think she does a great job playing Mabel’s deepest emotions so subtly. It’d be easy to go over the top with a character with that much trauma in her life but she keeps her grounded. And like others have said, she complements Steve and Martin so well.

  15. I really like her. I’m an elder millennial, so this is the first time I’m ever seeing her in anything. I think the fact that she can hold her own alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short is a testament to her talent. Those guys have been working together longer than she’s been alive and she plays against them and feels just as funny.

  16. I think she deserves more credit. She has to star alongside two very over the top characters and it’s easy for her to get thrown in the back because Mabel isn’t as ‘out there’ as the other two.

  17. I think she does well in the role, but she's being compared to Steve Martin and Martin Short, who are completely fantastic. I think her character is also less fun than theirs, which isn't her fault and she still does well with it.

  18. Mabel is supposed to be the awkward character who doesn’t know her place. That’s why people don’t like Selena Gomez’s acting. She nails the role. I like all the characters and I’m upset this recent episode made me like even more.

  19. She delivers a perfect dry line and does well portraying emotions simmering under deliberate control. She handles the suppressed part of Mabel perfectly. Also she keeps a straight face during scenes like when the guys are talking to the parrot or when Steve Martin was drugged in the basement. That in and of itself is a skill. I’d ruin every take.

  20. Initially, I was interested in watching the show because Steve Martin and Martin Short were in it. I wasn't keen on Selena Gomez being in the cast and thought that maybe she might be reason I didn't like the show. I'm happy to say that I was wrong. Selena is a perfect fit with Steve and Martin. She holds her own in the show and the banter between the 3 of them is so natural. I couldn't imagine anyone else in any of the roles. I think she's done a great job as Mabel.

  21. I love her in this role, I think she comes across at the same time as reserved and vulnerable. Her delievery and ideolect makes her sound sassy but not rude which fits the character perfectly. I had never seen Selena in anything before tbh and this is what is making me a fan of hers.

  22. I love her! People think she’s bad at acting because the character is dry and sardonic. She’s playing the character well, but they’re interpreting it as a dry and sardonic person not giving life to a character. It’s how she’s supposed to be.

  23. I'm glad you mentioned the thing about her speaking voice. It always sounds like she's putting on a voice; the way she articulates and enunciates is almost like someone doing an impression of the way people talk. I think she's great in the role and has wonderful chemistry with the rest of the cast, but after two seasons, I still notice the specific way she talks.

  24. I was honestly surprised by her speaking voice the first time I heard it; it wasn’t at all what I thought it would be (I always likened her image to a kewpie doll so I thought she’d have a more child-like manner of speech/inflection).

  25. I think she's perfect. It seems like ar first she was very dry and beaten down. Almost as if she was taking pills for anxiety or something for post traumatic stress. Like something you'd get from a psychiatrist who would prescribe it after your best friend was tossed off a building. As the season goes on and she opens herself up, she get more relaxed and she becomes less mono toned.

  26. She plays the straight character opposite the comedic characters incredibly well, and thusly her performance is inevitably going to be outshone by the more outlandish characters. But i think she’s great.

  27. She is absolutely awesome. Great acting. I love the trios dynamic. I will forever be a fan now cause she brought it. I have the benefit of being older than her but younger than Steve and Martin and they all delight me so.

  28. I take it you weren't a kid who grew up watching Disney Channel during the 2000s? She was the main star of Wizards of Waverly Place.

  29. I generally find “Selena Gomez is a bad actor” means “I find the way Selena Gomez moves her mouth distracting.”

  30. A lot of criticism of her acting is of things that are intentional for the character. The monotone speech gets a lot of hate but that’s who Mabel is. She’s not overly bubbly or anything like that. I think she’s great in this role.

  31. I was unfamiliar with her acting work before the show and I think she's terrific. She brings a nice blend of world wariness and youth.

  32. She has talent and timing, but at times sounds like she speaks through her nose. You can be more understated on the small screen, but she could use some of theatrical pacing, elocution, and audibility of her co-star Martin Short.

  33. I like her chemistry with Steve Martin and Martin Short but I have to admit it was very hard to like her acting in the early season 1 episodes. She got better since the second season though, maybe her character grew more on me idk

  34. She’s growing into it. First season, there were a ton of cuts to cover for her inexperience. Less so now. She’s definitely getting better.

  35. i initially thought a wall could act as well as her but in light of Martin Short’s outlandish character, and Steve Martin’s very physical character for parts or season 1, I’m now leaning to it being a choice as the “straight man” of the show. But Without having seen her act in anything else, there is the possibility she’s just not that great.

  36. I think she's doing a good job. Tbh, i haven't seen her act in any other role. I heard of her , never listened to her music - just vaguely knew she was a disney kid star.

  37. She plays Wednesday Adams with a sense of humor to perfection. I also adore the love she portrays for Oliver and Charles. I love her and can’t imagine anyone else in the role.

  38. Well, I never thought of her as an actress(lol, yeah), but because Steve Martin and Martin Short were headlining alongside her - I felt like there had to be something seriously worth watching. After getting involved in the show, I don't really mind. She's not brilliant in acting range, but also not bad in any way. She fits that role quite well.

  39. I've not been a fan of hers in the past and considered not watching originally because of that. However, I was pleasantly surprised. For the most part she has been doing a great job in this role. I can appreciate that she isn't overly enthusiastic or bubbly - Martin Short actually takes on that well. That said, I don't think she is the best at the emotional beats, but I see improvement. She provides the perfect foil for Steve Martin and Martin Short who can be over the top.

  40. I like Selena. She works really well against Martin and Steve. I enjoy Mabel's dry humor a lot! I never would have put those three together, but they surprisingly work lol!

  41. Some of these comments confuse me. I love her voice, and I've heard the same from friends. I never noticed her mouth not moving, and I didn't know lupus created a particular type of voice (I bet it doesn't). Her acting in this show is "flat," and there have been times whether I wondered whether it was a decision or a lack of range. But if the barometer of a successful performance is "I like what I see, and I want to know more about how this person became who she is," then I think she's doing a great job. Here's a

  42. I thinks he plays the part well. The only thing I do no like is that she mumbles and is sometimes hard to understand.

  43. Yes, she speaks quietly and sometimes indistinctly. I always have the captions on, which helps. But I do enjoy her in the role.

  44. I love her in this role! I think people are also missing that she is the millennial counterpoint to the boomers. That generation has been repeatedly economically shafted and the dry, weary attitude reflects that.

  45. I don't particularly like this take. Millennials don't have one personality. People who've experienced hardship don't just play one note for the rest of their lives.

  46. I think she’s probably the best actor of the trio in this show. I think her trauma is completely convincing and ppl say she’s a bad actor bc she often seems emotionless or bland but that’s her character.

  47. I mean she came from Barney, and then Disney - the type of acting / roles are different. However, I love Selena as Mabel and love her with Martin & Steve. It does seem kind of off base / odd because it’s an unexpected pairing, but I love it.

  48. I think Selena does great, and the character is great too. Without her the show wouldn't be complete. And she has to act alongside two comedic legends without being overshadowed by them. And she does it really well.

  49. She's not bad but I do wonder what this character might be like if someone else played it...would I like it better? I don't know. I haven't seen her in anything else.

  50. I think the show is great as a concept. I don’t really like crime shows but the comedic aspect of this is really bringing in a new audience, but I’m not really a fan of casting big name actors/actresses for the reason being that you have a prior opinion towards the character before it even starts. Selena Gomez fits the melodramatic role perfectly but it’s just hard for me to not see Alex Russo every time she speaks. Like many others said, I don’t know if she fits the Martin/Short-like comedy.

  51. She’s great but in the latest episode, she was kind of stoic with her expressions (but I assume that’s related to her Lupus) and lacks in delivery.

  52. I think between Martin Short’s erratic, outgoing and very ecstatic personality + Steve Martin’s sometimes frantic and clearly indecisive/anxious personality, Selena as Mabel does a great job as balancing an aloof, straight-forward but also banter-ish personality to balance the trio’s dynamic wonderfully. This role definitely fits her well!

  53. I thought she was a little flat at first, I thought her chemistry with Steve Martin and Martin Short was a little forced, but she's grown into the role. I really like her on the show now.

  54. Strangely I thought her best performance was in the first 3 episodes of season 1 while everyone else seems to think the opposite 💀 While everyone else thinks it’s her weakest, I thought she was her funniest when her (Mabel) and Charles did the interview with Howard and he fainted. I loved when she had that moment with Tim in the flashback and the deadpan she delivered all through episode 2 from the “sea witch” line to the “old white guys” one. I haven’t been a fan of her performance this season outside of a few moments though like I said, everyone else seems to think the opposite.

  55. She grew on me. I really like her a lot! At first I didn’t like the monotone deadpan vibe but now I think it works so well with the martins!

  56. I love Selena, and she does a pretty good job with Mabel, but sometimes I feel the depressed attitude goes too far. It brings me down sometimes, and not in a "only a good actor can portray a character in this way effectively" kind of way.

  57. Agree. My niece is about Selena’s age (and even looks a lot like her). My niece also suffers from depression/PTSD— and has a lot of the same dry/caustic wit. But she also has a lot more spontaneous moments of joy/laughter.

  58. I haven’t seen her in anything prior, but I think she’s doing great. Love the dry humour to her character, I think she delivers on that well along with more emotional scenes.

  59. I think her job is to bring in a younger audience and let Martin Short and Steve Martin shine. She knew the assignment and is doing a great job.

  60. I was concerned abt her performance in S1 - but this season she’s gotten more and better lines and seems to be comfortable… maybe that’s the intent though which means in fact she’s doing a great job 👏 🤔

  61. Her facial expressions are a little wooden and she has a limited expressive range. But it also actually works with her character because she always has this vague sense of ennui wrapped around her at all times.

  62. She is not a good actor. She mumbles out every line and basically just says the line without any convincing emotion behind it. There was one monologue she had in season 1 that was basically just her reading the lines. In contrast, Steve Martin gave a compelling monologue about his dad that was moving and memorable because he sells it.

  63. She’s the hidden gem of the show. Perfect deadpan smartass who’s counters Martin and Short perfectly. And she’s not bad on the eyes either, so it’s a win.

  64. I'm not sure what it is about her acting, but it feels unengaging. It's like all of her heart isn't quite in it. She's my least favorite of the cast

  65. It’s not a good performance. People will argue that it’s not Selena that it’s the character. I like the character and think the writing is fantastic. The issue is the actress playing the character. It’s hard because people who love a show sometimes want to love everything about it but sometimes everything doesn’t work and that’s okay.

  66. Agreed. At the end of the day I just don't find her character interesting to watch or listen to. That isn't because she's supposed to be "stoic" I just don't see her making unexpected choices as an actor . I think she's "fine"

  67. She’s not incredible like she was when she was a younger actress. Like I really felt she was Alex when watching WOWP.

  68. I find her character annoying but I don’t think she’s necessarily acting poorly. The whole amnesia schtick is very annoying and stupid. If she really struggled with her memory that much she would be medicated or heavily in therapy. She definitely lacks the fun nature of the martins but does help to balance them too

  69. she is a poor and a monotonous actor, disappointed tbh. More deserving person should have gotten the role

  70. From what I see this would be an unpopular opinion: I really don't like her, her voice, attitude. I love Martin and Short and I really like the series, despite her, but, for example, it is taking a a good amount of will to start season 2 because I'll have to see her in every episode 🙈

  71. She is doing good (mostly) as Mabel. The whole standoffish guarded routine is done quite well. I think she is a good yin to the older men yang. What drove me nuts was her interaction with Theo. The show (and a lot of movies in general) do such a poor job of inclusivity. I thought Selena might get that she needs to enunciate more when talking to a deaf person. If only to educate people. But she comes off soo thick muttering as usual. That episode with Theo put me off Mabel. Other wise I like her. Good casting choice. Not sure many people can pull off emoting soo little and still nailing their role.

  72. This was the point though. They were specifically not meant to fully understand each other and have communication barriers. She doesn’t know how to communicate with a deaf person, and she wasn’t really trying. Not to mention she doesn’t really like Theo, or didn’t at that point, and was not going to go out of her way to communicate about the case. She was more processing out loud for the viewers benefit.

  73. But isnt the whole point that she dosent know how to interact with someone that is deaf? She dosent know how to sign and often forgets that he cant understand her 100% through lip reading especially if she dosent face him. They should have shown more frustration on their interaction as it seemed that halfway through there were little to none communication issues.

  74. I think she is a terrible actress and I get so annoyed every time she speaks. It just feels like she is trying to act adorable but failing miserably. But I bear with it because I love the story and the chemistry of the other two.

  75. She’s doing a terrific job holding the trio together. The negative opinions are just miserable trolls who lack appreciation for quality performances.

  76. She absolutely thrives in a comedy role. I didn’t realize how much a missed her acting in comedy roles until this show came out. She’s great in everything else too, but she absolutely shines in roles that allow her make use of her fantastic comedic timing and use of sarcasm.

  77. I think Selena’s great! I would say that she does seem to play very similar characters frequently, but that may just be her personality peaking through. For example, I think Mabel and Alex (Wizards or Waverly Place) are similar from their humor to their interests in painting, except one’s magical and one’s criminal (not really, but it rhymes!)

  78. I've seen some really nasty comments about the way she looks and though I don't want to be someone who makes assumptions, I would guess that her lupus (or the medication) has a part in that and maybe people should be a little kinder when making comments about her gaining weight or her facial expressions.

  79. It’s her voice. She has flat intonation on the show which pulls her acting down. Unfortunately this is due to her Lupus and is not in her control. Overall, I think Selena Gomez is a good actress even with having to deal with her flat intonation. It think it is the way her character is written which makes the character annoying at times.

  80. I think she’s great! The only thing that bugs me is it looks like she got a lot of Botox and I’d like to see her be a bit more expressive

  81. It's not the botox. It's her lupus medications which cause face swelling. Which is why she looks very different across episodes.

  82. She's fine but I kinda can't with the way she asks questions. In the "previously on" section of the newest episode it was her asking 3 questions in a rw and it was kinda jarring to listen to for me. But other than that she's great as Mabel.

  83. She makes the show feel different and makes it great. Anytime I describe the show to people I start by talking about the awesome cast and how she is a massive part of making the concept work.

  84. I'm biased because I started the show only because I knew she was in it. I love Mabel! I think it's the perfect part for her. Some things about her jokes makes me think about Alex Russo (her on Wizards of Waverly Place). The chemistry of the trio is amazing also. I really hope all of them to be Emmy nominated next year.

  85. No complaints about her portrayal of Mabel, but she is hard to understand at times. A bit too muffled and mumbly, but she has a naturally low register adding to the effect. This is not a problem with the characterization, though, and I enjoy what she brings to the trio.

  86. i love selena!! but i think the sarcastic roll fit her better as alex from wizards of waverly place and i was kind of hoping for a different side of her for this series:/ idk if she is still good for the mean and sarcastic roll

  87. I think she is a little awkward, but I think that’s because she’s nailing it. She’s portraying a woman with something to hide. Study her and you’ll see someone who is reserved and carefully choosing each action and word.

  88. I like her as Mable, I think she has become the character in my mind. They way she talks, and her voice sometimes is annoying, but in my mind that is the way Mable talks and sounds

  89. I love her as Mabel and the chemistry of the trio. I hope there will be more collabs between her, Steve Martin and Martin Short. It’s the Three Amigos I didn’t know I needed

  90. She is absolutely awesome and definitely holds her own with much more seasoned actors. I haven’t really seen much negativity toward her in this group.

  91. Selena’s some great the only qualm I have is that when putnam said dip lover cuckolded by the king of dips It would have been within Mabel’s character to burst out laughing because that was the funniest shit I’ve ever heard

  92. I for one love Selena as Mabel purely because of the chemistry she has with Charles and Oliver bringing the show together nicely. Plus her delivery of dry jokes always comes on top

  93. I think she's excellent. Had never seen in her anything before so was pleasantly surprised. Her chemistry with Steve Martin and Martin Short is great.

  94. I usually shy away from former Disney actors aside from Ryan Gosling and was ready to dislike her performance, but her acting and chemistry with Steve and Martin is so organic, I often forget they're just acting.

  95. She’s fantastic!! So glad she took the part. Can’t imagine any other actress who would do so well. Her timing playing off those guys, (and everyone) is spectacular.

  96. I’ve gotten to like her a lot more, although I do think her acting has become kind of strange and sometimes laughable- but for some reason I’m glad it’s her.

  97. I have never been a Selena Gomez fan, but I have always enjoyed her on screens. I am too old to have seen her Disney show, but a few years ago she was in The Fundamentals of Caring with Paul Rudd. I was pleasantly surprised by her in that film and I think she does a great job here.

  98. I would like for her to open her mouth slightly wider when she speaks but other than that, I suppose she does an okay job with the character.

  99. I like her. I can't speak of her as an actress because I didn't see much beside this show, but I think that she is really a good fit for Mabel

  100. Love the show but she is absolutely the weakest link. I get that Mabel is supposed to be stoic and deadpan and closed off from past trauma. Selena delivers mostly just…flat. She’s always dressed beautifully but she just doesn’t pop onscreen personality wise to me. And her speaking voice is like she’s got marbles in her mouth or something. I love the show but often think about other people who would play that role better. An actress with real comedy chops, Broadway talent, etc.

  101. I think it’s fine because i thought she was actually very good on, okay i recognize how ridiculous this is to say, but that she was very good on Wizards Of Waverly Place, so i feel like she’s a good actress and I trust her abilities. That being said though I’m admittedly not the biggest fan of Mabel as a character and I think it’s a bit difficult to tell what’s her character and what’s her lacking to emote at times. Especially in some scenes with her talking to Cara Delevingne’s character this season. Some scenes just make me uncomfortable, but not in what I assume the intended way was. But, maybe I’m just like prone to be more critical of deadpan, sarcastic, monotone characters because I also both didn’t like Sydney Sweeney’s character on The White Lotus and was surprised when she got an Emmy nomination for that performance (just that one, I thought her Euphoria one was beyond well deserved), so maybe I’m just bad at separating my dislike for a type of character and judging acting abilities.

  102. I just think if she was a good actress there would be more talented directors and interesting projects she would be a part of. I wonder If anyone here has browsed her IMDb? She certainly doesn't get cast in the types of projects great actresses get cast in normally.

  103. I think she's not a good singer or actress. Her acting doesn't suit Mabel. Especially when she was being sad telling Steve Martin that she's alone and better to be alone.. She really didn't do that well. Her voice is also super irritating and weird.

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