1. We still need proofs, until then she is still "Miss Schrödinger panties", and i actually prefer her like that.

  2. In Wc she wears underpant but in manga we don't see that. This is because in WC only King witness that so the truth is only King knows the truth of this "Miss Schrödinger panties".

  3. Schrödinger's panties: Tatsumaki's panties are in a state of existence and non-existence until someone/something lifts up her dress.

  4. In the webcomic, not in the manga. There may be other continuity differences between the two, but this lack of confirmation of whether or not Tatsumaki/Tornado is an exhibitionist in the manga is the single biggest and most important of them all.

  5. There is no way she wears any, except her panties is wierdly shaped and the string is goes in the middle not from the side

  6. I don't want to sound like a creepy pervert but I call bullshit on this. I've seen so many upclose shots of Tatsumaki in the manga where it definitely looks like she's not wearing panties.

  7. Manga artists vs animators - with a still frame you have complete control of what and what not to show. But animators get a story board and have to link up the frames with natural looking motion and not show anything. It can be difficult. Think of the last chapter when Garu jumps - there's a convenient rock obscures Zombieman's junk. Now animate that....

  8. Lol can you imagine go @Madhouse and scream AYO LEMME CHECK TATSUMAKI PHOTOSHOP FILES and see there's even the underpants level

  9. in the webcomic her panties appear several times, but in the manga it never appeared, in fact there have been pages that her ass is almost 100% visible and nothing... so either she doesn't wear it or she wears a very thin one, I've seen a video of Murata drawing and he said " she wears panties or not is a mystery" I prefer to believe that she doesn't even if doesn't make sense.

  10. bro that's bullshit there are panels in the Manga that confirms the fact that she doesn't wear underwear

  11. I think she actually just wears a bodysuit underneath her dress. Makes sense with a lot of those panels where you see full boob and tummy outline

  12. I think that’s nigh impossible looking at many of the shots in the manga and anime where the dress thing goes particularly high yet we see no signs of undergarments

  13. She probably wears panties sometimes, like in her time off. but most of the time she doesn't, at least thats my headcanon

  14. She doesn't wear panties. In the Ancient King ep where Tats is free falling, put it on 0.25x speed, there will be a frame where she's falling down really fast. Pausing it at the right time will reveal she doesnt wear underpants. Get the timing right, good luck.

  15. While I think it’s always been assumed she was wearing something, the extremely high-cut side-slit dress she has regularly been seen wearing in the Manga would imply it’s a thong-style undergarment, as more conventional panties would show at that height of the slit.

  16. Lads, there is such a thing as a c-string. It’s still technically underwear while giving even more of a no-show look that a thong.

  17. I've always looked at her dress as being like a spandex leotard with skirt frills. So there's something covering her bits but not wearing extra underwear.

  18. The only thing that makes her sexualized and dislikeable character relevant, tatsumid simps the only aspect I don't like about this sub

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