1. I mean, the only way to improve as an artist or story teller is by hearing criticism of your work. If your vision needs refinement then humbling yourself and accepting criticism would only benefit you.

  2. Murata sensei would rather draw more pages and or study art than read 3 pages of Microsoft Word font 8 single spaced criticisms done by redditors.

  3. Wtf but I thought my super duper thesis about big brained anime story writing and powerscale that I used to get my degree from Reddit University would be fully read and look at by ONE :(

  4. Murata won’t redraw Saitama’s penis larger no matter how many times I email him, I can’t believe this.

  5. It goes for everyone tho. You should never change your creation bases on opinions. Criticisms are welcomed and can be useful, but at the end of day, your creation should always be up front yours truly. More so than ever when fiction works are constantly criticized bases on "real" world values.

  6. good, this is how all art/media should be. When you're a fan of something, you're a fan of the creators vision and when they bend to criticism like that it kinda loses it normally

  7. Exactly. Same goes for ONE too. Imagine changing your work just to satisfy some complaints from retards? As long as the sales isn’t dropping, who gives a f.

  8. But this sounds like a comment regarding his original decision to start drawing the manga version of OPM. This has nothing to do with how he takes storytelling criticism and whether or not he'll redraw something if fans are upset about a narrative decision.

  9. Stfu tatsumid smp, you dont care because your favorite wasnt downplayed and butchered like mines, because she ain't even got decent writing to begin with, underdeveloped cheap wanked mary sue.

  10. Honestly to me time travel ruins almost any story that never had it? Why do I think this? Undoing character develooment is a good part of it, because it ultimately means non of this mattered. Its like if shrek realised he loved fiona and then the story suddenly stops and we go to the books pov of the fairytale from the start of the movie, and then the credits role credits. If major character development is retconned should it even happen at all

  11. It did matter. God is a central antagonist in the series and causality manipulation, spatial manipulation, and time travel will inevitably be a part of his abilities and how he and blast operate. Genos has all the memories of the fight that happened and a second core. Knowing driveknight, kuseno, and metal knight, that data could propel them into a fighting stage with god. Saitama didn’t develop from Genos dying what we saw was a side of saitama that was ALWAYS there but we never get to see. Same goes for Garou in a murdering blood lusted state brought on by God. If they want the fight to remain impactful for the series it will have to keep being referenced and tied to with different plot elements and that’s exactly what happened. Saitama knows he is late as a hero but what we got to see is how Saitama contextualizes “a good fight” when it didn’t happen the way it wanted. Anyway I just replied cause I had subbed to this post and others but I know we fundamentally disagree so let’s just leave it there.

  12. The virgin "I changed this character's gender/skin/backstory/quote to make him more appropriate(translation: because if I don't the people of Twitter will hunt me)" company

  13. ONE has proven himself with mob psycho, i dont really care what he does with OPM and OPM isnt even that bad to begin with. Stupid minority always the loudest with their bullshit "criticism".

  14. The people complaining are spoiled as fuck to demand an artist like Murata to redraw his art. We should be glad that Murata decided to pick OPM in the first place.

  15. Those ideas don't have to be exclusive. I'm glad Murata started drawing the manga, and the most recent chapter was a disgrace and anyone with self respect should feel ashamed for having any part of it.

  16. What parts of the recent chapters were unsatisfying? I thought most people liked the recent chapters.

  17. How about the fact that a seven year build up for an arc centered around Garou's discontentment with society ended with farting and time travel pulled out of nowhere. Are you seriously saying you didn't find anything wrong with that?

  18. The lack of provided context definitely makes me think this was something he said like 10 years ago during a stream.

  19. like when you don't have SOURCES to SUPPORT your claims, where the heck do you get that everyone hates the climax of the arc? and sales? babbler

  20. Is that this is how it should be, no one should change just because of other people's whims, be yourself, if you succeed good, if not good, it's your responsibility, that's the beauty of capitalism, no one forces you to watch One Punch Man and as manga sales go, Murata and his sincerity are SUCCESSFUL.

  21. You don't know how many discussions I've eaten up over this in the past, and I always said the same thing, "man, do you think Murata is going to care about the opinion of a Yankee on the other side of the world? Please, no one forces you to watch One Punch Man, if you want YOUR version, there you have Wattpad" And finally, this publication proves it.

  22. And thats why the manga is garbage at this point, writing is lame and subpar to the webcomic

  23. We are lucky to have such incredible artists for opm and there still mother fucker on this sub that say is art going down lmao

  24. Even if he did say this, if someone points out mistakes in 'consistency', he will fix them... Happened in the time when he streamed (and sometimes on tweets also). When Metal Bat fought against Elder and 'damaged' him, sky roar ripping from Bang and Bomb wasn't thought of yet. Someone in the chat pointed out that this made look the two old brothers weaker than Metal Bat as their attack did nothing to Elder, while Metal bat could damage him. Murata said he will talk with ONE and added the Roaring Aura Sky Ripping Fist that destroyed its carpace.

  25. Where did you find this? Ngl I'm a denier of Murata writing the story, but this lowkey concerning...

  26. Why should he care about a small group of people bitching? There will always be readers that complain despite the hard work you do cough webcomic simps coughs

  27. Well the time travel was a bit cheap and I didn't like it but I'd still give the arc a 9/10 I fucking loved it, been keeping up with it for like two years now and although we didn't get Saitamas speech Garous speech at the end still made up for it. Also Garou had good character development probably even better than what was in the web comic with him sacrificing himself and becoming a true hero. So while if a redraw happened where we got Saitamas speech would make me happy as fuck as a web comic enjoyer. I'm still very content with how the arc ended and would read it again.

  28. If ONE & Murata dont change their mind after the disastrous Time travel asspull, then in the future the manga will go further downhill.

  29. I hate to say this but Murata had something to do with the butchering of my favorite characters, fubuki, saitama and garou. it ruined the manga for me. He definitely had something to do with the downplay and diminish of fubuki's character in this manga arc, ONE ironically gave her a better treatment in the webcomic, Fubuki isnt a healer supporter who needs to be around 2 old men, she also fights in the webcomic, she leaves way more impact than the manga in the defeat of the monster association,

  30. criticizing murata without being on par with him ? it ls like being Macron in front of Putin saying "we must not humiliate Russia".or like a legless person who would challenge Bruce Lee or Tyson.

  31. Of course its not because ppl were complaining, there was no complaining, more people dislikes the redraw compared to the original chapter

  32. Yeah I can respect that, although it seems like something he said long ago. If Murata/ONE can look at the recent chapters and say "yeah it looks great, I'm proud of it" then good for them. However, ignoring the criticisms will not make them go away.

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