1. It would definitely kill Garou if Saitama spams the serious punch. He can throw thousands of punches in a second. It’d be the same as when Saitama used the consecutive normal punches against Boros.

  2. Not really. A serious punch is Saitama giving his best. His best just happens to increase every time he faces a tougher opponent.

  3. Well, based on the details of this image, literally nothing. Time would get reversed and it would amount to nothing

  4. I think Garou could also probably keep up with Serious Consecutive Punches. If he was fast enough to react and match a Serious Series move from Saitama, I guess he could also at least compete with multiple Serious Punches.

  5. Most liked replies are funny. The fact is, Garou would just copy and the result is kinda stalemate.

  6. We would have Consecutive Serious Punch2. Which would result in an even bigger hole in the universe. Might send Saitama and Garou to Pluto instead of Jupiter this time as well I guess.

  7. This is why I tell people that Saitama is at least uni. He could just punch 1000 times in different direction and it could erase everything in the universe

  8. Impossible Murata stated he tried drawing it one time and the drawing just disappeared from reality because of the raw amount of power

  9. Garou copies it. Blast and co being unable to contain the energy means Earth's erasure. Then Garou never teaches Saitama time travel. Saitama goes on to explore the universe traveling via fart

  10. From what I understood, even if Saitama throws a lot of Serious Punches it wouldn’t kill Garou, because there is no intention to kill him as he promised Tareo that he wouldn’t kill him. Serious Punch + Intent to kill = Death

  11. He is literally bloodlusted here.. he just witnessed genos die and goes on about how he should've ended things earlier. This punch is filled with murderous intent.. just look at his face

  12. The universe would be destroyed, and that is not hyperbole. In a fraction of a second Saitama could throw thousands of punches, each punch as powerful as the one that disintegrated millions of stars

  13. This is basically consecutive serious punches. Consecutive implies there will be some end. Just saying serious punches implies everything he is doing is a serious series move.

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