1. The side effect is that you become an animation yourself. Side by side with real people like in Space Jam. A really exaggerated cartoon drawing of yourself.

  2. side effect is some random guy can just say "so it's the same type of stand as star platinum" and copy your powers and then beat you up.

  3. The power to copy and amplifie power of other people, with a limit of 5 power used simultaneously

  4. Rampant Anomic Aphasia! You can't recall words, names, and numbers. You can control reality if you could just remember what the hell its called!

  5. My super power is I start coughing wheezing whenever near pollen or dusty areas. My doctor calls it "asthma" or whatever but I'm pretty sure it counts as a super power since none of my friends can do this.

  6. The power of mind control, I can control anyone's mind, even my own, and I use it to make my side effect be positive!

  7. My superpower would be, if i thought (strongly) of a person anime, there exact duplicate will appear with my mind control for half hour

  8. The ability to end those threads that we've seen a hundred times already, with all possible powers and answers.

  9. But some random ass dude gets affected by it too so if you rewind a day or something he is just forced to restart the day

  10. Possession. I can split my spirit into at least seven fragments. The fragments can inhabit dolls, animals, and humans. I can either take the fragments back or collect them all into a new body.

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