1. That's a good, not great price. I bought mine brand new from an eBay seller for $430 one month ago. So, what you paid for a refurbished unit seems to be in line with what the market is dictating (ie, it's not a "too good to be true price"). To me, it seems you paid exactly what you should have and you should be fine...

  2. Many do mate. Got a refurbished OnePlus One way back since a new was out of my budget. Used it happily for 3 years

  3. Damn! What a deal! If I were you, I buy it right the way, before is sold out, btw, I bought mine in Ebay at a very good price, not like that still was very good purchase, shipping was fast, and buyer was very attentive, so far so good 👍

  4. Yeah I did get it on friday,still not shiped(holiday weekend?)but after looking at the sellers reviews on other platforms and on amazon I'm a bit worried what condition my phone will be in. I'm fine with micro scratches but that's it

  5. wonderful phone, I had one and I gifted it to my wife when I got the 9 pro and I actually prefer hers to be honest. The TSMC 865 runs more efficiently and cooler than the 888 and I absolutely hat flat screens. You can't find a glass protector for them at all.

  6. The biggest/best thing with this phone is 65 Watt warp charge. In the q/a section they state it comes with a generic charger that isn't . Find one that come with a warp charger.

  7. Bought mine the same way one year after the 8T came out bought it used and still using it now it's my daily driver and strong so far

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