1. Also, I’m 99% sure luffy will treat dragon just like everyone else so it won’t turn into an emotional cliché

  2. Brook reuniting with Laboon is gonna make my heart melt. If I cried over a ship, be damn sure I'm gonna cry over a whale ...again

  3. THIS. I will definitely ugly cry again over that skeleton and that whale. Heartbreaking story. Can't wait to see Brook greeting Laboon once more with a hearty "Yohohohoho!"

  4. Wow I just feel beyond stupid now. I totally didn't register that her from the Revolutionary Army was the same little girl from the Fishman Island flashback. Makes me wonder all the other things I missed just reading weekly. Her reintroduction and the flashback were like 3-4 years apart.

  5. I want to see sanjis live reaction when he realises that boa hancock is in love with luffy. So far he has only seen her from a distance and had no chance of witnessing her simpage towards luffy

  6. Usopp and Kaya. I want her to listen to all of Usopp’s (now true) stories and still think that he’s lying hahaha

  7. I think brook seeing crocus and laboon again will be amazing. Crocus could tell brook stories about the pirate King and brook will tell stories about his pirate king

  8. Yeah I’m really looking forward to vivi and the SHs meeting up. I can’t wait to see how it goes down. I don’t think it’ll be that bad considering she knows Robin has been part of the crew for two years.

  9. I know Vivi has already been shown to be ok with Robin being in the crew, but I would love if it went like this: Vivi meets everyone in the Sunny. Luffy is really happy to see her and hugs her all the time, Zoro just gives a smile, Nami and Usopp hug her while Chopper cries. Franky and Jinbe meet her properly (though I think Franky would get along more with Carue/Karoo) and Brook asks her to see her pants (Yohohoho). Then Robin is shown to be in a corner. She doesn’t want to see her because she is embarrassed after all she did to her country. Then Vivi approaches her and says “Everyone has to do hard things to survive. I’m glad to finally meet you, Ms. All-Sunday, but I think I’ll call you Robin” and she smiles

  10. They are 100000% going through reverse mountain to go through paradise, picking up allies and shit to go destroy mariejois.

  11. It is absolutely going to happen lol. I dont know why you would think it wouldn't after Oda very specifically dedicated time to it

  12. I say Brook and Laboon will meet again when all of Luffy's allies marshal together against Imu's army. Brook will then ride on Laboon's head and act as the Doof Warrior to Luffy's allies.

  13. Brooks dream is literally to sail around the world and meet laboon again oda wouldn't just skip over a straw hats dream

  14. Luffy + bon clay is the correct answer also brook+ Laboon and franky+señor Pink anything else lacks depth

  15. Brook and Laboon will be sick as Brook is my favorite if the crew but I mean come on, luffy & shanks is gonna move my whole soul 🤧

  16. I'm surprised how few people are excited for Usopp / Yasopp. Usopp has basically lived his entire life trying to play pretend as his father, and when he finally meets his father there's no doubt in my mind that Yasopp is proud - probably even prouder than Usopp deserves, given his reputation!

  17. Usopp do deserve a father that is proud of him. He is a core member of one of the most notorious pirate crews. Sure a 200'000'000 bounty isn't that great but still something to be proud of.

  18. are you insinuating that kuina was actually kidnapped by the government to become a cp member but she was too weak so she had her memory wiped and was placed under smoker?

  19. Usopp and Yasopp. No one (in-anime) ever talks about this, but Usopp's father is one of the strongest and probably most loyal men of Shanks. I don't know why Usopp never mention him while hyping up himself telling silly stories, even as a joke.

  20. Still disappointed that everyone in Shanks crew looks like an alcohilic fodder, instead of a yonko crew.

  21. The other choices were just not able to see each others for a few years while brook and laboon didn't see each other for like how many years was that?

  22. luffy and dragon isn’t really much of a reunion, but my most wanted panel in the whole story is Grap, Dragon, and Luffy busting down the door to mariejois

  23. I'd love to see Brook and Laboon personally. I thought Brooks arc/Thriller Bark was one of the better ones. Yo ho ho yo ho ho ho. Also has one of my favorite scenes of Zoro being badass with Kuma for Luffy's sake.

  24. I still have a theory that when the crew meets Laboon again, Brook will play Bink's brew. As Brook is playing, he is unsure if Laboon remembers him(since it's been too long, and the rest of the crew died). Laboon then wails, and Chopper starts to cry. Chopper sobbing, screams at Brook. "BROOK!!! LABOON...HE REMEMBERS YOU!!!" (Since Chopper can understand other animals eg. The bird from the Sky Island arc). "Yohohoho...Gather up all the crew, it's time to ship out Bink's brew"

  25. Actually, I really wanna see how meeting yassop will affect ussop, with the others you kinda know how they think/feel about each other. But with these two it's completely new territory and the only one that actually might have negative or even hate relationship.

  26. Franky and his parents. Mostly because contrary to other characters, Franky has already gotten over his parents abandoning him at a young age. Also contrary to other characters, I feel that Franky is already a fully developed character, all of the lessons he had to learn he learned then during his flashback and now is an adult

  27. I am SO desperate for more info on Dragon. He’s entirely absent from Luffy’s life, but at the same time, it seems like he cares about him, since we know he checks on Luffy in every few years, like in the ASL flashback and at Loguetown. And there’s the “homing mechanism” thing Ivankov remembered, noting whenever Dragon went to brood and stare into the horizon, he always did so facing the East Blue- where Luffy was.

  28. I legit cant remember. Has Luffy been with Garp since Ace's death? If not that is the reunion i want. Garp, despite his strenght, nit having the "freedom" to dave his grandson is the exact reason Luffy wants to be Pirate King

  29. I’ve had the feeling for so long that Shanks is gonna attack Luffy for some reason. Like he’s heard so much about his journeys and he’ll want to test him right when they meet again, so that one

  30. Ussop and Yassop! I always feel sorry for little boy Ussop and how he managed to survive on his own, his kindness to his friends, his ambition to be Brave Warrior etc.

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