1. This has been my take with nearly every VR game I've enjoyed; By the end I usually wish there were more of it.

  2. I think Vader Immortal is criminally under-appreciated. The story mode is light fluff but the training dojo is astonishing. Getting three stars on every level in all three games is a seriously hefty challenge, but it’s the closest any of us can come to actually fighting with a light sabre and the Force. Utterly frenetic and immersive, and good exercise too, especially the first one (where you don’t have the Force and have to rely on swordplay alone).

  3. I skipped 2 to get 3 for the full dojo experience. Some of the best fun I've had playing video games since i was a kid

  4. I can't find it on the Oculus Store on the desktop app, but I see it in my Quest 2's store. Does it not support PC Link or something?

  5. I've played the first part and it is like a ride at Universal Studios. Seeing Vader walk up to you felt so cool. Wearing a haptic vest and feeling the game makes the force and light saber moments even more intense.

  6. Is there good swordplay? Feel like this is a huge missed opportunity for all VR games with swords outside of Beat Saber.

  7. It's too short with little replayability. However, the setting is great! One of my favorite gateway experiences for new people.

  8. This is the game that got me to buy a quest. I'm not joking. I had known about the quest for a while, and wanted one, but rejected the idea of making the purchase. Then, I graduated high school, and a friend's party was at this arcade that had some VR machines. Everybody lined up to play beatsaber, but I was focused on Vader Immortal: Lightsaber Dojo. $20 in rounds later, I was looking up the cheapest way to play it, and the best value was the Quest 2. Literally the next day, I was dumping half my paycheck on a quest, got the Vader bundle, along with Beatsaber and Job Simulator, and I've been happy with it since.

  9. I didn't like it honestly, felt way too forced, and it's way too easy. I can just hold the lightsaber in front of me and everyone dies, all shots reflected, etc. If it didn't hold your hand so much, and gave even a little bit of freedom, I would have liked it a lot more, not to mention a trillion times fewer cutscenes. Like, oh boy! I just walked 15 steps, watched 43 cutscenes, now I finally get to pull a lever to open a door so I can fight a bunch of mindless AI on a rail system that die if my lightsaber gets even remotely close to their bullets! Sorry for ranting lol

  10. While I enjoyed the series, it took a couple of hours to play through all 3, and I'd never buy them if I had the choice, they were nice as free games that came with my quest but not much more, though I'm not a huge star wars fan so that may be why.

  11. Is there anywhere you can get them cheap? Cannot find cheap cd keys for them for less than £10 each episode

  12. Literally baby tier game Awful humour Boring gameplay Linear with little reward. Im not sure what standards are these days but this isn't a good game

  13. I agree. It's a shallow, disappointing experience. I do not understand the love for these games, besides the Star Wars brand.

  14. You have to look at the developers. ILMxLAB was founded in 2015 as a relatively small team, and their projects have always been more like "guided experiences" rather than big worlds with branching storylines ala Red Dead Redemption or Assassin's Creed. It's not going to be some huge open world especially on Quest 2 hardware.

  15. For 3 full games, it was kinda disappointing. It was more like a movie where you sometimes interact. The best part was the arena thing

  16. The ending fucking sucks though. All that build up and it's some lame fight with hardly any actual fighting? I had more fun fighting droids than fighting Darth Vader

  17. Can’t deny that. Although to be fair, how could the player character stand a chance against Vader in a proper fight?

  18. If you are a Disney/Star Wars fan, then you will like it. if not, you might not like it. I am a moderate fan, and I thought this game was moderately OK.

  19. I did do the whole trilogy and while the story was certainly short, but I have always felt that the main part of the game was the saber dojo. But that story line could have been combined into one game and it would have been a fun short game.

  20. If you like Episode II, definitely move on to Episode III. The dojo steps it up, and the final battle of the story (you can probably guess what it involves) is pretty amazing, imo.

  21. If you haven’t already, try Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge. It’s awesome and way better than this IMO.

  22. I got the complete bundle in the May the Fourth sale and agree, I've completed parts 1 and 2 but this has reminded me I need to get back on the Quest for part 3.

  23. I enjoyed it, all the way up until the ending. The ending ruined a pretty good interactive movie. I'm not going to spoil it for those that wish to play it,

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