1. They would have killed Peyton off and Lucas would have been a single dad. Haley would have stepped in and gotten Lucas to realize Sawyer needed him. Dan would have starting coming around again and eventually he and Dan might have figured out their issues.

  2. I agree with all this. Brooke still would have choose Julian and Lucas at the end he would have a new romantic interest, not Quinn, maybe Taylor. She made a joke about Lucas being into her in his year book, it would have been cool to her become a more responsable person.

  3. That's exactly what would have happened and I'm so glad it didn't. As a Leyton fan it would have been crushing to see them end like that, especially after how good Season 6 was for them.

  4. I think the writers and fans would’ve made him end up w Brooke. Although I like leyton wayyyy more than brucas, if leyton wasn’t possible it would definitely be Brucas

  5. To be honest, Lindsey was a great person and she had some chemistry with Lucas. BUT yes, I do feel that they would have put some love storyline with Brooke. I do like Brucas, but for his adult years, Lindsey was a better option.

  6. I don't know what would've worked, but I'm guessing they would've killed Peyton off and a lot of his storyline in season 7 would be figuring out how to be a single dad and taking care of Sawyer while grieving the loss of Peyton. I'm not sure if they would have had Clay as a main character in this scenario since a significant part of his journey is grieving Sara, so maybe Lucas and Quinn would've become a thing? Lol just trying to imagine this makes me glad Chad and Hilarie left at the same time.

  7. Yeah, it was better for the series that they left together, but if we imagine this maybe Quinn would have become his new love interest, which could be ok, but nothing special. I would rather have Taylor, she could have growth more as a person with him.

  8. I can't really imagine that happening, after 6 seasons were spent putting them together. I think Chad also left because he was getting movies, which pay more. He's done some good work (Sun Records, Agent Carter). Now it's more Hallmark and helping Bruce Willis get his own Razzies category.

  9. Good point! He has a good career honestly, he acted on Fruitvale Station which is a great movie. And after One Tree Hill he did Agent Carter and Chosen, which many people that it´s a great series.

  10. Probably Peyton would die during pregnancy and now Lucas being a single dad would try to raise little Sawyer without his wife but would be supported by Haley and Nathan , since Lucas also helped them with Jamie during College years . Then somewhere along the way he would bond with either an old love sparkle like Brooke or meet Quinn and by the finale of the show , be together starting over a family .

  11. I agree, probably they would try to make Brucas a thing again, but it won't have work. I would have love to see Taylor with Lucas, idk why haha, but I think they could have work.

  12. I think Peyton (and maybe Sawyer) would have died from what was making her ill in Season 6 and Lucas would be all over the place in Season 7

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