1. Don’t worry, I thought Aubrey was Kel and Hero’s sister during the prologue, given that she lives with them in headspace and is so close to them. Then when I saw her living in another house in faraway I thought she ran away from home and started squatting in an abandoned house. It took me so, so long to figure out her, Kel and Hero weren’t related.

  2. Hero calling Kel his brother, and the characters calling Kel male many times throughout the game. Shame on them

  3. Me trying to comprehend how dumb some people can be about a definitively male character's definitively male gender (with Mettaton it was already utterly ridiculous but Kel is a literal main character):

  4. Woah OP I remember seeing you post on a different subreddit about gaming suggestions and OMORI. That’s neat.

  5. So you're telling me you played through that entire game, completely unaware that literally everyone (including Kel himself) referred to him as a male multiple times within the story?

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