1. Probably made by some dude who wasn’t able to woo the ladies as much as he though he was playing Pink Floyd at his HS talent show

  2. I was married to a guitarist. We aren’t mad at the guitars; we’re mad at the expense and that they tend to spend every ounce of free time/money on them, to the exclusion of paying bills and basic home maintenance

  3. shiny things catch her attention? lol , what does liking rocks instead of guitars have to do with each other ? 😭

  4. This honestly sounds exactly like a guy I know. He's a terrible guitarist but keeps spending a shit ton of money on guitars and gear and paid for expensive lessons (but never practiced according to his now ex) but would get mad when she'd buy something for her mineral/crystal collection. Like dudes put thousands of dollars into his hobby, excuse me his passion, and would get pissy when she'd spend maybe a hundred bucks in a year on cool rocks.

  5. Guitar player here. Over the years I've heard plenty of disparaging stereotypes about musicians in general. Not a single person has been this stupid. Even when I was so bad and new that I could get a better tune out of plucking a pigeon.

  6. Maybe it’s like… expensive things men spend money on vs women? Like a guy trying to express his girlfriend saying “why did you spend so much money on a guitar, it’s just wood and metal” vs. a gal liking gemstone jewelry??

  7. You reminded me of that AITA post on Reddit where this guys came in and asked if he was the asshole for dumping out his girlfriend’s expensive shampoo and replacing it with a cheap same color knock off brand to prove she was waisting her money and wanted to “help” her see this. After she used the knock off shampoo once and came out after drying and styling her hair…he complimented her on it. She smiled and said it’s why she buys and uses the expensive shampoo she uses and he like HA she just proved my point that every shampoo is the same crap and she’s just wasting her money. She’ll thank me when I point this out to her only of course she didn’t and got angry at him and he just couldn’t understand why.

  8. You can tell they just wanted to mock women for “liking shiny rocks” and the guitar thing was the best they could come up with. Embarrassing

  9. That's the real response. Mocking non-geologist women who love shiny rocks is fine, their interest is stupid and they deserve mocking. Guitar collecting is probably a more stupid hobby if you're not an obsessive musician, though.

  10. Maybe the woman prefers Fender over Gibson. I don’t have a Gibson but I have an Epiphone and while I love it, it’s pretty heavy…

  11. It means that females don't appreciate the work involved in making a guitar, but are impressed by shiny objects. 🙄

  12. This dude is totally a guitar player that thought it would get him laid and because it hasn’t worked he’s concluding that women hate guitars lol

  13. I think what happened is some guy tried pick up some girl by playing guitar and it didn’t work, he then learned she was into astrology and then made this very specific meme thinking it is a common scenario

  14. I am a Dwarf. I like Craftsmanship. I like Rocks. I am going to build a Rock Guitar. And play Rock music with it. I love Rock. I am a Dwarf.

  15. I swear it's that same guy who invited his first date over so that she could charge her phone to call an uber, asked about her body count, proceed assuming she was a virgin, proposed to get rid of their virginities together and then played some guitar which she haven't appreciated

  16. Context : a crystal girl rejected a guitar player and he made this meme that everyone’s supposed to relate to

  17. Bruh the stereotype is girls are attracted to guitar players 💀💀 the dude who made this probably doesn't even understand what the 'shiny rocks' are used for.

  18. I just moved over a hundred pounds of hoarded rocks out of my moms basement. Zero guitars were present. Clearly, women just really love rocks (and my mom totally isn’t a hoarder…)

  19. Yea women have diffrent preferences she jsut doesn't like guitar and likes stones a guitar isn't objectively better then stones it depends on the person a woman having a different taste then you doesn't make them dumb

  20. I think what the op of the meme meant was that some women collect rocks or crystals or something like that that „emmits a positive aura that strengthens your senses“ or something like that and makes fun of that

  21. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this post isn't directed at all women. I think it's just making fun of people who believe in "healing rocks". Don't know why the guitar is there.

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